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So elf on the shelf memes are popular now?
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Cause I've seen frog on a hog, Eevee on a TV and Goku on the Roku. That third one made me laugh harder than I should've
I haven't seen these memes around. Would you have any examples of one?
Woah...why is this so much funnier than it should be?
Pope on a rope is my fave one so far
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I wish I could find mew on the pew again
Look at all these fakers! I'm the OG meme!
they may be popular but they are so cancerous
Serperior on Lake Superior. Link in a Sink. Bleck on a Deck. Rito on a Frito. Tingle on a Pringle.
Fuuma on the Roomba.
Jack Black with Blackjacks
jack black and black jack playing blackjack
Tails on a whale
Quad Far Farquad on Quad Far Quads
More like this meme is gonna die soon on a this meme is gonna die soon
Dying meme dyeing a dying meme's dye. What am I doing with my life?
Memes on beams
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