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GYM: Body and Soul
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*Kalib sits at the counter after a long day of fixing his establishment from the constant punishment it receives.* Hah...why are we still here? Just to suffer? *He laments while looking towards the door, knowing that soon...it won't be there.*
OH YEAH! *Then a giant juice pitcher crashes through the GYM door, making a giant mess, spilling Kool-Aid everywhere before raising a thumb up at Kalib

*Ene walks in and waves at Kalib* Hey friend! Oh what is this ...? *She notices the Kool-aid on the floor and studies her now soaking shoes* Well I was not expecting to walk in juice today. Snake-chan things are so weird around here!
*Owain enters through the large hole in GYM's door.* Behold, the chosen hero has arrived! Despite my failure to siege that foul beast's lair yesterday, I've yet fallen from grace, for my sword hand and I have never been stronger. *Owain posts with his left hand over his face, his right on the pummel of one of his swords.* Now, who dares challenge me!
*Enters* Sup?
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*As if on cue, Kalib checks his watch and waves at Kool Aid Man.* Yup and there we go. *He sighs before smiling at Ene.* Hey there! Always a pleasure to see you around these parts! *He'd lean forward on the counter as he waves her over.* I'll take care of that mess in a bit, but more importantly, how have you been?
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*Kalib would smile and wave at the newcomers.* Welcome to GYM, new guy! And welcome back Laharl.
*Owain turns to face Laharl, before grasping his left hand with his right, arching his back.* Augh, my aching blood! I knew you'd show up! How dare a villain such as you enter such a sacred place, in which heroes train! Have you no respect?! *As he moves his feet to ready himself to draw his sword, he slips in the kool-aid, falling flat on his face.* Ah, damn you, tyrant! Have you no shame either?!
Tch, demons only respect those with power! All you are is weak trash!

*Ene walks over and takes a seat by the counter* It's always nice to see you too friend! *Two red eyes watch from within her hood as she anxiously taps her fingers* I have been pretty good lately. Just had some difficulty in a tournament ... *Her eyes appear to take on a dark tone as she tries to smile* It didn't really turn out that well so me and Snake-chan have been training recently.
*Standing up, Owain puts his left hand out towards Laharl, placing his right on a sword handle.* I'll show you power! Now, have a look at my new technique, Biiiinding..! *Owain opens his stance, and unsheathes a jagged sword covered in electricity. Holding it with both hands, he brings it up above his head.* BLAAAAA- *Once again, Owain slips in the Kool-Aid as he attempted to slash towards Laharl, although not directly being able to hit him with it. A flash of lightning blasts upwards into the ceiling.*
*walks in* Hey Kalib an O~! *slips on the kool-aid*
OH YEAH! *The Kool Aid man then runs off, smashing through another wall, spilling almost all of his Kool-Aid around the GYM, before walking away, who knows what doors he will destroy next
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*He brings a hand to his chin.* The tournament was definitely something alright...it was like you were someone else entirely... *He stares at the red eyes before looking back to Ene's face, his smile never fading.* So you've been training? Care to have an exhibition match of sorts? I'd love to see how much stronger you've gotten! *He'd fold his hands together as he continues to lean against the counter. Glancing at the reemergence of Kool Aid Man.* Haaaah....
Hahahahahahahhahahaha! As expected of you, to make such a foolishh blunder twice!

*Avoiding Kalib's face she looks down at her hands* Well I don't really feel well right now so I can't! *She fakes a cough* After the match I came down with some weird illness and Snake-chan told me to get some bed rest ... *She continues to fake cough as her eyes gaze up at Kalib with anticipation*
[A young man in a white coat enters through the door in a sprint. The young man wears a white coat with semi-colorful clothing. As he enters he hits his foot against the edge of the door and proceeds to fall over. He slowly gets up before grabbing his leg for a minute] Ugh... [The young man then notices everyone in the room and then gets up and proceeds to sprint up to everyone.] Is everyone here ok? I saw red liquid coming out through the door of the building! Also, it seems that the door is broken! DId something happen here?
*Owain picks himself up again, glaring angrily at Laharl, before going over to the counter where Kalib is.* Excuse me, sir, but I'd like to inquire as to where one may face combat within this fine facility. I... would prefer if it didn't happen to be covered in a pink liquid...
[A young man in a white coat enters through the door in a sprint. The young man wears a white coat with semi-colorful clothing. As he enters he hits his foot against the edge of the door and proceeds to fall over. He slowly gets up before grabbing his leg for a minute] Ugh... [The young man then notices everyone in the room and then gets up and proceeds to sprint up to everyone.] Is everyone here ok? I saw red liquid co- I found you! You faker!
*he gets up* So Owain, how's your day?
*He turns to Hunter, raising an eyebrow.* Do... I know you? Not that you look familiar, just that you know my name already...
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*Kalib wears a knowing smile as he watches the girl in front of him.* If you aren't feeling well then that's more of a concern to me than seeing how strong you've become. *He stands up and stretches his arms in front of himself.*
[The young man looks over in shock at the other version of himself.] Eh? Another me? I don't remember using the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat? Are you really me?
*walks in*
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*Noticing someone trying to get his attention, Kalib would turn to Owain with a smile.* You're looking for somewhere to fight? *Kalib points to the back door leading towards the arena.* Straight out there and you can't miss it! I'm Kalib by the way.
Hey you are just popular in Shinuya Owain.
Well, regardless, it's always a good thing to have more doctors available. *Ex-aid smiles and extends his hand firmly to offer a handshake*
*Rodin enters the GYM with a lit cigar in his mouth* *Looks around* Is this a fighting arena or something?

