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Mikage Sun Mall
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OOC: First off yes this is a casual thread, that being said I've got no plans to try and enforce a no fighting rule or something, kinda didn't mind the older days of Leblanc with plots mixing in so trying to bring that back a bit here. That being said I don't want just a series of bosses or something, think of it more like getting some interest and giving people an IC reason to check stuff out if you bring a plot here *Before you stands a large mall, the usual mall sorts of things exist of course a few people wander about. One might notice an odd blue door off in an alleyway as well. For some reason a tree with pink leaves sits alone in a room. No one is sure on why that's here really, beyond that a cafe called Peace Diner seems to stand out a bit. Tatsuya himself sits on a bench looking around* Huh this old place is here for some reason? Been a while since I've seen... Anything like this around the Nexus actually. *He stands up with a sigh after seeing nothing abnormal* Sure as hell not gonna find what I'm looking for around here though... *He shrugs to himself and decides to stick around a bit regardless* Oh well can't keep looking into a mystery all day. *The man walks off towards Peace Diner, a slightly nostalgic look on his face*
Hmm.... this isn't Pawlonia Mall. But I guess it's a mall. *Goes to investigate the Pink Tree of course! It's weird, unimportant, and most of all, beautifl.*
*DID SOMEBODY SAY DOOR????? Cause the Kool Aid guy will bust through it! Smashing through the blue door splashing Kool Aid all over the mall, it appears this batch is extra sticky as it seems to trap whoever gets too close to it, after emptying himself he runs out into the sunset.
*Flonne looks around the various stores of the mall, whilest walking.* Hmm, let's see...
*walks around, looking* Hmm..... *sees migrant and waves*
*I use the door like a normal person and hit the weapon shops buying ammo*
*sees ruby* Hey Ruby. Haven't seen you in a while.
oh hey...
*Flonne appears to be looking for something, but seems dispirited.* Hunnhh *moan* is there a directory somewhere?
An old man with a long nose steps out from the door, the door which has somehow repaired itself instantly at that. "Ah I see that guest had no respect for this place in the least bit... It saddens me to see how things have changed at times, oh well." In his right hand is a phone made from bones, a few words spoken into it later and a towering demon of flames stands in front of the man, a raging inferno shooting from it's hands and leaving the kool aid boiled away. The demon nods at Igor and vanishes, he simply steps back into the Velvet Room as though nothing has happened.
*Looks over at the place where the Kool Aid was....* Man, I kinda miss having malls without sticky liquids and demons.
*walks over to mig* I don't think I'll ever get used to you looking young. Like, I'll NEVER get used to it. Anyways, I found out some stuff about my past, so that's a thing.
*PK runs into the mall, tripping over the boiled Kool Aid and sliding on the sugary residue left behind like one of those lawn slides straight into the Velvet Room door, shaking himself awake as he steps in waving a resume Hello! I'm looking for a job!
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*He turns around after hearing the sound of flames* Oh hey a Velvet Door... And geez someone annoyed the old man enough ta drag him out? How'd that happen I wonder, *The smell of kool aid lingers a bit as he walks over to check things out* Huh so that's how... *He spots Mig and waves* Oh hey Mig, what brings you out here?
Oh hey Tatsu. I dunno, just seeing what there is to see. I've been spending less time here lately because... well.... reasons.
*Flonne notices Tatsuya and Migrant and shouts to them while waving* Hey!
*sits down at a fountain*
[Kazuya shudders for a moment and Cerberus does too as the step inside the Mall.] You felt that, Pascal? It was as if someone was talking badly of demons... Probably just us though. [The pair laughs as the keep walking forward, looking at the many stores inside the mall. They decide to sit in a bench, right besides a nice looking fountain.] Pascal, when was the last time we just sat down and...relaxed? I feel like it's been a while... [Cerberus nods and moves its mouth slightly, saying something in a strange language. Kazuya nods.] Yeah, I regret accepting Melbourne's offer, but at the same time I'm glad... Trust me Pascal, I believe we will win his game. [After this, Kazuya just leans against the bench with both eyes closed.]
*Walks in*
Igor stares at the young man in front of him. He looks over the resume and smiles at PK... clearly amused by the heart and soul put into this mess before him. "Ah hello there Pancake Knight, and welcome to the Velvet Room." He gestures around the room and gives PK a nod. "It's clear you've come here looking for a job of sorts... I suggest learning to read and write at some point by the way my friend, useful skills to have." Suddenly a contract appears in a burst of blue flames, along with a blue feather quill. "That having been said those Personas of yours are rather interesting, I'd be willing to lend you a hand so long as you abide this contract." Somehow or another as PK looks the words over, they're perfectly understandable to him. Perhaps being between dream and reality helps with that? Regardless it simply reads. "I choose this fate of my own free will". Igor smiles kindly at PK, awaiting a response with his usual patience .
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Reasons eh Mig? Well whatever they are hope things work out... And there's not a ton to see around here I guess, just Igor's place that weird tree and usual mall stuff. *He glances around the area with a curious look* I've actually been looking around for a lead in that case we talked with Raidou... To no luck so far. *Tatsuya raises an eyebrow at Flonne but greets her regardless* Hey there miss, you seem new to me. Been around the place long or just getting here?
*The flat-chested angel walks up to Tatsuya and smiles as she stares at him* Hi! My name is Flonne! *Flonne then unintentionally dismisses Tatsuya's question, being caught up with her own issues* Um, this place is pretty big. I was wondering if there was a map somewhere that I can use.
I mean, normal stuff is great. And even the normal here is abnormal compared to most worlds. Still, a lead, huh? I thought it was decided that Genm guy was the next target of these guys.
Hello there! That's right! I'm PK! I would like to have a job here to improve my ability of fusion! I think a yellow butterfly helped me to awaken it! Well! I never needed it until now! And if it aint broke don't electrocute yourself! Lets see here! *PK then takes the pen and stabs it into the contract on accident, using too much strength as he's very much not used to it, trying again and again, failing every time, until he finally stabs a PK into the paper.
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Hmm could be Mig, seems likely but.... I prefer to keep on my toes, can never tell what might happen Yeah? *The look on his face is one of both years of experience and far too much paranoia, clearly this man spends too much time working. In spite of that he turns to Flonne and looks mostly normal again* And as for any maps... There's one right over there on that wall actually. *Tatsu points to a wall that does indeed have a map* Still this place is big? Where'd you come from? Most people wouldn't really say that.
*Flonne glances at Tatsuya inquisitively.* You're awlfully mysteriously, mister. What are you guys talking about?
Igor chuckles at PK'S antics before taking the torn up contract and storing where ever he keeps these things. His grin widens just a bit more at the mention of Philemon. "Ah you've met the true owner of this place I see, if you happen upon that butterfly again tell him I said hi. And yes I was aware of your reasons for coming here... The cards hold much for one such as I." He gestures to a series of Tarot cards on the table. Magician, obviously PK. Moon for some kind of mystery, Lord only knows in the Nexus. And finally at the end lies Judgement, if it's a good thing or not however? Remains to be seen. "Now then do you have any questions about this place and the service I'll be providing you?"
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*He laughs off the question, obviously not comfortable sharing this with a newcomer* Oh just a bit of work is all. Boring stuff really, cooperate issues ya know the usual for us average employees. *Anyone with half a brain would see through these obvious lies... Flonne however? Eh 50/50 tops.*
I mean, safe to say this place wouldn't be.... an issue, right? It's just a mall.
Mmm! Will do! I haven't seen him for a while though! *PK then takes a look at the cards, paying less attention to what they stand for and more at the pretty pictures on them, taking great interest Yep! I've got a couple of questions! What will I do and when do I do it!
Coo -perate issues? Employees? Uh, I won't be bored! I promise! *Flonne stands up, as to seem more serious. And replaces her smile with a more serious facial expression.* Please tell me!
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He chuckles and shrugs. "Frankly my friend I'm more here to help you than you are to help me, I guess I might have you doing a bit of fusion at times if only to hone your own skills." Igor rubs his chin in thought and pulls out a large blue book. "Beyond that you may wish to study this, as you lack the power of the Wildcard summon these isn't something you could do... But perhaps an idea for those two you possess might come about by studying other Personas?" His eyes twinkle as he pushes the book over to PK. Clearly curious how this guest shall grow.
*Walks up to the tree* This place looks nice. *Sits*
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OOC. Oh hey good thing this wasn't a secret alt. Read as Igor obviously.
*Waves to Kotori!* Hey, you're from that insane murder house!
Hello my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ravenway and I am here to visit the least preppiest store out there hot topic. I need to get the hawt goth fashion that Drake loves from somewhere and hogwarushes uniforms are too happy for my soul. A/N: Oh mi gawd hot topic is like the best store in 5ever. I love their cute sulks and chemicals romace is there.
Oh? Hi. Yeah, you're the psycho with the saw.
Um..... okay maybe we shouldn't talk about that publically..... *blinks at Ebony announcing her arrival* Ooooooooookay.....

