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Dark Hour 3
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*I walk towards shibuya square*
*is sitting on a fountain when ibeku is walking*
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*puts on limiter*

*Sam is modifying his metal arm on a nearby bench* What are you two up to?
You're really gonna use the cleaver again?
*looks at sam* Waiting for the dark hour to start.
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Hmm. Guess I should see if I can access this thing, shouldn't I?
Access what thing?
*Flying in his helicopter over the city blaring music again*
*This song is playing*
Ooc: It's Siivagunner

The Dark hour. It is most certainly a thing that I may or not be able to access.
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The Dark Hour has arrived...
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*pulls out cleaver*
*Blood puddles, coffins, and shadows are on the streets. Every electric device is shut down*

*Sam looks around. He smirks* What a perfect place.
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Alright *Swings Cleaver at a horde of shadows*
*starts slicing at shadows with the blood moon* Wonder if that...... Thing will show up......
*Lands helicopter on the ground* Alright you sons of bitches, let's get to work. *Pulls out his dual elemental M1911s, then opens fire at the shadows*

*Sam prepares to fight... only for his metal arm to be completely unresponsive. And his wristbow. And his cane.* Uh. Why isn't anything working?
Electronics don't work here Sam. *keeps fighting off shadows*

*Sam's eye twitches* And you didn't tell me this before because...? You know that technology is my thing. My WHOLE ARM Is electronic, for crying out loud.
.....Minato, any way to help Sam out?
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Wow so much chaos.. and im in control
*Throws Sam one of his non elemental M1911s* Here, take this. *Keeps shooting the shadows*

Fuck guns *Sam pulls out a wooden, slightly charred crossbow from his coat and charges it with electricity* Good thing I keep old faithful handy, ain't it?
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*keeps swinging*
*Looks at Ikebu* What do you mean, "in control?"

*Sam rapid fires his crossbow* Been a while since I used this, so I might be a bit shakey. Sorry in advance if I hit you.
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Im not Sadistic
*Shoots himself with his evoker summoning Thanatos* *Thanatos then slices some of the shadows into bits and pieces*

If you're controlling it, then you're using the weapon wrong. *Sam fires another stream of crossbow bolts into a crowd of shadows*
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*Starts throwing knives*
*Stands in the street, burning a coffin* ...
*A man wearing black and navy blue armor with green stripes and large wings flies above the city spotting the battle below and stopping for a moment* Hmm a fight with some Bugsters eh? Guess I should destroy them... But those oddly dressed children seem to have things well in hand. Guess there's no need to waste my time on this eyesore. *Snipe shrugs and flies off leaving a trail of smoke behind him as he scowls at the Bugsters under his mask. By the time anyone might try to speak he's long gone*

So, is that weird girl with you guys?
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*stops and sees Setsuna*
*Looks at Ikebu* Kitsune, don't mind her.
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20... That makes 20... ... Do I have to destroy this world before I feel alive...? *Looks back to the group* That's right. Don't mind me. There's nothing to see here... Absolutely nothing.
*Keeps firing at the shadows*
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Ragnarok *Burns shadows away*
*The man looks back for seeing the smoke, he follows the trail to the girl burning a coffin* Son of a bitch are those eyesores just going to ignore murder!? *He groans and turns around flying over to Setsuna before landing about 50 feet away in front of her* Hello there girl, you can call me Kamen Rider Snipe. *He points his miniguns at her with a wary look on his face* Care to explain why you're burning people to death? Perhaps some attempt to spread your dammed infection hmm? I'm sick of dealing with Bugsters so explain! *He gestures angrily with a gun, still giving her a chance to explain herself in spite of his boiling anger*
Heheh, it's time to use that skill that I saw Akira use... *Does a somersault in the air, then throws three smoke bombs at the shadows* Quickly, to the helicopter!!
*Setsuna stares at Snipe as he, in her mind, rambles on. She smiles in amusement as his miniguns are pointed towards her* Go ahead... Do it. Make me feel alive. *Setsuna spreads her arms with an odd expression. Twisted, but also sad* It's not my fault they're so easy to kill... At any rate... Infection? You're all the real infection, coming to MY home and making me feel weak... But I'm strong now. I can do anything! I could break this world in half if I wanted to... All because I have this strength. The EXP I recieve from the worthless idiots I kill... ...Is that answer good enough? Are you gonna be a great hero and try to take down a killer?
