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Dark Hour 2
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*I run from everybody else Angrily*
*I rev up my duel runner and begin to drive*
*Runs after him* Stop!
*reafies hoverboard*
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*stops and knees Hisato*
What are you doing?
*The Twins are watching from nearby* Both: Hey look. The idiots are fighting.
*hoverboards away*
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*Minato lands on top of a building with his helicopter, blaring this song*
Stop before i hit you....
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*Throws a fist at Hisato*
That'd be cool if the helicopter crashed
*Takes the punch* Hit all you want....
Both: Would be cool if they killed eachother.
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*Casts Charge and Throws another punch*
*Sits down and watches* Looks like you are on your period....
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*Looks up at the sky as the Dark Hour Begins*
*suddenly, dark hour!* *bona is sitting down, occasionally attacking weak shadows*
Both: What's happening?
*Summons infernity dwarf and infernity archer*
Dude I'm in a Casket Match Good thing I'm Elite and the true antagonist so I'm fine
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*walks toward the stronger shadows without raising a weapon* You know what? Screw this
*The Twins jump on a coffin, destroying it* Both: Where did these things come from? No-ones breathing any more
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FUCK YO- *Gets interrupted by the wave of shadows*
*Infernity archer and infernity dwarf attack the shadows*
Yeah fuck you too....
I'm out. *Walks back to Leblanc*
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*Ikebu gets destroyed by the horde of shadows* ugh...
hey asshole!
*Summons infernity avenger and it intercepts hisato*
Now what?
*The Twins appear to be having a minor freakout* Both: Where are the people to kill?
*Infernity avenger opens fire at hisato and the shadows*
Okay i'm not sure what did i do. Bye! *Disappears*
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*gets up Severely injured*
*Drives on my duel runner running over multible shadows and infernity archer provides cover fire and so does infernity avenger* Get on!
*knees the fuck out of shadows and gets an Amrita Soda(tm) from a vending machine before biking away to Paperboy music*
*Fires the helicopters mini gun turrets at the shadows*
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I dont need anyone.. *Gets hit back to back by shadows*
*The Twins kick a shadow away, looking around frantically*
*starts attacking the shadows that are attacking ibeku* Ibeku, stop being a edgelord.
*I forcefully grab ikebu and summon infernity doom dragon and it wipes out multible shadows at once*
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*Suddenly a boss shadow appears*
*The Twins find Bona and proceed to try and kick him*
I never wanted to this again...*Sends infernity doom dragon and activates a field spell and sends infernity archer to the grave to summon earthbound immortal Ccppac apu*
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Im not backing down! This was for Hisato's Persona awakening and that shit didnt even happen because of what happened just now....
Just make sure you do the job and I cover you alright ikebu!
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But dammit if i have to go sadist, I will go sadist
*teleports to dodge the kids and starts attacking the boss shadow*
*Fires a helicopter missile at the boss shadow*
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*pulls out Cleaver and pupils dilate* KYAHAHA
Both: Stop cheating. This is why they don't ike you. *The twins walk off in a huff*
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*Runs at the shadow laughing*
He's insane!
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ABE, JUMPSTART MY HEART *My cleaver catches fire*
Kitsune, calm down!!
*Ccppac apu crushes all the low life shadows as I try to do my best to help ikebu without interefering*
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*Chops down the shadow to size* AHHAHHAAAAA *Laughing gets weaker until i eventually pass out*
Kitsune, chill! You're going mad!
*Drives up to ikebu and picks him up giving the falling back signal and speeds ikebu to safety*
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*is now unconsious*
*I activate the radio in my helmet* Minato this is kalin Kessler i'm getting ikebu to safety right now
Got it. *Keeps firing at the shadows*
*slices at the weaker shadows to get them out of the way*
Any safe area's around?
Go on the roof, I'll meet you there. *Flies to the roof*
Ooc: The roof of the apartment building.
*Takes a sharp turn to the roof having infernity avenger on the field instead of ccpac apu gunning all shadows in my way speeding to the roof not going to give up*
*Lands on the apartment roof*
*Waits there* Get him to safety I can handle myself!
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*still unconsious*
Here, get in!!!
*I ditch my duel runner and jump in*
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*Attaches his duel runner to the helicopter* Alright, let's go!!
*teleports in the helicopter*
*Flies back to where the shadows are*
*Activates infernity launcher and sends all my infernity monters to the grave causing a major blast on all near by shadows* http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/1/1d/InfernityLauncher-TSHD-EN-SR-1E.png/revision/latest?cb=20100525011559
*Looks at a red button* What does this do? *Presses the button making a laser beam shoot at the shadows*
.......AWESOME! Do it again!
Is the mission a failure or success?
Hehehe, I'm going to have fun with this... *Presses the button, firing a laser beam at the shadows again*
I don't know....
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*The majority of the shadows get incinerated*
You got it!!! *Fires more lasers at the shadows*
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*slowly regaining conciousness*
*I synchro summon hundred eyes dragon to make It unleash a devastating attack* HUNDRED EYES DRAGON UNLEASH HELL!!!
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Ugh... what happened?
*The rest of the shadows get incinerated* Yeah!! You just got burned you bitches!!!!
I saved your ass ikebu
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Thanks Kalin
*sheds a tear* Beautiful... Lazers and fire and death.... Just... Just so beautiful!
*Looks at Ikebu* It's good to see you awake Kitsune...
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Hey Rosewood... im sorry

*Texts Minato* Bona is plotting against you.
You can call me Zero now, also it's ok...
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Thanks Zero
*Texts Hisato* What do you mean?
So much shadow death! It's so beautiful! I love it!
*I grab a sniper rifle and use it*
*Flies back to the apartment roof*

*Texts* Remember the robot chick? He thinks you like her.
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*has an explosive Kunai and throws it*
*Texts* I do...
*Lands on the roof*

*Texts* Well Yang will try to seduce you. And Bona will take her. I just warn you.
What the hell are you doing minato!?
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*Takes a Soma and walks back to Leblanc*
*Texts* Got it...

*Texts* Be prepared against Yang
*Texts* I will.

*Texts* Good luck, and see you later.
*Flies an Arwing over the city*
*Texts* See ya.
*Flies to Leblanc*
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*texts Hisato* Im sorry i was a Jackass
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