*A young woman comes walking into the mall, she looks around, taking a moment to adjust, and decides to rest near the tree* Its strange, seeing so many people in one place. But there's something calming about it.
Gleamstar walks in... and immediately sees Ebony. She has a realization that shakes her to the core: "Fuck, it's a Mary Sue."
*waves at gleamstar*
I glare at the prep catgirl called Migrant with my cool ruby dragon contacts that Drake totally chose for me. I flip her the finger as I shout what do you want you furry pleb. If you keep me from hot topic I will pullet out my skull scythe and teach you a whole new world of pains.
*Mary teleports in front of Gleamstar* Hoy! You say my name?
I chillingly flip yet another finger at the purple hair as I flip my silken pale hair.
"Oh StarClan, she's narrating in first person. Even my Mary Sue form used quotation marks." Gleamstar facepaws. "Let's hope she doesn't gather a love polygon..."
Okay! Sounds good M'lord! Training is never a bad thing! You can always improve! *PK then takes the giant book into his hands, marvelling at the tome of knowledge, opening the pages and taking in the wonders of the human soul manifested, scanning the pages, as a spark lights up above him, jumping up from his seat, or trying to as the book weighs him down, grabbing it and running out of the Velvet Room, shouting behind him I've been struck with a spark of genius! If you need me I'll be around! I need to capitalize on this first however! See you soon!
"Technically three Mary Sues in one building, including me. Five bucks this place blows up."