*Grabs Ikebu and Sam, throws them into the helicopter, then flies away to Leblanc*
*The Dark Hour ends...*
*The man glares at her from under his mask and leaps into the air his jets propelling him up as he fires upon her while trying to gain distance* I'm no hero you Bugster but you can be dammed sure that I'll destroy you! That's my goal in life after all, to destroy all Bugsters! *Snipe's energy shots fly towards the girl as the dark hour ends and people stare up at him in shock* Gahh so now they unfreeze... But regardless of that. Mission start.
*is still there* Setsuna.....
Jack the Ripper, come! https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/nobunagun/images/a/a6/Jack_the_ripper.png/revision/latest?cb=20140320181331 *A robed figure appears in front of Setsuna wearing a black hat. His smile is chilling as he grabs a passerby who had just woken up and uses him as a meatshield... Needless to say, it was instantly fatal for the man as the robed Persona drops him. Jack uses Bufudyne, attempting to knock Snipe out of the air* *Setsuna herself has a complicated expression as she hears Bona, but tries to concentrate on the fight*
*a tear falls down his face, as he feels conflicted about what to do. Should he finally end this once and for all? Or should he let a true monster walk the streets? He knew that he probably isn't strong nough to stop her... And he wants to spare her so badly... .but he just doesn't know what to do. He falls to the floor, looking defeated*
*Some of the shards of Ice fly into Snipe's leg, in spite of his flight going a bit unsteady the man's armor holds strong. Though his Rider Gauge drops a bit* Hah is that the best you have Bugster!? Even that idiot Salty might be more Dangerous than you! And why the flunky rather than showing your true form to me!? [GASHACON MAGNUM!] *A large handgun forms in his right hand as he takes aim for Setsuna's chest with one shot and her right leg with another, the blasts of energy sizzling as the rush down at her* Now if you have no intention of fighting properly then just do me a favor and go down you eyesore!
*Flies back to the city, then lets down a rescue ladder for Bona*
Ooc: enough not nough
[For once, Hazama isn't interfering. He stands on a building staring down at the commotion.]
*Surprised, Setsuna manages to dodge the shot to her chest, but her leg was hit dead on. Setsuna cried out in pain, the shot burying itself into her leg and burning. It was like fire as she fell to one knee. In spite of this, she smirked, her leg shaking unnaturally* Ahaha... I can feel them now... You're strong... I like you, Snipe-san. But it's not a fair fight when you're flying! *Setsuna forces herself to stand, pointing forward for Jack the Ripper to jump up and attempt to stab Snipes heart* *Setsuna's back was vulnerably turned to Bona. She fully focused on Snipe right now*
*thinks "Now might be my chance! To get revenge for what she's done! But if I kill her, that'll make me as good as her..... "*
Come on Bona, get in!!
Screw it... *Slides down the ladder, and grabs Bona*
*The man scoffs as the blast slams into his armor, clearly causing him some blunt damage but not getting through the suits platting, his Gauge drops to 85%* Hmmp not bad you eyesore, but I can do plenty more where this came from! *He slams a button on his gun as it shifts into a rapid fire rifle, Snipe takes aim at her other leg with a few rounds before darting his aim up to her head then flying over to the left staying in motion the whole time to evade fire*
*struggles to let go* Hey! Lemme go! I was busy!
Too bad... *Starts climbing up the ladder with him*
*teleports out of Minatos grasp*
*Makes it into the helicopter* Alright Bona we're he- *Looks down at the street below him, seeing Bona standing there* *Sigh* Really?
*Setsuna barely dodges the shots, except for the one that grazes her leg, the same one that was shot previously. It continued to shake and wabble. Setsuna was only able to stand through determination and adrenaline. If she dies, she will do so on her feet. She wordlessly approaches Snipe with her pocket knife in hand, as her Persona uses Deabilitate, trying to further weaken Snipe* *Her back remained turned to Bona. He could catch her completely off guard...*
*Flies to Leblanc*
*he feels so tempted to just end it now.... But doesn't... He just stands there, awkwardly..... He doesn't want to kill her, just save her... Save her from being consumed by darkness... *
*A familiar voice yells out...* DO IT!!!
