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Severe Weather Alert
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*A few minutes ago, it was sunny outside. Now, it's pouring, and thunder shakes the sky. Strong winds howl and blow away loose objects. And up by the swirling clouds, something circles the top of a building...*
Hi rayquaza, how are you?
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*Akechi's voice is drowned out by the wind. It seems he'll have to reach the top of the building to speak with the strange creature.*
Alright... "Goes inside the build"
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*The elevator sits nearby, although the power seems to be out. You're forced to take the stairs as roars accompany the storm outside.*
*Laharl flies to the top of the building*
"Takes the stairs"
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*The winds nearly send Laharl back down, but both he and Akechi reach the top. Above them, a green serpent screeches as it flies around wildly, almost as if it's having a temper tantrum*
*Rom runs to the building* So, this is where it's coming from...
Yeah, I guess so.... *is also at the bottom*
*Laharl speaks to the serpent using indescribable tongue. It loosely translates to "'Sup?"
*Rom takes the stairs, following Akechi*

A tower?
*also takes the stairs*
*Minato is at the bottom of the tower* Another tower...
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Kyreeeh! *To Laharl, that loosely translates to "WHO DARES APPROACH ME." Or "oh hey who dis." I don't know, I don't speak snek god.* *The others arrive to see the large serpent floating above them. With each move of its body, the clouds shift.*
Hi rayquaza.
W-Whoa! What's going on?
Woah.......a rayquaza! But I have a full team....
*Enters the tower and runs up the stairs*
*Laharl, in turn responds with something like "The name's Laharl. I'm a demon overlord and the main character!"

"Reachs the top" Another dragon? Interesting...
Full team? Does that mean it's a pokemon? *Rom looks in his bag, still having some pokeballs Bona gave him before*

*Gin appears. The rain freezes in vicinity.* Sup.
*Reaches the top and look at the Raquaza* Hmm, a Pokémon...
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Ka... *Rayquaza growls at the so-called demon, as well as everyone else. As far as it's concerned, they're all threats in this strange land* Reeeeequa!
*Laharl's eyes shoot between Boner04 and Rom. He whispers to them...* Do you seriously intend to enslave a god? Tch, retards... *His attention returns to Rayquaza*
*Whispers back* Heh... Never said that, buddy... *Turns back to Rayquaza* I don't think it likes us very much!
I think he is angry.

What did you guys do to make it so mad, anyway?
*Turns to Gin* I dunno! It was like that when we got here!
Nothing. It just kinda got mad. I think it's causing the weather changes.
Then maybe you should get the hell out of here! *Laharl holds two fingers to the bridge of his nose.* Look, this is an ancient being, and harming it can be considered destruction of history. I'm afraid you must leave this national landmark and wait for permission. Otherwise, i'll have to fine you!
*Turns back to Laharl* Again, I never said I would fight it! I just don't want it to hurt anyone!
*Sigh* I guess it's time to use these... *Pulls out three Ultra Balls from his bag*
We're gonna need to at least weaken it to bring the weather back to normal.
*Rom looks at a Quick Ball in his bag*
Then let someone more qualified deal with it. If I leave this in the hands of the citizens, nothing will stop them from utterly destroying this tower! If you cause any collateral damage, that'd be a felony! Besides, as for it hurting people, getting hurt is a part of nature! We can't deny that!
Sorry guys, but I won't let you capture it.

You guys battling over the legendary?
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*Rayquaza responds to Laharl's random explanation on proper laws by diving at him* Kiriii!
If you wanna catch it... *Laharl steps in front of Rayquaza and ignites his fist as he wields his sword.* You'll have to get through me!
No, just attempting to stop the storm...
*pulls out a pokeball* OK Kipley, you're up! *throws the pokeball, releasing a swampert that roars*
*Throws one of the Ultra balls on the ground, and a Midnight Lycanroc comes out of it*

"Opens his brynhildr" We shouldn't kill him.
If you don't let the storm pass it'll harm the ecosystem! *Laharl punches the air and a huge shockwave is emitted from his fist*

I can get behind that. Thulu, let's play *Gin releases a Malamar from a pokeball in his pocket*
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Kree? *Rayquaza seems very confused by the demon's actions*
It's not gonna pass unless we weaken it! Now Kipley, ice beam! *kipley opens it's mouth, firing a beam of ice at rayquaza*
I think we should talk to him.
*Laharl screeches in a way to tell Rayquaza "Hey, don't worry, i'll protect you" as he rubs Rayquaza's head in a comforting way*
What if I.. *Summons Trumpeter with his evoker, Trumpeter then casts Heat Riser on Lycanroc* Wow, it worked. *Lycanroc's Atk. Sp Atk. Def. Sp Def. Spd. up*
Tera Fire! *Laharl creates a gigantic sphere of fire, blocking the ice and evaporating it into burning steam*

