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Dark Hour in Shibuya
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4 minutes until the Dark Hour...
*is ironically in that area* Hey kitsune.
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Hey Ninjii
Dark hour?
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*turns back to normal*
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[The Dark Hour has begun]
*suddenly, Dark hour!* Wonder if the thing that possessed setsuna will show up again...
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OOC:Mind if I join in?
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OOC: Do you have a persona?
*In a nearby alley... A person has been brutally disemboweled. They lie on the ground, a bloody mess. Setsuna is bloodied herself, holding a knife. She felt the power in her... Her EXP grow* It's not enough... Is it enough...? How do I know...? ...Tch. it doesn't matter... Hazama-san will be happy... *Setsuna clicks her tongue and kicks the body before leaving it*
OOC:No I don't
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Holy crap there she is
Setsuna.... *shivers*
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*hides behind a trash can*
*hides on top of a building*
OOC:But can I join in atleast?
Ooc: as long as you have some way of fighting, it should be fine
...Hmph. This body feels so real already... More than before... ... *Setsuna has a distant look in her eyes before she walks by, passing Ikebu and Bona*
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*casts Masukukaja*
*jumps down, quietly following setsuna*
OOC:I don't know if using a deck count's but a knife but I can go with a dagger @BonafideMonafide04
*Rodin walks down the sidewalk looking at the blood and coffins around him* Was Shibuya always like this?
Ooc: the deck counts dice it's kinda like magic
*Drives down the roads of shibuya on my duel runner looking around* What the heck is going on?
*Sees Bona following a strange girl*
OOC:Okay thank you @BonafideMonafide04
Hey, isn't that the guy from the cafe?
*Keeps walking, not staggering this time. It was clear she was stronger this time. She stops for some reason*
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Kitsune to Ninjii, Why did she stop? Over
Ninjii to kitsune, I don't know.... Over.
*A red portal opens up next to Ikebu, then Rodin ascends from it*
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*turns around and notices Rodin* Oh H-hey Rodin..
*Parks my duel runner grabs my deck and duel disc and a dagger as a safe precaution getting off and removing my helmet*
I'm being followed, aren't I? All humans share a feeling of "being watched". Come out. Who's trying to kill me tonight? *she turns around, smiling*
What's up with Shibuya, why does it look different?
*whispers into earpiece* shoot, she found me *talking* Uh, hi setsuna... I'm not gonna kill you, I just wanted to see what you were up to!
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We'll explain tomorrow
Anyone here? *Walks throughout shibuya trying to find someone*
*Looks in the distance* It looks like your friend is in trouble.
... You aren't going to fight me...? Why...? I killed your friend...
........Look, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you for that.... But I think people can change, I know it!
*Eventually finds Ikebu* What the hells going on with the sky?
Change...? I've already changed... I'm not fake anymore...! I'm just like you... Just like a real human...
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I'll explain tomorrow
I meant not killing people.... Maybe you could just go to mementos and train there.... You don't have to keep killing people....
What's a Mementos...? This is all that I know... I can't just train like a bodybuilder... I need to prove my existence in this world!
*Looks at setsuna trying to analyze the situation*
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Kitsune to Ninjii, she had a full change of heart?
*Listening through a portal opened up by Bona and Setsuna* What does she mean by "Training?"
*sighs* Mementos is a place filled with shadows to destroy. To be honest, a ton of people go every day. But it's an easy way to gain this "EXP" as you call it.
Ninjii to kitsune, I don't think so.
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Well keep going
... Will that really make me more real...?
*puts his hand on setsunas shoulder and smiles* I'm sure of it.
*Walks over trying to make sure something doesn't go wrong* Who is she?
[A rift opens midair and Hazama steps through with a smirk. A white room is visible on the other side, as are two others. He waves into it without turning around.] Hope you get some use out of that knife, by the way. Toodles! [As he finishes, the rift closes and he looks at the group in front of him.] You mind taking your dirty hand off of her, buddy? She's kind of MINE after all.
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What the!?
*Shows a card saying "Hundred eyes dragon and put it on my disk and commands hundred eyes dragon to attack into the rift before it closes fully* Who was he!?
*Looks at Hazama* And who may you be?
[Kazuma arrives at the scene by walking, he is swinging a chain around casually and smiles at everyone.] You might want to comply, friends. He has the tendency of...getting a little angry with people whenever they touch his things.
How do I know you won't kill me...? You said you couldn't forgive me... *Looks surprised as Hazama suddenly appears* Hazama-san...!? *Setsuna blushed at being called "his", but she remained quiet*
Stop treating her like she's property. She's a person as much as I am.
*Another rift opens, Aitome steps out of it looking quite down, eyes seemingly blackish, his posture somewhat slouched over as he notices Setsuna, giving a half hearted wave Hey there Sis... I need to tell you something...