*He draws an orange Gashat from his driver and slams it into a slot on his gun* A debuff eh? Kinda a pain but this should have enough firepower to take you down Bugster. *His driver cries out in an electronic voice* [KIMEWAZA! JET! CRITICAL FINISH!] *A large Bullet looking a bit like a target flies forth from the man's rifle at mach speed rushing to impale the girl in a blur as Snipe glare down at her wondering if perhaps this will be enough to end the fight* Come on then Bugster go down. OOC: Sorry about taking so long, had to look some stuff up honestly new character and all.
*Setsuna felt the wind brush against her hair as the bullet shot out, smirking twistedly* Ahaha, futile! Jack...! *Just then, as Setsuna raised her finger, she heard a voice ring out through the plaza. She looked towards the source, surprised* What the hell-- *It happened in an instant. With that moment of distraction, the target-like bullet pierced right through Setsuna's chest. She stood in shock* Ah... *Setsuna looks down at the wound in her chest. Instead of glitches, 1s and 0s... Fresh blood poured out. She dropped to both knees, tears in her eyes as she collects the blood on her uniform. She looks at her bloodied hands, smiling with tears flowing down her cheeks* Ahaha... haha... I'm bleeding... This blood is not someone else's, but my own... I'm... I was real all this time and didn't realize it... *Setsuna smiled happily. She was happy about the pain she felt, the blood she was losing... She felt like a real girl* *She collapsed forward, a smiling on her face as she fell unconscious in a pool of her own blood*
What the heck!?
*The person yelling runs over to Setsuna and kneels beside them.* Oh god, Setsuna, are you alright?
[Seeing things finally come to a head, Hazama swings down from the building. He slowly walks toward the group slowly clapping.] Bravo, bravo! That couldn't have possibly gone any better! I especially like you, new guy. You didn't hesitate to take the killing blow for even a second! Really, the show was great. [He kneels down next to Setsuna, twirling his hat on one finger.] How ya doin' buddy?
*The man stares at her in a bit of shock but lands and pulls the Gashats from his Driver* [CLICK TO SAVE!] *In place of his armored self Taiga stands in his lab coat then rushes over to the girl checking her pulse* Damnit I thought she was just a Bugster, I'd at least have bothered with trying to take her in alive. Tch. *Taiga looks down at the girl's body a bit sadly... But still clearly not too broken up about the possible death of some killer* Hey blonde maybe step away? Your friend there was just burning a man alive so I'm not too concerned about her honestly. *Hey eyes them both with a wary look before turning back down to Setsuna*
*He looks over to Snipe.* Honestly, there are worse people here.
[Kazuma decides to walk up to them, after just looking at the entire ordeal with curiosity.] Oh dear, always so flashy and viceral. My young eyes can't take such masacre, lemme tell ya.
*Taiga glares at Hazama for a moment before a bored expression crosses his face* Hmm? No of course not, what am I some idiot playing doctor? *He raises an eyebrow at Hazama* However even I find your interest in violence a bit disturbing, I'll kill if I have to but I'd hardly call that an enjoyable show. And since I'm clearly not bothering with a secret identity, the name is Taiga Hanaya. Yourself? *He glances at Teddie and sighs* Listen blonde just because someone worse exists doesn't mean she's not bad, I'm no hero but I won't just let a murderer do as they please got that? *Taiga gives him a curious look*
*Teddie looks over Kazuma, then Hazama, then back to Kazuma.* Uhhhhhh...
*By checking her pulse, Taiga could feel that she was still alive, but barely. She will bleed out soon*
[Hazama looks at Setsuna's injured frame, smiling all the while.] Welp, you did your best. I didn't expect much from you, so I guess I can't be too upset that this is where you meet your end. It's only fitting something like you can only end up failing in the end. Don't worry though, I'll make sure to remember you. Whatever your name is. [He stands up, and places his hat back on his head.] You can call me Hazama, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you, Hanaya-san. My lookalike here is Kazuma.
*The man looks at her wounds sighing before he attempts to apply pressure to them and slow her bleeding* Tch fine I guess I can try and let the kid face the courts... Dammed medical training, guess I should try at least huh. *He looks down at the bleeding girl in mild concern... Though mostly just disinterest before turning over to Kazuma* And who pray tell are you? You certainly don't sound scared by that little battle to me at the least. *He raises an eyebrow before looking back down at Setsuna's wounds*
[Kazuma opens both eyes and puts both hands inside his pockets.] Mister Hazama, we might want to take her somewhere else. But I guess I can't blame you if you just leave her here. [Kazuma shrugs with a smirk as looks down at Setsuna] But...who knows, maybe she can do more...? Perhaps a little "experiment"? I'm really curious, how far will she go...? I wonder...~
Aincrad walks by eyes glazed over until he notices the commotion. "... no. No. I'm not letting this happen! Not again!" He runs forward Hephaestus running forward, forming in front of him and shoving everyone out the way. "Setsuna you will live! For Aitome!" With that he casts Salvation on her trying to heal her.