So you do have a decent team, Bona. What took you so long?
Cheap move. Kipley, dig. *the swampert burrows underground, hiding*
I've had one for a while, Gin.
*Turns to Laharl* W-Wait! I want to ask it something... Can you relay a message?
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Kirya!!! *Rayquaza lashes its tail with renewed confidence and rage, and spirals around. Dragon Dance: Atk and Speed up!*
Same yourself! *Laharl flies into the air and carries Rayquaza with him* All's fair in love and war, asshole!
*Laharl waves at Rom* That depends, honestly.
Depends on what, exactly? *Rom gives Laharl an apologetic glance*
*the swampert appears where the rayquaza once was* Now Kipley! Ice beam again! *the swampert fires at the rayquaza from below*
Full Moon go! *Lycanroc charges at the enemies*
Tera Fire! *Laharl creates another gigantic sphere of fire to block the ice again* Your retarded to try the same move twice! *Laharl answers Rom* Just... fucking tell me what it is.

You should have said something. I've had mine for longer. Thunderbolt *Cthulu targets Rayquaza with thunderbolt*
*Laharl draws his sword and slashes down on Lycanroc's chesst*
If you say so! *Rom approaches Rayquaza, not caring for his attack* I just wanted to know... why are you here, like, at this moment?
Hmph. Kipley, return. *chucks the same ball at the swampert, bringing it back* Okay, you're up wind Waker! *throws another pokeball, releasing a pidgeyot* Follow them! *the pidgeyotto flies at mach 1 speeds toward the rayquaza*
Ooc: pidgeyot not pidgeyotto
Fire fang let's go! *Lycanroc jumps into the air and tries to bite the Rayquaza*
"Goes to rayquaza" I want to know why are you here, as Rom said.
*Laharl looks at Rom* I'd say he's a bit busy to answer that, CONSIDERING THESE RETARDS DON'T EVEN FUCKING CARE ABOUT DIPLOMACY!
I can wait... *Rom tears off his mask, increasing his speed just in case*
OOC: Yo, Minato, I attacked your Lycanroc earlier.
Ooc: When?
*While that is happening, he goes in front of Rayquaza, facing the people who are attacking*
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Kaa! *Rayquaza takes the electric attack like a champ, and knocks away the Lycanroc with its tail. Its mouth opens to send a purple blast at the Swampert: Dragon Pulse.*
Ooc: Wait nevermind.
Ooc: post #68
Laharl, do you need help?
Ooc: Just pretend that he got knocked back and then he jumped into the air.
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ooc: Late post, oops ic: *...but said Swampert was recalled just in time.*
OOC: K IC: *Laharl turns to Addalme* THAT'S NOT EVEN A QUESTION! You should be able to think for yourself and know whether you'd useful or not! ...With that being said, i'm not stopping you from helping.
*Lycanroc gets knocked back to the ground then slowly gets up* Hmm, so physical attack won't work on the Rayquaza...
Ooc: Attacks*
Ooc: it's a pidgeot now Ic: *the pidgeot ends up getting hit by the dragon pulse, but keeps flying* Arial ace! *the pidgeot slashes at the rayquaza*
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Kareee! *The Rayquaza practically teleports a distance away, hitting the Pidgeot at the same time with its even more powerful Extreme Speed*
Full Moon use Rock Slide! *Lycanroc uses Rock Slide on the Rayquaza*