Listen, I have nothing to do with this, ya dig?
*looks at setsuna* While that's true, you spared me. It's only fair I spare you back.
OOC: The rift is closed, by the way Ah, Kazuma. Glad to see you make it. Anyway, you can call me Hazama, pleasure to meet you all. [He removes his hat and bows politely.] Now, I'm getting a bit fed up with you lot constantly messing with Setsuna here, so I have to request you cut it out.
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*still hiding*
Ooc: nah Aitome has a rift weapon, sorry for the confusion
We're not messing with her. *his eye sparks a bright green*
*Looks around and pulls out a dagger made for combat*
Aitome-nii...? What is it...? Bona-kun... I don't know what to say... But... *She looks at Hazama as if looking for guidance. She truly felt like only he understood her*
[Kazuma leans against a nearby wall. He keeps smiling and, with both arms folded, he chuckles.] Oh please, we come and ask nicely that you stop being dumbasses and you immediately go for violence, isn't that something an animal would do? [A snake-like chain covers Kazuma's body as he opens both eyes, revealing a pair of golden orbs.] Now, comply, and let us take our pretty little lady over there.
*A portal opens next to Bona, and Rodin ascends from it* *Sigh* I don't know what's goin' on, but it's really confusing the hell out of me.
Long story Rodin, long story....
*Looks at kazuma* I might ask who the hair sylist and what monster you got but I think i'm fine
I don't like violence, so how about we take my little friend here home for the night? Meanwhile all of you can just...go die in a hole somewhere, hm? I think that sounds like a fair deal to me. [He slowly opens his own eyes, revealing glowing yellow pupils identical to Kazuma's.]
Don't like violence? That's as much a lie as me saying I'm an overlord.
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Kitsune to Ninjii, im going in
*Turns attention to hazama* Or we can do this the justified way and sort things out *I play my hand before resorting to violence*
*Aitome then tries to straighten out his posture as he walks over, limping on one leg as blood seems to trail behind him, speaking softly to Setsuna I'll try to keep this short, I've never told you of my world, its not pleasant... I killed alot of people and hid away, by a miracle I ended up here, however they seem to have caught wind of the place... I can't stay here anymore so... so I want you to forget about me, I only bring evil around so its better you aren't my little sister. *Aitome then looks away, his face contorted, eyes going even darker.
Ninjii to kitsunes, not yet, I don't think they wanna attack.
Ooc: ignore the s
*Looks at Hazama* Just take her along with you.
*A figure watches from the shadows with a sinister smile on their face and glowing yellow eyes.* Looks like I found something real fun here. This should entertain me for a while. At least until it's time to return to my "game" again.
*Watches a shadow trying to crawl up his leg, then stops on it, instantly killing it*
Ooc: Stomps*
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Here they come *throws knives at nearby shadows*
...What the hell...? If you were just gonna leave me... Why even try to be my brother...? I was going to be friends with you after I was completely real, but you... ...You built me up to bring me down... Why...? Why would you do that...? You... *Setsuna looks hurt by Aitome. She takes a few steps back toward Hazama's side*
Sorry buddy, but I'm not the type to play games. Maybe try that GYM place, or something. Who knows, maybe you can join an underground circuit where your life rests on the outcome of the game? That'd be something worth watching. [He places his arm around Setsuna, and begins to walk away.] If you idiots are done here then I think I am as well. Though, I do admit with the nature of this "time" I could dispose of you all rather easily. Wouldn't that be swell?
*Looks in the distance seeing a horde of shadows charging at them* What the hell?
*I summon infernity doom dragon and infernity archer to attack the shadows*
I have to agree, if you all are really hungry for a battle then just look around and get yourselves killed. You get your battle and we don't have to deal with any of you again. [Kazuma leaves the wall and follows Hazama and Setsuna.] Bye bye!
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Who's Kazuma? *walks out from the shadows*
That's not the point I'm trying to make... I'm trying to say that.. I'm a failure.. I can't even protect myself, let alone you, this hurts me a lot more you know... leaving everyone behind, simply because of my past... I want to stay with you but if I do... I'm not sure if we'll live through it... *Aitome's eyes then grow more dark, looking down at the ground, unable to keep the painful gaze
*Excitement shines in the other Yu's eyes as he sinks deeper into the shadows and away from everyone's views.* Let's make this more interesting, shall we? *The other Yu bulls out his blackened blade as a shadowy aura surround it and begins spreading throughout the area. When the aura comes into contact with the nearby shadows, their size begins rapidly increasing.*
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*Feels Shadow Yu's presence*
*Giant fists that looks like Rodin's fists start rapidly punching the shadows*
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*pulls out knives and points one at Shadow Yu*
*I send infernity archer to help rodin*
What are these things, angels?