Me? I'm just a guy curious to see what people will do and what will happen, that's all. [He chuckles before pointing to Hazama.] Besides, my "little bro" there already said my name, masked freak.
Hazama-san Kazuma-san eh? I wouldn't say pleasure or anything but sure whatever... And what's all this about expecting little from the kid eh Hazama-san? *Taiga raises his eyebrows as his hand slowly moves to the Gashat on his belt* If you're behind this kid's killing people then I have to ask... *He glares at the man openly* Are you two Bugsters? Because that would certainly explain a lot now wouldn't it. *He glares at Kazuma with venom and scoffs at the boy's rudeness* Hmmp guess you don't feel like being polite huh? I might be a "masked freak" but I'm one who could probably kick your ass you eyesore so don't bug me too much eh? *He looks at Kazuma dismissively, clearly not interested in dealing with the him at the moment, or any other knowing Taiga*
*With Salvation and the bleeding slowed by Taiga, Setsuna seemed stable for now, but she still required medical attention. She remained unconscious*
Oh! You healed her, excellent work. Welp, if that's the case then I guess bringing her with us couldn't hurt. I can try my best to whip her into shape, and make her the perfect little puppet I know she can be. Though, maybe I should just kill her and be done with the trouble. I've always wondered what an NPC will do when they're about to die. Will killing one feel the same as killing any other person? Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement! [The Ouroboros appears wrapped around Setsuna, and she is lifted into the air. It coils around her tightly, as if trying to squeeze the life right out of her.] I think we'll be leaving, unless you plan to try and stop us?
Aincrad glares at the others and picks her up. "Bona, I'm getting her to safety. Keep them off me." With that he starts walking away while Hephaestus stays behind watching.
(Ignore me then.)
[Kazuma just claps in amusement to both the masked freak and the sudden display of "salvation" happening in front of him.] Good, not "best" but certainly up there! However...! [Kazuma begins to walk to the masked freak while twirling a chain, chuckling] We'll take our toy back, thank you very much.
Aincrad looks at Hazama and Shadow forms behind Hazama. "Put her down, or she won't be the only one needing medical attention. Though I'll make sure you'll be comatose for a long time." He points his cane while Shadow tosses a holy spear into Ouroboros.
Oh? You want to fight? Then you'll have to get through my defenses! [The floating chain shifts to the side, attempting to use Setsuna as a human shield to block the spear.]
Aincrad charges forward as the spear disappears and Shadow draws his Urumi, keeping a small distance between him and Hazama. Aincrad holds his spear in his hand and goes to punch Hazama with his left. "That is my family! I won't let you take her!"
*bona gasps and uses all of his strength to try to keep the spear from touching setsuna using telekinises*
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*He slams a button on his Driver and a stage select screen Appears* Not only do I plan to stop you you dammed Bugsters or whatever the hell you are aren't going anywhere till I'm done. *The screen spins around before landing on a forest and in a burst of light all 5 stand in it* Like that? It's one of my Gamer Drive functions, instant combat arena, only way out being if you kick me out, I close it, or I "clear the game". Here meaning beat you two senseless, *he glances at Aincrad* I usually work alone but if you can handle one I'll take the other. *He slams Bang Bang Shooting into the Driver and bursts out in level 1, quickly pulling a lever and appearing in his level 2 armor* Now then I don't have time to mess around too much. *He draws an orange cart from his belt pointing at the foe with a click as a hologram bursts up behind him and game start appears in large orange letters. A cartoonish orange and black drone with aviator goggles and minigun arms flies out as well* [JET COMBAT!] *Snipe slams his driver shut and slams the cart into it’s second slot a small light going off from it* [CLICK TO CLOSE!] [CLICK AND LOAD!] *He pulls the drive open as blue and orange holograms shaped like hollow cards form in front of Snipe.* [CLICK TO OPEN!] “Third Tactic.” *His driver screams out* [LEVEL UP!] [BA BA BANG!] [BANG BA BANG!] [BANG BANG SHOOTING GO!] [CLICK AND UP!] [A GATCHA!] [JET!] [JET IN THE SKY!] [JET COMBAT!] *The holocards then vanish into the armor as the drone flies down to him merging it’s self to Snipe’s suit leaving him with a pair of miniguns in his hands, wings for the back, a large metal chestplate. And a flight visor on his helmet* *Snipe takes to the skies trying to dart behind Hazama as he fires upon Kazuma with Energy blasts from his miniguns, he constantly darts around clearly trying to remain a challenging target* Hiding behind the kid!? Tch I see you have no sense of fair play... That's okay I don't either.
