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Bandit Keith's gang of americans
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*it looks like bandit Keith wants to find some American friends*
I arrive brother! *The hulkster arrives at the scene as "Real American" plays in the background.*
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Hello fellow Americans. I wanted to find some American friends.
*Jackman performs a superhero landing, before standing with a smile* I heard we were calling allies of justice. Fear not fellow Americans, for I, George Jackman have arrived.
Well you have brother, I hear the call of one of my brother and what do I find, not brothers, no, something WAY beyond that! *Pumping the mooskles.*
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Yes, we will be American friends. A squad of Americans.
*Walking past with a megaphone* Bandit Keith is Canadian!
Haha, with so many great Americans in one place, evil doers beware. *Jackman strikes a pose as a bald eagle screeches in the background* ITS CHECKMATE. AMERICA!!!!
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Don't listen to him, he's just not American.
It doesn't matter what country we come from, we're all American at heart.
Quite right. I'm about as American as you are, Keith.
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Yes, because everyone can be American.. *lowers sunglasses* In America.
Right, this long-haired jackass is british, and the british should never be trusted.
British you say? We should find his tea and dump it into the harbor. Nothing bad could happen from that.
Actually, I'm an evil spirit from Ancient Egypt.
*ya boi guzma walks up to the group* How about lettin ya boi join?
Throws a maple syrup grenade into the group. "Canada rules!" Rides away on a hoverboard.
Egyptian? YOU MEAN TERRORISTS? That's almost as bad as being British.
Oh look, a person that does not exist threw us something that does not exist. WE RUNNIN WILD HERE LEMME TELL YA
Maple Syrup does exist. Though that begs the question... If you die in Canada... Do you die in real life?
I don't know bruh.
Bloody hell. Are all Americans as stupid as you are?
No, but you're a terrorist and also look dumb brother. Someone's getting suplexed back to hell tonight
I don't have time for this. You're not worth sending to the shadow realm, *Yami Bakura wanders off, complaing about how Canadian Bandit Keith is*
HAHA, JUSTICE PREVAILS. EVIL HAS BEEN VANQUISHED. MY JOB HERE IS DONE *Jackman runs off into the sunset, as a bald eagle flies by*
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I will see you again, fellow American.
Oh heck, my fam is here bois.
*Plays the harmonica while dawning a western revolver style duel disc walking onto their scene* So what's going on here?
Hi I'm totally American what we doing
Ooc: This thread gives me hope for the world.
Hello, French guy passing through.
I heard Americans make for fine Rugs. I meant Hugs. I meant Corpses.
Your unstable....
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