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You guys go on ahead, dont worry about me
*Allows Hazama to guide her, following him and Kazuma* Aitome-nii... You can follow me... And get stronger too... We all can... As friends... *Setsuna Smiles, looking confused as an aura spreads throughout the area* Eh...?
Guys, get over to me! *Snaps his finger opening a portal to The Gates of Hell*
*I summon infernity beast to hunt down hazama*
It'll be fine Setsuna-chan! [Kazuma places his hand on her head.] We're all friends here, and so, we will get you out of here and not let you get hurt like those animals! [Kazuma keeps his eyes shut and turns to her with his permanent smile.]
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*glares over at Shadow Yu* The Dark Hour may be over but the fight will begin
*I have infernity archer snipe at kazuma*
*From the shadows, yellow eyes stare at Ikebu with a rather bored expression.* Oh no... Looks like I've been spotted. Guess, this is the part where I shake in fear and beg for mercy before the valiant hero strike me down, right? *The other Yu starts to laugh a bit at his own comment.*
*Drags Kalin into the portal with me*
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*Throws a knife at him*
Huh? S-Sis? *Aitome's eyes then go pale as he reaches out his hand towards Setsuna, before a crackle of black electricity runs over his hand, quickly retracting it and returning to his drab self, eyes black once again N-no.. i-i cant Setsuna... I only bring death and pain... I'm a harbinger of doom... I'm sorry Setsuna.. *Aitome then falls to the ground, blood pooling around his failing leg I... I need to tell everybody else they won't see me again before it happens...
Come on, let's go!! *Enters the portal with Kalin*
*The other Yu sighs before opening his eyes wide with a twisted smile. In one swift motion, he pulls out his shadowy blade and cuts through the knife, splitting it into two even pieces that fall to the ground.* You probably already noticed but this isn't exactly a normal sword. I'd recommend leaving before you end up wasting your life here. Not that it has much value or anything, really your preference.
*I activate infernity launcher killing a mass of shadows sending all my infernity monsters to the graveyard before going in he portal*
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*summons Inari Okami*
Aitome-nii... I think you can live... All you have to do is... ...Kill again.
Ooc: I made a thread for The Gates of Hell, so yeah..
Ooc: Thread post*
OOC:I played bayonetta so I know what it is
*tears up a bit as setsuna follows kazuma and hazama* ........
So, that's your answer... Well, I won't disappoint then, but this is going to be so boring. *The other Yu simply points the blade in Ikebu's direction as the shadowy aura extends outward and attempts to slam into him with a massive amount of force.*
No... killing is what caused this to happen, they want vengence for the people I killed, its only natural... You should be careful Si-Setsuna, I don't want you to end up like me alright? This will probably be the last time you see me.. I'm sorry for the trouble I caused... it wont happen again... *Aitome then cuts open a rift, starting to walk towards it, time for your final words before he leaves.
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*Takes it with minimal damage*
*passes out due to exhaustion, but a dark figure brings him home*
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*summons a kitsune soul for Aitome to kill* will that do?
*A dark portal opens up behind the other Yu, it's similar to a rift portal but something feels deeply sinister about it.* I don't really have time for a pathetic hero like you... I have bigger fish to fry, after all. *The other Yu steps through the portal as hordes of shadows begin pouring out and charging after Ikebu.*
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So this is it...
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You're just gonna run? *burns all of the shadows*
Aitome-nii! ... Being evil isn't so bad... As long as you are real... That's what I think...
*The yellow eyes glow from within the dark portal.* Run? No, I just simply don't care about a simple pest like you. To be blunt, you bore me... So, if you want to call it running go ahead, but I'm not going to waste my time on such a boring fight. *The dark portal closes as the yellow eyes glow brighter before nothing can be seen anymore.*
*a twisted voice is heard* Yeah, being evil ain't so bad. *a weird version of Bona appears... He looks kinda.....twisted? Yeah, that's the word*
*A red portal appears under Ikebu*
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You bastard... *walks back*
Heh... its not a question of good or bad Setsuna, I've never been a good person, its that I don't want to hurt my friends, I don't want there to be trouble for them, and I bring trouble wherever I go... Just try to remember this one thing Setsuna... Your past will always follow you, don't make decisions you will regret later. This is goodbye Setsuna, sorry for being a bad sibling... *Aitome then steps into the rift, closing it behind him and disappearing into the air
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Im sorry Aitome... I wish i could save you
*Teddie pops his head out of a rift, wearing sunglasses.* It's honestly pretty fun being on the chaotic side! *He pops his head back into the rift and it closes behind him. His sunglasses seem to have fallen off though, so sad.*

A white line suddenly appears between Shadow Bona and everyone else, that cannot be crossed. It is as though the universe itself is preventing the spread of cringe.
*looks at the line* Stupid line..... You can't keep me down. I'll come back. And I'll destroy you. *dissipates*
Ooc: Enter the red portal.
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