*teleports away*
[Hazama blocks the easy-to-see coming punch with his right hand. He yanks on Aincrad's hand, pulling him closer and if all goes according to plan right into Hazama's extended knee.] "Family"? Psh, she isn't real you idiot! She's a walking corpse more than anything. Don't grow attached to something without emotions.
[Kazuma sighs with disappointment as the chain he was twirling take the hits instead of him, as if nothing happened.] I can't believe you walked right into it! You're way more dense than I thought, Masked Freak. [His entire body vanishes as the chain is shot towards the Rider. Kazuma can be heard laughing.]
Aincrad uses his right hand to block the punch, dropping his cane and still taking the brunt of the damage, as he attempts to yank his arm away by setting it on fire. "That all? My mother hit harder than you and she isn't even super powered! And gives a flying damn what she is?! She's real enough to me and that's what matters you ass!" Meanwhile Shadow slowly starts moving closer behind Hazama twirling his Urumi in his hand, keeping an eye on him.
*Snipe darts backwards and to the side trying to evade the chain but it grabs onto his leg regardless, in spite of that fact how ever Snipe continues climbing up wards trying to drag Kazuma into the air with him* Just because you have a grip doesn't make it a good thing moron!
[Hazama smiles, whipping the unconscious Setsuna toward Shadow without ever letting the chain loosen. If anything it tightens. Meanwhile Hazama himself is forced to let go to avoid a burned hand. He reels his foot back and attempts to kick Aincrad in the stomach, trying to dig his metal heel into the man.] What matters is that you're an idiot! She can't feel, all she knows is a desire to become complete. You can't do that for her, nobody can!
You got hasty, and you will pay for that. [As the chain got a hold of him, it continues to cover his body in the shape of an X. And he finally appears over the rider, holding both chains.] This WILL hurt!! [As Kazuma falls down, he applies force into the chains, as they rapidly close on the masked freak with an X shaped slash. After this, the chains disappear and Kazuma lands safely on the ground.] Are you okay, Masked Freak?
Aincrad sidesteps the kick, barely, and brings his own knee up into Hazamas while bringing his elbow down at the same time trying to break his leg. "I don't care. I made a promise. To my sister, and to Setsuna. I'll do my damnedest for her, and I'm not letting a psychopath like you take her." Shadow meanwhile grins, using his Urumi to wrap around Ouroboros as touching it starts to freeze it.
*Snipe glares at the boy as his Rider Gauge drops a solid bit* Congrats you little bastard, now I actually feel the need to take you seriously. *He stands up dusting himself off quickly and then pulling the Gashats out of his Driver, Taiga draws a large red cart with a yellow disc on it, he spins the disc downwards and a picture of Bang Bang Simulations lights up, He slams the cart into his Driver and it screams* [DUAL CLICK AND LOAD!] [CLICK AND OPEN!] [DUAL UP!] *A light covers in and he stands in a version of his usual armor... With a navy officer cap on top and a series of naval cannons covers the suit* Now then just stand still and die for me would you? *Snipe begins targeting Kazuma with the various guns lining his body as they blast away firing huge shots that tear the forest apart on their way to the man* Like my heavy weapons you eyesore!?
[Hazama grits his teeth as the hits connect, but not having bones makes it pretty hard to break them. Despite the pain he still manages a grin.] Just roll over and die, okay?! [He spins in place and delivers a high kick, actually doing the splits as a result. A beam of green energy rises from the ground with his leg, as he tries to send Aincrad flying into the air.] Serpent's Infernal Rapture! [The Ouroboros meanwhile does begin to freeze, though since it isn't connected to Hazama at the moment freezing it would only make things worse for Setsuna. The chain does remain in place though, seems Hazama is to preoccupied to worry about Shadow for the time being.]

[Ex-Aid runs into the scene standing at a distance from the fighting] Taiga! Is that you? Are you alright? What's going on here and who are those green haired men?