*teleports in* I HEARD MARY SUE WAS BACK
Oh hey, the next victim is here. .... Probable Victim.

*The young woman looks around for a moment, before walking between Ebony and Migrant with a smile* Now now you two, settle down. There's no need to fret. We're all friends here after all.
I summon my black demonic broom and sit on it glaring at everyone with my ice tare. I thought this was meant to be a cool place noto a prep gathering circle. Ugh figures that preps flocks near me the minute I ariver and grace this boring place with my presence.
*is still sitting*
*Flonne, having no understanding of tue current situation, turns to Migrant and smiles.* Hey! Wanna go clothes shopping with me?
I have no need for friends all I need are fellow goths like drakey and vampire. I do what I want you nerd take that! Ha I have made her step back with my witch powerz.

"She's not listening... It appears I must... Speak her language!" Gleamstar's eyes turn rainbow. "Enoby-chan, dun be meen! Dese peeps arent as kool, so you should egnore!!1!"
*giggles at gleamstar talking like a weeb*

Fuck it. I pull out Buggle Driver I should no longer have and use Critical Dead/End/whatever it was to summon zombies and carry me out of this hell hole.
Shut up pleb kat these preps will recognize the goth way if I have to make them. Hot Topic will save them from the forbidden ed works of the dumbkedorp.
.... Everything has gone absolutely insane..... *looks at Tatsu* Just another day here, huh?

*The young woman looks between the three, confused, before bending down and smiling at Ebony* Worry not lost child, our shepard accepts all. I'm sure you have your own sorrows to share. Perhaps it would feel better to get them all out?
Gleamstar gasped!!! Enoby wus bein meen! Her raenbow orbs glowed as she clawd at da vampire!!!!
My only sad is th at I am stuck in stupid prep school run by a lame old man with daddy issues. I can't sit until I finally summon the apocalypse and blow up the dumb school making a new black one in its place. It will to totest Ecole a hot mosh pit.
im a perscharacter too i have powers and save mobious with super insayin powers also gay retards will not put me down the power is simmense as dementia gleamstrar and ebony no black u no blond gay re read ah no Australia.
*triggered screaming can be heard*
*Flonne lightly tugs on Migrant's arm, in order to get her attention* Hey, wanna go clothes shopping?
Halp someones a scrubs hast stolen my idintities! I am truly Savior of good movies not some weal inpostors.
Gleamstar explodes in a rainbow burst from the sheer confusion. She's dead on the ground for a moment, then coughs. "Ugh, the cringe..."

*The young woman continues to smile at Ebony, though she seems confused, Eris begins toying with a few small amulets at the end of her staff* You know, I'm sure the person running your school is trying his best. Perhaps it would be easier to handle if you talked about it?
Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fa-!
No I refuse to talsk to dumb preps especially creepy old men. I flip them the raven and then walk over to hawt topics. My skull scythe turns back into dager and I chain it around midnight neck.
*falls into the fountain*

*The young woman watches Ebony walk off, before walking over to the tree and leaning against her staff* Well, that was certainly an interesting character. *sigh* I wonder what her issue is. *The young woman looks up to the sky* If only there were some way I could help. It is a shame to see someone's sorrow.
"Welp, there goes my will to live." Gleamstar hops into the fountain after Bona.
Git gud faker I will now destray yu and eve thing else. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH KANSAS
As always, Saeko had been wandering the city, exploring new places. The mall had not been nearly as peaceful as she had hoped. A bead of sweat rolls down her face as she quickly walks through the building, past the noisy cringe convention, hoping to find a calmer place to relax.
*Enters the mall* Hmm, so what do we have here?

*Eris catches sight of Saeko's worried expression, and after glancing around at the noisy crowd, follows after her* Excuse me miss, you seem troubled. Is there anything I can do to help? *Eris looks around for a moment, gripping her staff tightly* Of course, you don't have to tell me anything. But just know that I'm here.
*Malloryn walks in the mall, brushing her hair while coming in and putting it back in her purse. After she looked back up to see the mess happening, she just walked past it and went to the clothes section.* "Too small, too big, too basic, ugly colors..." Malloryn commented, shuffling through the kinds of shirts he was checking out. *Just because of curiosity, he looked back to see if anyone not looking like a total idiot in public. Since she couldn't find any desired clothes and was impatient, she walked back to just get an area with common sense.*
[Cerberus and Kazuya have fallen asleep as they are still sitting by the fountain. Cerberus's nose picks up a kind of similar scent though, one coming from Saeko, who was at the GYM a while ago. The demonic dog stands up and looks at the girl as she passes by with curious eyes. Kazuya on the other hand does not appear to react at all.]
*He looks around* So, is this a mall?
*Malloryn looked at the dog with a "dead-eyed glare." or at least appearing too. Since the blue in her eyes were faint, the most you could see was black. In truth, he was just making an impatient look.* *He decided to rumage into his purse to find something. As a result, he takes out some beef jerky left in his purse and leaves hastily.* "Have fun with that, please don't come back!" he said in a sarcastic tone as he left for the exit. Mostly to just get out, he's had enough of this hellhole.
At the sound of the voice, Saeko's attention turns to Eris. She she scratches her head before speaking. "Ah, it is nothing. I simply was not expecting it to be so... Lively here." She glances away and looks around, catching sight of the strange canine staring in her direction, returning its gaze for the moment.
Ooc: Fuuuck I should've paid attention more. Just ignore last post.
Gleamstar, revived after drowning in the fountain, leaves.
*Leaves because this place is fucking dead*

