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Sibhuya Square
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*I stand outside waiting for Hisato*
OOC: *Shibuya
*Walks to Ikebu, looking at the time* What is it?
*Passes by and notice a person* Are you waiting for someone?
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(OOC: Thanks Gamma) I didnt check
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Oh and *throws a fist at Hisato*
*Dodges the attack then sighs* You act childish again...
"Watchs them"
*Jumps out from nearby sewer hole* Hey nerds! *Drinks whiskey*
What's up Pika?
Everything's pretty good. I improved my cardboard box's defensive features and increased stopping power on the offensive utilities.
That's good.
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dont hold back
Are you guys dueling?
Ikebu blames me for his girl problems.
Problems with females... i know how you feel.
Ahahahaha Ikebu. I recorded everything last night. So, how's Weiss?
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Im just mad at you for what you said. Also i'm bored and i'd figure we spar
Weiss dated another day at the same time.
I don't have time for that, Ikebu.
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*sigh* damn it..
CRASHBUG!!! *Crashbug jumps off a roof holding a peace flag*
*Walks back to Leblanc*
*Puts down cardboard box and activates the chair function*
I'll go to eat some minerals... "Leaves"
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*walks back to the cave*
*Turns cardboard box into jet function and flies to the cave*
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