Is that overkill, Masked Freak? [He casually moves his hand upwards as Ouroboros is shot. The chain itself launches Kazuma into the air, from where he shoots the chain once more to manuver. He is now a few meters above the rider, smirking at him.] "Eyesore"? Is that all? Good to see some people like having dumb catchphrases! But those poor trees...! Did they deserve to die!? [He yells in an overly exaggerated voice as he falls down, landing behind the rider, standing back to back. Kazuma takes out a dagger from a small bag he was carrying and plays with it for a bit, leaning against the back of the man.] I hate senseless violence, y'know? I firmly believe in other methods.
Aincrad grimaces and gets hit going flying, his hands coming to his chest as he casts Salvation on himself, then sets them on fire getting ready for the next hit as he lands on the ground a few feet away, coughing up a little blood. "That is never going to happen..." He struggles to stand up and looks at Hazama. "This is my life, and I will never let you take it!" Shadow grins and summons a gauntlet and punches the Ouroboros right where it is freezing trying to break it in half. "From one ethereal being to an ethereal whip, eat shit."
*Snipe darts forward trying to move away from Kazuma as he glares behind the mask* Yes yes you're a snarky little bitch who can mock people and spout pointless lies, I think everyone has figured that out by now... But really is talking about digital trees the best you've got? *He looks back at the man casually blasting at him with the guns on the left side of his body as the right stand in wait for something*
Hahaha! Oh that sure is some nice resolve. I wonder, how can I really get you going? Oh, I know! Setsuna really seemed to like me you know, maybe a bit more than just "like"? Me though, I couldn't care less about her. She's a pawn just like everyone else. In fact, I was going to do her in myself when she finally outlived her usefulness. Oh, I can see it now. Her heart sinking as the one man she loves tells her how useless she is. Makes me swoon. [Hazama makes an exaggerated pose, clasping his hands together and kicking one leg back to look like a love-struck teenager. He still seems to not really care about Shadow's efforts, the green chain shows no sign of damage. If it's any consolation, the chain did block the brunt of the damage from harming Setsuna. Seems it won't break by any conventional means, though.]
*He suddenly notices Ex-Aid as well* (Because his writer needs to look closer) Yes it's me Emu, as for those men they seem to be trying to abduct some random criminal... I found her trying to harm people tonight and defeated the girl, then these two show up and attempt to kidnap her rather than let me turn her into a court of law. I'm not really thrilled with them shockingly.
[Kazuma turns around and smiles at him, throwing the knife into the air and catching it as it fall, over and over again.] Wow, you sound really angry behind that ridiculous mask and suit. Although there is something else too... Hmmm... [He stays in place and barely even moves a few feet to the side, or duck as he avoids the shots.] Oh, right! You're trying to hurt me with toys. C'mon, if you're going to be playing then you should just give me that cute, precious little doll. [He casually points at Setsuna, finally taking a shot to the shoulder. He rubs the place where it hit without much of a reaction.] Well then, ouch. I will have tell your mom, little one. [He says sarcastically.]

If that's the case, then let me help! [Ex-Aid pulls out a pink Gashat as he runs up to the scene of the fight and looks over to Snipe]
Aincard gets up and brushes himself off and grins at Hazama. "Wow that was easier than expected. I really should thank you, you are so damn easy to manipulate." He walks over and picks up his cane and leans on it grinning. "I mean, seriously, I expected to take so many more hits before I got you to say that." He takes a knife out his coat and twirls it in his fingers. "So shall we do this seriously now?" Meanwhile Shadow infuses his gauntlets with holy magic and attempts to snap Ouroboros while the Urumi still freezes it.
*The man laughs at Kazuma behind his mask as a smirk forms on his face* Ah such a kidder I see? *He claps sarcastically at the boy and then nods at Emu* I'm pretty sure you should of been a comedian instead of whatever you are. And yes feel free to join in Emu, unlike Brave you seem as sane as you've ever been thankfully. *Snipe pulls his Driver open and it shouts out* [CLICK TO CLOSE!] [FINISHING MOVE!] [CLICK TO OPEN!] [BANG BANG CRITICAL FIRE!] *His visor lights up with target points on Kazuma as all the guns on his body aim towards the man, a blinding blue flash flying across the field as a series of bullets rushes at him boxing Kazuma in as the guns aim not only where he stands but areas he might dodge to, the lack of trees from Snipe's earlier reckless attacks leaving Kazuma out in the open with nothing to grapple* Now then let's see if comedy let's you dodge this.