If you're going to get in the way of us stopping this storm, then I'll just have to distract you. Superpower. *Malamar thrusts it's tentacles at Laharl with great strength*
"Blocks lycanrock attack and casts debilitate"
*Laharl flies in front of Rayquaza and summons several purple portals.* Tera star! *Suddenly, dozens of huge beams of pure energy radiate from the portal and strike every enemy in the vicinity, ruptering the ground and causing collosal almighty damage on all enemies.*
*Attemps to block Malamar's tentacles with blocks of Ice*
*the pidgeot is hit by the extreme speed and faints* Darn.. *pets the pidgeot* You did good buddy. *puts him in the pokeball*
*Laharl uses his sword and cuts the tentacles before they reach him, using his wings to fly away.* Well, MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T ALL RETARDS AND COULD ACTUALLY DISCUSS THINGS LIKE ACTUAL FUCKING ORGANISMS DO I WOULDN'T HAVE TO STOP YOU FROM HURTING OTHERS!
*Lycanroc faints from Laharls attack* *Sigh* Return... *Lycanroc returns to the Pokéball*
Now, time for my secret weapon! *tosses a pokeball, revealing a mew* You ready Nekomimi? *the new nods* Alright, use thunderbolt! *it sends a beam of electricity at the rayquaza*
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*Rayquaza lashes its tail, even more confused by the infighting. It lets out a frustrated screech, and its protective ability fades, letting the wind and rain hit everyone with full force*
Laharl, you don't have to yell, but i understand... "Casts mind charge"

*Due to contrary, Malamar' attack and defence raise one level from destroying the ice* You as well, eh Rom?
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*Upon seeing the Mew, Rayquaza growls... then dives directly at Bona with a furious screech, ignoring the shock*

Do any of you retards understand the phrase SELF DEFENSE!?
Sorry, Gin... What's with the lack of diplomacy, anyway? *Rom adds extra bits of armor on himself, made of ice*
Now it's time for my second Pokémon, Silvally go! *Throws his second Ultra Ball and Silvally Dark comes out of the ball*
.....well Eff. *nekomimi flies in front of bona and tries to explain that it WANTED to go with him*
*G.Yu falls from the heavens and lands on the tower carrying a Golden card Hello everyone, please accept the Yuniverse RayqYuaza and ill help you out. *G.Yu then offers a card to RayqYuaza, smiling
Can you stop? We can talk it!

Well, Rayquaza's a Pokémon. Shows of force tend to work a lot in its world, so I figured it work here as well. That's my reasoning, at least
God damnit, it's Yu...
Well.. There's a reason that it's here, so can we stop fighting for a sec and find out what it is? Maybe then, he can find a solution...
Thread Creator

Kree? *Rayquaza tilts its head, then narrows its eyes at Yu.* Ka... Kira! *It swoops low over everyone, using Extreme Speed to go in a furious blur.*

Shows of force!? Well, you can at least fight honorably! Instead of going 21 against 1!
Good job guys, now he is angry...

Hmm. Sure. why not? We can try it your way. *Gin motions for Malamar to back off. It floats behind him*
W-Whoa! *Rom jumps up, boosting himself upwards with several blocks of ice, then connecting the tower to a nearby building with a grind rail*
*Silvally walks around*
Yes the Yuniverse RayqYuaza, Yu shall lend oYur hand if Yu accept the Yuniverse, take the Golden card. *Yu then extends the Golden card again, smiling a Golden smile worthy of being in a commercial

Well? *Laharl tilts his head at Boner04 and Minato*
*From the sky, N comes riding in atop a white Pokemon, with a trail of red flames streaking behind it. Hovering a bit above the battlefield, N watches the green serpent as the group now attempts to reason with it.* Reshiram, if they can't do this, we'll take it into our own hands... *Reshiram's eyes glow a light purple while it prepares to take action.*
What the....
Thread Creator

*Rayquaza can sense a great disturbance from the Golden card. This entire place doesn't feel right. It panics again, sending Dragon Pulse after Dragon Pulse down at everyone*

*Laharl squees at Rayquaza to tell it to "calm down" and that he "i'll make these people go away if you can answer some questions*
*nekomimi fires ice beams and thunderbolts at the rayquaza trying to calm it down*
What a crazy day... "Turns to N" Tell me, what do you want?
Bona, I think that's just making it angrier!

That's it! *Laharl files an arrest warrant for Boner04*
Thread Creator

*Rayquaza doesn't listen, mostly because of the loud storm, the Dragon Pulse explosions, and its own fury.*
Thread Creator

*It stops its assault as the supereffective Ice Beam hits. It flies up high and circles around, as if preparing for something.*
I'm not making Nekomimi do it! He wants to calm down the rayquaza! *nekomimi keeps fireing*

*Laharl puts his hand on Rayquaza's cheek and jesters again for it to calm down* He's the animal here! Not you!
"Casts megaton raid on Nekomimi" Bona stop!
*G.Yu jYumps up and onto RayqYuaza, standing utop of him with his katana drawn Please, Yu means no harm

*Laharl continues to shout at Boner04* WELL, THAT'S YOUR FAULT FOR NOT FUCKING CONTROLLING IT!