*She begins to blush at Kalib's statement* Kalib th- *She slightly jumps a bit as if bitten* *She then pouts and looks toward the other people* Hmph I don't really need anyone worrying over me. Both me and Snake-chan will just get stronger to crush our enemies the next time!
[The green haired young man walks in while swingin a small chain around, whistling a nice song.] I wonder if there is someone worth my time here~! [He has this big, innocent, and yet sinister smile on his face.]
*looks around* So, this is GYM..... I guess I'll fight someone while I'm here.
Shinuya? What's that? Is that where we are? I though this was called, "The Nexus." *Owain stands with his back to the desk, an index finger pressing against his forehead.* OOC: I know you meant Shibuya, roll with it.
[Ex-Aid takes Ex-Aid's hand and returns the handshake] Yeah, I think we'll make a good team if we ever need to help a patient. Oh, but more importantly is why I cam here! Is everyone here Alright? [Emu looks around for any signs of injury or sickness]
So, who wants to fight me?
*he approaches and notices the damage to the walls* Hoy, Kalib! Always a squalor isn't it?
Go and look at yourself in the mirror, fight the urge of kicking your own ass. [Kazuma says to Rodin as he sits down, chuckling at his own comment.]
Thanks. It was nice meeting you. Well, I think you'll be very capable in case something does happen so i'll just be going now. *Ex-Aid leaves*
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*Kalib's smile grows as he hears his name, but it is replaced with pain as her words are abruptly cut off and she looks away.* Ene? Are you okay? You're acting like you did back in your match. *He furrows his brow.* The least you could do is look at me when you're talking. *He'd look over to Igor.* An understatement to be sure.
*Looks at Kazuna* I'll make you lick your own ass once I punch you across the room.
Ooc: Kazuma*
*waves to Ene and klib*
*Owain finally gives Kalib a thumbs up for his information, before stepping out onto the battlefield.* Now, I shall ask once more! Who dares challenge a Chosen One, Owain Dark, to combat! With my exalted blood, none stand a chance against me and my blades! *Owain brandishes a curved, one edged blade, posing in the middle of the battlefield with his left hand over his face.*
[Kazuma dismisses him with a simply hand gesture and keeps smiling at him.] Oh~ Scary! Baldy thinks he can do shit! [Kazuma laughs more at him, still swinging a chain.] Not all that bright, are you?
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*Kalib flashes Bona and Owain both a distracted wave as his mind is elsewhere.*
Come on fool, fight me.
*Wanders on in and takes a look about...*
"Fool"? Excuse me, but do I look like a mirror to you? [Kazuma point at himself, acting as if he felt insulted.] Oh, I know! You saw your own reflection for a moment and thought you were talking to yourself! There is a mirror over there, you know? [Kazuma chuckles as he points at a nearby mirror.]
*waves at mig*

*Her eyes take on a pained look* *She crosses her arms and continues to look away* I don't see why your so desperate for me to look at you friend! *A frown forms on her face* It's kind of creepy how you always seek my attention. Can't you just leave me alone! *A tiny black snake appears out of her hood and glares at Kalib* *She begins to tremble* All I need is Snake-chan! No one else!
Hmm.... I guess I could do with a fight. Gotta stay sharp until Black-haired Yu needs me.
[Emu approaches Kalib and Ene with a strange looking stethoscope pulled out] Trembling? Does she have it? Excuse me, I'm a doctor and I think your friend here might be sick!
I'm pretty sure I'm talking to you, broccoli hair. *Points at his green hair* You're just using your own words to emotionally hurt me, instead of actually using your weak fists to actually hurt me.
*enters in and rings the counter bell* Anyone here?
*Owain takes a seat, crisscross applesauce in the middle of the battlefield. He coughs to gather attention.* Excuse me, hello, master Swordmaster willing to fight, right here! Or what, are you people too scared to fight me?