*The young woman smiles understandingly and nods her head* Yes, its quite an adjustment, isn't it? *The young woman toys with an amulet near the end of her staff* In truth, I've had some difficulty of my own. But still, the people around here have mostly been nice, it helps to ease the burden.
[Cerberus decides to walk forward, is three eyes are wide open as he approaches the girl. His fangs show and he roars quietly as he circles around her. It appears to be saying something but no one should be able to understand him. After this, he sits down in front of her and looks up to her face, waving with his big tail.]
Is it safe to be alive here yet...?

*Eris looks down at Cerberus, then glances between it and Saeko. She begins clutching one of her amulets tightly* Excuse me, is this your pet? He's a very.... Unique dog to say the least. But he seems to mean no harm.
I was told there was lamp oil rope and bombs here to purchase
She continues to respond to Eris, but her attention has been drawn away, toward the beast at her feet, curiously watching it nice around her. "I-Is that so? To me it seems the people here are most of the issue." As Cerberus sits down, Saeko scratches the back of her head and giggles a bit, giving the beast an awkward smile.

*Eris begins eyeing Cerberus warily as she clutches a small, falcon-shaped amulet* Well, I'm afraid I haven't met very many people. In fact, this is the first time I've been outside the church. For the most part I only get to see people in need.
[Cerberus appears to make more strange sounds, mostly apparent gibberish. He quickly takes notice of Eris' wariness and just looks at her with his third eye, while still looking at Saeko with his two remaining eyes. He lowers his head for a moment, and then looks up once more.]
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*Tatsuya suddenly realizes he's been standing around a while, deciding to actually move again. He spots Saeko petting the familiar demon and walks towards them* Oh hey there... Have I seen you around before? *he sounds very unsure of himself for a moment* Eh maybe I dunno, anyways nice to see someone getting along with Pascal... Heh most people would be too scared of a demon to even go near, guy's harmless though. Right pal? Oh and uh Tatsuya Suou here, nice to meet you? Or maybe see you again. *He shrugs, not overly concerned* *Tatsuya waves at the demon and smiles, perhaps a bit surprised to see him out in a public place... But not really too worried considering what this town's seen before*

*Eris looks between the Cerberus and Tatsuya, and decides to let go of the amulet* Is it harmless? Forgive my wariness then. I haven't dealt with such creatures often. *Eris smiles at the Cerberus, and steps back* R... Regardless, I see you three have much to catch up on. I suppose I'll be on my way.
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Heh... Pascal is harmless, most demons? *Tatsu shakes his head* Nah. The average Cerberus would try ta eat people on sight, thankfully that one is far more friendly. And I wouldn't say that lady, I haven't even met her before. *He gestures to Saeko*

As Tatsuya spoke, her hand was nearing the beasts head, as though Saeko was ready to pet the curious creature, but as he continued, she yanked her hand back a bit on surprise and turned attention to Tatsuya. "Eh? D-Demon?" Hey eyes widened a bit as she spoke. The claim seemed outrageous but after seeing the three eyes and remembering the previous events, she wasn't going to ignore it. She quickly steps back a bit before continuing. "N-No, I do not believe we have met, Mister Suou, you said? My name is Murakami. Saeko Murakami."
*Mig sighs and just hangs out by the fountain. Trying to ignore the increasing chaos around her.... it's not working well.*
*feint drowning sounds can be heard from the fountain*

*Eris nods and walks away from the group, instead deciding to sit near the fountain to catch her breath*
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*He chuckles at the shock, sitting down on the edge of the fountain and looking up. Wondering exactly how to go about asking... Before picking us usual blunt and casual style* Just Tatsuya first off, nobody calls me that. Hell Tatsu is better than Mister Suou by leagues. And second up... How much do you know about about magic Saeko? *The look on his face turns dead serious as he turns down to face her, small flames seeming to dance in his eyes* I'm always to happy to clear up what I can, so if you wanted to know anything about what you've no doubt seen? I'll do my best to inform you. If you feel like listening that is.