[Hazama shrugs, still smiling.] Are you kidding? I thought I made it obvious. She's just too much of an idiot to realize it is all. No matter what happens here I'm kind of done with her, she was even more useless than I thought she was. Though, with that said I don't intend on losing. [He raises both arms as his snake-like crest appears glowing on the floor. A green, runic-looking circle appears around Hazama, draining the life of any living thing that goes inside of it.] I can't use BlazBlue with just you here, so this will have to do. Oh, and by the way. [He turns his head around to Shadow, releasing Setsuna and the chain returns to Hazama.] Trying to break this thing was idiotic. Still, go ahead and take her for now, put her somewhere out of the way if you don't mind. With this thing all around us; [He gestures to the scenery around them.] none of us will be going anywhere until that idiot with the guns is taken care of. So why don't we enjoy ourselves, hm?

[Ex-Aid puts away the pink Gashat] Then I'll use this instead! [Ex-Aid holds up a Gashat that's half orange and blue and twice the size of a normal one] "Mighty Brothers XX!" Henshin! [Ex-Aid swings his arm across his body before pulling the Gashat back behind his head and inserting it into the driver] "Double Gashat!" [He opens the driver as a character select screen appears spinning in front of him and he chooses an icon that's split down the middle between orange and blue] "Gachan! Level Up! Mighty! Brothers! Futari de Hitori! Mighty! Brothers! Futari de Victory, X!" [A light envelops Ex-Aid as he becomes covered in a bulky white armor with a mask that seems to be split in color between orange and blue down the middle]
Aincrad sighs and shakes his head, then turns to Snipe. "We have what we came here for, we can deal with these two another time." With that he points his cane at Hazama. "Next time I won't be holding back." Shadow disperses his weapons and dives for Setsuna, grabbing her and checking her pulse before sighing with relief and walking with her to Aincrad. "One day it will by my pleasure to end that snake." He grins and checks on all of her abilities.
You guys really are something else. Oh no! I have been trapped! [Kazuma's body then flashes with a bright light for a moment. He just stands there, smiling.] C'mon, go ahead, amuse me.
*Snipe sighs and looks over to Aincrad as the area returns to normal* Agreed, I'm not going to continue this pointless battle any longer, good day to both of you and now we'll be taking the girl. *Snipe stares at them from behind his mask for a moment before looking to Ex-Aid* You still got that Hyper Muteki crap Emu? Worse comes to worst I might need you to just hold them off with that. *He walks over to Aincrad and looks at him curiously* Now given the speech in there I assume you don't intend for her to go to jail? Because I've seen that girl kill a man... Can't let her go freely you understand right?
Jeez, talk about a cop-out. Here I thought all your big talk would lead to something. Whatever. Keep the toy, it doesn't matter too much to me. [He dismisses Ouroboros and the circle, and puts his hands in his pockets.] Welp, I'd say let them go for now Kazuma. We have better things to do than risk our skin for a zombie like her. Whaddaya say to some breakfast? I could go for an omelette.
He shakes his head. "I intend to help her, and make her pay for her crimes, but jail isn't the answer here. Rehabilitation is the best option for everyone, and I'll be working with officers, but for now, I'm going to see what I can do." Aincrad takes Setsuna and Shadow disperses. "Trust me, I'm going to try my best to do this." With that he starts leaving.
It really is a bummer, but I'm sure we can find a new play thing. Who knows? Maybe she'll comeback by herself. Or maybe not, not like I care too much. [Kazuma sighs and smiles, putting his hands in his pockets as well.] Actually I would be happy with some hard-boiled eggs and nothing more, but Hazama, an omelette sounds delighful right now. [He smiles at Hazama with a shrug.] I'm still going for the eggs though.
*He scoffs at Hazama and walks away* My aim wasn't here to kill you two though, if I wanted that I'd have kept going... But great now he just outright vanishes with the girl, Emu. *His armor vanishes as Taiga sighs and glances at Emu* For some reason even though it's mission clear I feel like things went wrong tonight... Oh well, Might as well see what we can come up with about this world. I don't know exactly what the place is yet, but at least it doesn't seem to have Bugsters... *He grimaces at what he saw earlier along with the green haired idiots and Setsuna* Well actually more like they just got palate swapped to something else really. Anyways what have you found out?
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