Superpower. *Malamar attempts to bitch slap Mew with Superpower*
*it ends up fainting* There we go... *pets nekomimi* You need to be calmer next time..... *puts them back in the pokeball*
Thread Creator

*This is the final straw. Rayquaza screeches and rams into the building's roof, breaking through a few floors with Dragon Ascent- both Laharl and Yu probably along for the ride.*
Ooc: I'm back.

Okay, now let me handle this. *Laharl looks at Rayquaza's temper* Wow, you really are morons. Looks like he just needs a minute to cool off. *Laharl waves at Rayquaza*
H-Holy crap! I think now's the time! *Rom runs to the connecting grind rail and slides on it to the nearby building before the floors break*
Is he better now laharl?
*N sighs as he pats Reshiram on the head.* Alright, let's just end this ourselves! Reshiram, use Hyper Voice! Draw it's attention to us! *Reshiram lets out a powerful roar towards the battlefield, as N stands tall on it's back.* Mighty Rayquaza, ruler of the skies! Please, hear my voice! Whatever pain you're in, please tell me! Connect with my heart, and allow me to soothe your suffering! *N jumps off Reshiram towards Rayquaza, attempting to land on it's head.*
*G.Yu seemingly hangs on, cutting through the debris that comes his way in attempt to avoid harm, patting RayqYuaza on the back as he goes down the tower Well this is taking a tYurn for the worse.
*Rom slides back to the building, or what's left of it* Is it time for diplomacy now?

*Gin is send flying off the roof and to the pavement below. Luckily. he can't die, so he's fine. After a minute*

*Laharl points at N while looking at all the others.* Now, THAT'S a qualified individual. Everyone, just let him handle this. Whoever interferes is getting put on trial!
*Before the roof could break, Minato summons Thanatos with his evoker, then Minato gets on Thanatos's back* Now. *Thanatos and Minato flies into the air*
I hope we can talk the next time rayquaza, good bye. "Leaves"
Thread Creator

*Rayquaza bursts out of the building, and looks at the strange human who has just landed on its head. It seems to have let out some of its anger with the building's partial destruction.* Kirya... *It seems to have seen this entire place as unstable. Nothing in this strange place is right. It didn't know what else to do.*
*They both fly away to the cave*
*N holds on tight to Rayquaza's head, while also calmly speaking to it all the same.* Please, mighty king of the skies, calm yourself. I know you can pull yourself together, and cease this needless destruction... Please, Rayquaza, come to your senses!
*Walks in the area then turns around and leaves*
*mumbles* Finally...
Thread Creator

Kiryaaaa! *With a roar, the clouds part, and the rain lessens until it it completely gone. It bows its head to everyone present.* Qua... *It seems to be apologizing for starting this.*
Whew... *mumbles again* I should be apologizing for this... He seems to have everything under control, so... *Rom leaves, checking Gin*

*Laharl judgingly stares at Boner04 and Minato* Wel, what did I tell you?

I'm Ok. That hurt, but I'm OK *Gin rolls his shoulder before returning Malamar*
Thread Creator

Za... *Rayquaza looks at Laharl, as if scolding him*
*N's face brightens as he sees Rayquaza return to normal. He motions for Reshiram to come over to him, talking to Rayquaza in the meanwhile.* It's alright, my friend. You've done nothing wrong. Whatever occured must have been outside of your mighty power. I assume I must be because of this place we're all in, this Nexus... However you got here must've caused you much confusion. I hope you're alright, Rayquaza...
Oh good, looks like its all over, that was fast!
Thread Creator

Ka. *Rayquaza coils up its body as it floats just above the building. It nods to Reshiram respectfully, as if meeting an old acquaintance.*

Oi, you! *Laharl points at N* You're pretty experienced. I'm guessing you're one of those "I work alone" types, eh?
*Reshiram nods as well, with almost a smile appearing on it's face, before catching N as he hops off Rayquaza. With a final farewell to the fellow legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and N begin to leave before hearing Laharl.* You could see it that way. It's just how I've always been I guess. But... I don't work alone. I have Reshiram with me, guiding me. *N puts his hand on the side of Reshiram's neck, and the Pokemon nods in agreement. They finally zoom off, a red trail dividing the sky in 2.*

Heh, I need people like him guarding these streets. Thievery and casual murder is just too common around these parts.
Thread Creator

*Rayquaza gives Laharl one last look before soaring off into the skies. For now, he shall guard these skies as he did back home*
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