I told you they weren't going to understand the demon language, Pascal. It feels nice to be right for once. [Cerberus looks back at Kazuya who appeared to wake up way too suddenly. Perhaps he was faking it. He walks towards the group laughing as waving at them. The dog laughs too and appears to say something back to Kazuya as he stands in front of them.] Hey Tatsuya, and hello...Saeko. [He smiles at them, petting Cerberus.] I'm Kazuya Yasuo, and this is my pal Pascal. Like Tatsuya said, he is a demon and...yes, demons are usually really violent at first, even more if you don't know how to move around them.
*A portal shaped like a black butterfly appears, and Shaigis steps out of it, looking a little woozy* Y-yup. Still gotta get used to that.
*suddebly stops drowning and gets out of the fountain* I guess code can't drown, huh. *waves at shaigis*
*Hol Horse crashes through the window* I'm back!
Oh! Shaigis! *waves from the fountain*
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*Tatsu looks over to Hol, obviously not really shaken or even slightly surprised by his sudden entry. Another day in the Nexus to be frank* I see... And who exactly are you? Also do you have to break these windows? There's normal people around, no need to scare them just use a door man. *A crowd of people being fleeing, jaded though the people of Mikage might be even they aren't sticking around for this madness*
*Turns to Tatsuya* The name's Hol Horse, and I'm looking for the Joestars.
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Joestars... Oh yeah, wait do you work for that Dio guy? I've seen him swearing vengeance upon them before. *His look turns a bit wary as the man more closely watches Hol* Well anyways, I've seen one of them before but he hasn't been around in months. So probably not gonna find any Joestars around the place Hol.

She nods quietly to Kazuya and Pascal, then turning her attention to Tatsuya. Giggling a bit, she begins to speak. "Magic is nothing but a m-" Before 'myth' can escape her lips, images of a few incidents she's witnessed come to her. She closes her eyes while taking a seat, sighing. "... Nothing. I know nothing."
Oh hey Miggy! *Shaigis waves back happily*
Damn... Just when I arrived at this "Nexus" place.
Welcome to... well it's meant to be a mall, but it's become something of a.... mad house. Typical, huh?

[Kazuya and Pascal look at each other for a moment before turning to Saeko once more.] Really, nothing...? That's odd, I never thought I would ever say this but...it's weird you know nothing about it. [Kazuya chuckles at this unique occurrence.] Considering everything happening around here it must have been a lot to take, Cerberus was telling me about how amazing was your face of shock when the train person was fighting the other day.
*she sighs* Mhm, that's pretty typical.... I get a mini-vacation, and this is what I come back to. Glad I'm not the one who has to worry about this places stability anymore.
So, is anyone here a stand user?
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*He turns back to her. Closing his eyes for a moment and feeling that as she says. This woman hasn't got a hint of anything mystic about her.* Well you seem to have figured out it's not a myth so I'll spare you that whole show. Now I guess the first thing I need to know is simple. *He looks her over, pondering if trying to get anyone else mixed into this other world is really a good idea* How much do you want to know? If you just learned the basic signs and run the other way? Chances are you could live without having to do anything like magic. But if you want to try and find whatever home your from? If you want to help people here? Maybe even back there? You'll want to learn a thing or two. *An inferno bursts into life behind Tatsuya as a figure wearing red clothes and a mask comes to life* That's Apollo, he's what we call a "Persona" to sum up they're like... Our other selves, selves shrouded in the powers of gods and demons. Born from various sources but in the end? They're the power of someone's soul brought to life for the purpose of fighting. *He glances over to an electronics store. The series of TVs on display seemingly meaning something more to him* And if you want to get one? The best way is by going through to another world behind that screen. *Tatsuya walks over to window, casually pulling it open before he sticks his hand inside for a moment* Long story short? In there everything you don't want to admit about yourself comes to life as a "Shadow". Accept that Shadow and the mask you hold shall be yours to command. *He smiles at her and walks back over, in spite of likely just having told this woman more in a few minutes than she's heard since coming here? He's still trying to move her towards not getting involved* But hey that's only if you want to fight monsters, or just get stronger for some reason. Otherwise I'm sure you can be normal and stay fine!
Apparently a normal everyday life just doesn't exist here. Makes me feel like calling the Nexus business-only.

Excuse you I happen to have fun every now and then
*Walking around the mall*
I already plan on basically doing that...
YOU may like to have fun. *looks toward the now empty stores* But your residents don't seem to like it much.

She sat in silence for a few minutes. Stunned perhaps, or just as confused as always. "That is a lot to absorb at one moment, but.. I appreciate the thorough explanation. I am glad to at least understand, though..." She stands up and stares at the television, glancing into it's screen. "I do not think this 'Persona' is something for someone like me. I have had enough fighting for a lifetime. As for my home... Well, there is simply nothing to return to."
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Nothing... *A sad look crosses over his face, thoughts of a world that very briefly was in fact his own. Lifeless and dead because of some idiot with a spear* I wouldn't exactly know what that's like, but I've definitely seen my share of death and destruction... In all honesty? *Tatsu sighs in relief* Kinda glad to hear it, let's just say I've dragged enough people into magic and madness to last several lifetimes.

So I'm guessing that your world is mostly dangerous in nature, that would explain your clothes and feelings. [Kazuya types on his COMP for a moment.] My world is a dead one, demons are running around and us humans are still building our homes after the Great Cataclysm occurred, taking away most life. We're still fighting, and...given my current position in the minds of my world's people, I will never be able to stop fighting. [Kazuya stays quiet for a moment before speaking agian.] I don't know what happened to you, but I'm sure something can be done, even if it looks like it's impossible. Even if it's just easing your heavy burden.

She looks back at Kazuya as he speaks, once he finishes, nods her head and begins speaking. "I.. understand. My home, my world, is not so different I suppose. Though... I have no home to return to. No one to return to. My reason to fight is gone."

Once again, I won't act like I completely understand. I just met your after all. [He laughs at his own awkwardness.] I'm sorry if I ask, but why don't you tell me about your world? Your family, your friends and what's going on.
*Breaks down door* Hey! Whatchu nerds doin? *Examines broken door* Not mine, don't have to pay for it.

"My world..." She glances at the blank TV screen once more before returning to her seat by the fountain. "My world, or what I know of it, is only desert. I lived in a small city. For a while I would say it was peaceful, though not eventful. I was not the kind to make many friends, and I... do not remember my parents. I simply lived with..." She stops for a moment, scratching her chin before continuing. "...with my big sister, Aoi. She was a good sister, a responsible adult. It was because of her that I decided to join our military, to help her. The desert is home to... fearsome beasts, and the military was set in place to patrol the edge of the city, to prevent them from doing anything to the civilians inside." Saeko pauses for a few minutes, looking into the fountain. "We... failed. One of them got in, and destroyed nearly everything, leaving few survivors. Big sis, Aoi, died protecting me.... I have no home to return to, only a wasteland of vicious wildlife."

So you've lost someone important too, I see... [Kazuya closes both eyes and bows for a moment.] I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm also sorry for bringing up that kind of memory.
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... Well then I guess it's a good thing you ended up here. I... Fucking hell I don't know what to say, I've.. *His words come to a halt as he glances around once more* Well long story short something like that did happen once. But well it got undone in my case... I'd love to say I know how to fix what happened there too. *Tatsu sighs and rubs his forehead* But I'm not the one who did it, power like that is way beyond me and even a friendly God isn't someone you can just tell to go do things. Well I've definitely lost people all the same, might not be dead. Well most of them aren't dead I should say, but well I'll never see em again so... Guess I kinda get it. *The man stands up with his hands in his pockets, pulling a business card from them and tossing it to Saeko.* Anyways if you think you see something weird going on gimme a call, I guess you'd say my job is looking at magic but uh I'm always willing to lend a hand for little to no cost if somebody needs it. So yeah nice meeting you, and try not to get hurt out there. I've seen enough people die from poor preparation around here so I kinda try to do what I can. *With a small wave and a sad looking smile as he walks off into the night, thoughts of things long gone dragged up in his head by this little encounter, Tatsuya Suou: Demon Hunter. Might well be willing to say more later, but for now he's long gone.*

She nods and glances at the business card as Tatsuya leaves. She prepares to put it into her pocket, but remembers she received something like it before, and pulls the other card out, glancing at them. "Tatsuya Suou... Taiga Hanaya... How am I meant to contact someone with something so simple?"

[Kazuya had a quick glance of the card Tatsuya gave Saeko and he sighs.] I'm not a big fan of what he does, demon hunting I mean...I believe there are other ways to deal with demons and enemies, or at least that's what I do. UNlike my friends and demons, I've never been able to use magic properly. And so, I had nothing but a gun and a sword to defend mysef with...and I still do. So...I negotiate, I try to calm and understand my opponent to find a solution. [Kazuya gestures to Cerberus and his own COMP.] You get yourself some good friends this way. And... ... [Kazuya looks inside his bag for an old looking phone, a model that would be sold 10 years ago, even. He hands it to Saeko. It's at the Contacts page.] Look for one option named "COMP" and press "Call". Then press the upper side to one of your ears and the lower side towards your mouth. [Kazuya walks a few meter away and waves at her, trying to tell her to do it now.]

She sighs, and nods. "A sword and gun... I can understand that. Magic never even existed in my world. Though I wish it was as simple as just talking to them where I come from." After taking the phone from Kazuya, she looks over it a bit, and watches Kazuya walk a distance away, then following his directions, awkwardly pressing the buttons and then holding it to the side of her head. "Uh... H-Hello?"
*Carrying a breifcase, Emerson walks into the newly noticed Mall. He immediately heads over to a directory, looking for any form of management office.* Hmm, it's gotta be on here somewhere... Are these places run remotely or something..?
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*Tatsuya's phone rings for a moment before he picks up* Ello there Kaz, ya got something for me? Oh and what do ya think of Saeko? Seems like a pretty decent sort ta me... Here's hoping she doesn't need my help eh? Not like I wish demons on people or anything. *He looks around... Spotting Em looking for, whatever Em is looking for, he presses mute on himself, still listening to the phone* Oh hey Em, so what's up with all the equipment there man? You need help moving stuff or anything... I'd say I've got work to do but haven't found any leads all day. Oh and sorry about the phone, it's Kaz so not hanging up. *Tatsuya turns the phone back on as he looks at Em, obviously curious about whatever is being planned here*

[Kazuya's COMP rings with some kind of nice jpop song. He presses a button and hold the small microphone connected to his one sided headset closer to his mouth.] This is what you do to communicate with other around here, with a phone. It allows you to contact anyone as long as you have their number and talk as if you were in front of the other from very long ditances, although you need reception. [Kazuya clicks a button and ends the call, walking towards Saeko once more.] There are other ways for communicating, like the internet. It needs a "connection" and it's as instant most of the times. With it you can communicate with anyone through texts, voice and even video. You don't even need their number before dong any of these, but it does usually come down to mutual agreement to communicate, although that much is obvious. [Kazuya smiles at Saeko as he sits down.] You got all that, Saeko?

She looks at the device in her hands, tilting her head at it and nods at Kazuya. "I think I get it... I was never much of a tech person but... It does not seem too different from the radios we used in the military. Just a bit more... portable, simple."
*Emerson smiles and waves to Tatsuya as he approaches. He then pops open the breifcase, showing Tatsuya the contents including papers, papers, and more papers.* Hey Tats! I'm just seeing about opening up a second branch of my Armory over here closer to the heart of the city. But I, uh, have no idea where their management office is. For all I know, it might not even exist... *He closes the breifcase, being sure he didn't lose any papers.* So, leads, huh? You workin' as a detective or somethin' now?

Funnily enough, this kind of product that are part of our daily life were born because of military needs. Now, that's not all you can do with phones, you can use calculators, write notes, and even play games, but the main point is to communicate with others. You can keep that one for now, it has the numbers of people you've probably met already, like Tatsuya for example, and my backup as you know. [Kazuya rubs the back of his head for moment, looking inside his bag for a the phone's charger.] At least until you get one for yourself which shouldn't be difficult, but is probably expensive. And...well, if that's what you want, anyway. I believe you might need a phone if you're going to stay for a while.
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OOC... I'm dumb and obviously was not called. Laugh it up peeps. You could say I'm always vaguely like a detective Em... But yeah this time I've been looking into some crap with what at first glances looks to be simple corporate espionage, fun part of it is how every suscept swears they were the only one involved in spite of all the others getting caught, are on my side... Every victim deals in something supernatural, current theory is that Genm Corporation will be targeted for their Kamen Rider tech. *He sighs and shrugs, clearly trying not to think about it any further* Anyways besides that yeah there's no real management office around Mikage or anything, place already has a few weapon shops so you won't have any problems setting up. Moving on tho what else has been happening with you lately?

She smiles and nods at Kazuya while pocketing the phone. "It seems like a useful tool, and it does not seem as though leaving is much of a choice, so I will be staying for a while. Affording one myself may pose to be an issue..." As she speaks she digs into one of her pockets, pulling out all the money she has left, six silver coins. "...So I thank you for letting me keep this."

[After a few seconds, he pull out the charger and hands it to her.] This part is important, phones can run out of battery, and this is what you use to recharge it. You just plug it and you're good to go. [He then looks at her money, and sighs with sadness.] Please tell me you at least have a place to stay...? From what I can see, you don't even have a job, which can be pretty dangerous, I know that myself. [He blushes a bit.] I-I haven't been able to keep a job for too long, despite getting so many.
*Emerson stops and think for a moment, before looking back at Tatsuya with a surprised look on his face.* All things considered... I shockingly haven't done much lately. Just been doing my business, visiting GYM every so often. Well, actually, I started looking for someone. Nacci. She ran off a while back, and she managed to cut ties with my system, so I can't track her down with locations pings. I'm not sure why though. She said something about being locked off from a part of herself, I think?

She takes the charger as well, while nodding, looking it over before pocketing it as well, good thing her jacket has so many pockets. "A place to stay... Yes. It... is probably not the best place to stay perhaps, but I've been sleeping in an abandoned home. It is rather dusty and small, but suitable comfort for the nights, and does have a lock. As for jobs... I am not even sure where to begin looking in a city so large."
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Locked off... Sounds like a bad thing, well I'll keep an eye out for her from now on. Not like I have enough going on... Hah who am I kidding? So long as there's work to be done you can't have enough. *Tatsu takes one last glance around the area, still searching for something off... Also still finding nothing as he turns back to Em with a sigh* Well anyways if you need help getting set up out here I'll be around Em, might toss some ideas your way too if I get a spark for weaponry again. Hmm... Oh yeah, you hear about the deal with Lux that night Hubris light went down? Turns out he had some weird ass Persona on him... Tried to get him fighting us but we talked the guy down, then as Lux is want to do he teleported out. Here's hoping he'll be okay.

Well, something is still something. Maybe you should begin to look for something small, and help in a store or something, the usual stuff. Maybe a cashier? If you still feel like fighting, maybe...with your abilities you could be a cop, stoping burglars and maybe a killer one of these days? [Kazuya crosses his arms.] You could even be a teacher, again, because of your abilities. I'm sure they would come in handy in a world like this, so chaotic and functional at the same time...it's...just bizarre. But you know that already. [Kazuya laughs loudly at this, and Cerberus does too. The dog then becomes a bunch of 1s and 0s, nothing but data that enters the COMP.]
I only heard passing mention of Lux, nothing else. But it's good to hear he's at least alive, and yeah, hopefully he pulls through with whatever he's doing. Say, we never DID get out of the prototype phase with your weapon, did we? I guess it worked well enough as it. Anything you think needs improvement? Weight, mechanical issues, etc.?

Saeko was rubbing the back of her head as Kazuya listed off options but froze as Pascal was summoned back to the comp. Her eye widened in surprise as she witnessed the living creature convert to data and vanish. Left stunned, she can barely even get a word out. "W-Wha-..." She holds her head for a moment. "I... I think I have had enough for today."
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Hmm... Honestly the weight is unbearable by any normal standard but for me? It's workable against larger targets. Speaking realistically something like this is best used against slow moving foes that you need a lot of cutting power for. *He points to a longsword that lies on his back* I'm not carrying it around outside of things I expect to see violence anymore... Then I've just taken to using both a normal Sword and it. *He ponders anything he might actually try to improve in the weapon* That being said... I guess if any improvement would be nice it'd be a way to use dust as a melee weapon, that could give me some interesting tricks beyond. "Light sword on fire" ya know?

O-Oh...right, it was discovered in my world that flesh and data were much more similar than anyone realized, and so...this kind of technology was made possible. [Kazuya laughs nervously.] We had basic teleportation, and of course this COMP with the Demon Summoning Program installed, which allows me to translate their language, communicate with them and even store them as data. [He bows once more with an almost comical expression on his face.] Once again I'm sorry!

"No... I suppose I should be apologizing." She sighs. "After all I have been told today, perhaps it is easier for everyone if I stop questioning things so loudly."
Dust can be go, yeah. I think I have some ideas for a new iteration... I tried working out a thinner-blade mode on the prototype, but it clashed heavily with the chainsaw functionality... Do you think that'd be fine to remove, or at least scale down? Maybe just the tip has a retractable chainsaw?
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Hmm... Might be for the best if I want it to work against things that can actually move. Yeah let's give it a shot I don't see the harm. Can always keep the prototype for tearing apart limbs of giant monsters and such. *A lightbulb goes off in the man's head as a question suddenly occurs to him* Oh yeah you went left that night with Hubris right man? I've been meaning to ask somebody what the hell went down there so... What ya got for me Em?

I...will admit it's kind of funny, but I understand why you woud be surprised by this. I was surprised by the existence of Persona when I first got here, after all. [Kazuya then yawns and rubs his right eye.] Well, I think I should be going for now Saeko, it was nice meeting you. If you ever need anything just call Tatsuya or anyone there, including me. I can guarantee most will do their best to assist you, even if it's just information. [Kazuya turns around and begins to walk towards the exit.] See you around, Saeko.
Oh, right. That happened. Uh... *Resting his head on his right hand, Emerson tries to recall the other day. He looks back to Tatsuya.* Honestly, I'm not even entirely sure. Some new Sin popped up, killed Superbia, and made fakes of Kalib, Gamma and Akira to try and kill us... Then Hubris came in and stopped him, before teleporting us out. I will say though, that guy's a pretty bad actor. He seriously tried to have the fake Kalib convince us to kill Superbia. As if Kalib would ever do that! *Emerson laughs a little ad the stupidity of Null.*

She waved as Kazuya left. Pulling a pocketwatch out to check the time, she whispers to herself, as she walks away. "I suppose it is time I leave as well."
(A large falcon dives into the mall through an open window, its talons tucked into itself as it swoops down to a large tree in the building. As it approaches the highest branch, it'd circle around for a few moments to decrease its speed before finally putting out its talons and perching on the branch.) Kaaaaw... (The bird's piercing eyes gaze around the mall, monitoring any and all present. Although the bird doesn't seem too interested in anyone at the moment.)
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Kalib kill somebody? Hell he'd have been better off with a fake me, one wonders why he didn't run with that actually... Well regardless of that thanks for the info, Null of emptiness. What's your game I just wonder? Don't underestimate this thing Em, it might seem stupid now but for all we know that could just be a simple ploy, lulling us into a sense of security or something. *Tatsuya turns towards the exit and begins walking out, stopping for a moment to hear Em's reply before he goes* Anyways unless there's anything urgent I guess I'll head out of here for now, was thinking about just messing around today but then I got caught up talking to you and that Saeko woman... There's another mystery of sorts but I don't think she's a threat so whatever.
Yeah, Null was it? He seemed pretty strong... Although, I'm not sure whether it was even his own power or not. I think he may have stolen it from Superbia. Well anyways, take care. I'll probably go scope some stuff out, then head home. *Emerson waves to Tatsuya as he continues farther into the Mall, as a man on a mission.*
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*Tatsu begins walking away... Though before he leaves the building the man takes one final look around, spotting the rather out of place and overly smart bird. He briefly considers actually doing something before deciding that here and now is not the time, instead walking off into the early morning darkness and heading back home, thoughts of mysteries to be solved filling his mind*
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