*She venomously looks at Ex-Aid* I'm not sick you dummy! *Her trembling becomes more pronounced* Just tired of dealing with all you idiots!
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*He'd reel from the comments before staring at the snake.* Do you...do you really believe the words coming out of your mouth? *His face riddled with pain, he awaits any type of reply.*
"Broccoli hair"? Seriously, that's all you have? [Kazuma sighs and shakes his head with disappointment.] So not only did you lose your hair, you also lose your brain. Huh, go figure, baldy. [Kazuma keeps chuckling.]
*A man with brown hair and a coat then walks into the gym through the hole in the wall, yelling at Ex-Aid You never learn do you intern? Don't get so close to the patients, at any rate the Bugster virus doesn't seem to be present here.
[Seeing Ene's stressed reaction, Emu decides to examine her from a distance. He takes out the strange stethoscope and holds it up to her as a hologram image appears followed by a live video of the wall behind Ene.] Huh? What? Why can't I get a read on her at all? What exactly is she?
[Emu notices Hiiro and looks over to him] I already figured that out, but I'm not to abandon a patient regardless of their condition! Even if I don't know what's wrong I will save them!
I still have my brain up here you know, also I may have no hair, but I still don't have a big ego like you.
.... Did I make a wrong turn and end up at a hospital instead of the GYM?
I'm fairly certain they are fine Intern, I thought you were the one that was good at reading people? Its cleary not a disease, unless you call love a disease, in which it is.
*he waits patiently to get a moment with Kalib for something or other*
Also, I came here to fight, not get my time wasted by you running your big ass mouth at me.
*Owain eventually curls up into a little ball on the battlefield, laying on his side, almost crying.*
You say that as if it was something BAD. Really, it hurts me, right here. [Kazuma points at his chest.] And I can't really believe anything you say when you clearly forgot to turn that gray matter of yours on.
Now I'm gonna say it again, who wants to fight me?
[Cloud enters the building and would push past the crowd and enter the arena.] My my, busy night in there. Oh? [He notices a man sitting crisscross apple sauce in the middle of the grounds. Confused, he walks over.] Hey there! What's going on?
Oh, mig, you said you wanted to fight someone? I'm down!
[Emu get's flustered at Hiiro's words before backing away from Klib and Ene.] I see, sorry to have troubled you then. I just needed to make sure, I wouldn't want someone to suffer because I did nothing.

*Ene once again looks up at Kalib with hatred in her eyes* I - *She suddenly falters with a lost terrified look in her eyes* *She tightly hugs her body with her own arms as if to stop the trembling* P-Please ... *The look quickly fades as if it never existed and her expression once again sinks into a glare* I believe in every single word I just said ... Friend. *Snake-chan makes his way to the top of Ene's hood and sits there staring at Kalib.*
*Owain stands up when Cloud approaches him, and loses his depressed look, posing once again with his left hand over his face.* Haha! I knew someone would want to challenge me, the Chosen Hero! What say you to a 1 one 1 sword duel, my spiky haired opponent?
*Brave then sighs, taking a seat somewhere and bringing out a small pink box, setting it down and pulling out a strawberry shortcake You know, if you keep this up you'll always be an intern, just remember that you aren't supposed to but into everything you see. Getting attached to patients is dangerous.
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*Kalib smiles as he looks at Ene.* Alright then. Fair enough. *He'd look up to the snake with a quiet inferno welling in his eyes.* I guess this is goodbye for now. *Kalib would sigh before moving over to a quiet corner and waving over Igor.*
[Ex-Aid looks over to Brave with a scowl] Caring for patients is what it means to be a doctor to me. I've already told you that, that's why I need to make sure every one of my patients has a smile on their face or I've failed as a doctor.
Chosen hero huh? [He'd let out a laugh before pulling the Buster Sword off his back and pointing it at the man.] Sure. I, Cloud Strife, challenge you to a match!
*he goes to Kalib and pulls out a metal cube with slots and blue etchings on it* I have recently developed another means to win our fight. This allows me to take on another form that vastly enhances my physical capabilities.
*Waiting for an opponent*
*Brave then pulls out a knife, perfectly cutting the cake into pieces with a single stroke, leaving a flash of light while cutting, moving so fast its hard to realise what just happened as he smiles at Ex Aid before taking a bite. Hah, good to know you haven't changed Intern, I was worried you were someone else, this world is very strange, apparently it's some form of multiverse that anyone can get sucked into, we must be on alert for threats.

*She remains seated with a dark scowl on her face* So much for nice guy being a friend ... *Her eyes take on a yellow tone as Snake-chan leans down and flicks his tongue at her* *She pets Snake-chan a bit on the head as she stares at nothing* Oh Snake-chan you really are the only being I can rely. I don't know why I ever bothered with the rest.
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*He takes this information in for a moment.* Sorry...you did what?! That's phenomenal! How does it work?! *Kalib clasps a hand over his mouth as to keep himself quiet.* Sorry about that, this is just amazing though!
*Owain unsheathes a blade of his own, a long curved sword with a single edge, and brings it up against Cloud's.* Fantastic! Er, I mean, it's foolish to believe you can beat me, Strife! However, I accept your challenge! Let the match begin! *Owain quickly backs away from Cloud the moment he finishes speaking, before readying his blade for an attack from him.*
*Perks up and starts listening.... closely to something.*
Aw fuck it. *Leaves the GYM*
*he glances around before whispering* It's not safe here, do you have somewhere more private we can discuss this?
[Ex-Aid's scowl changes to a smile before responding to Brave.] It's good to see you haven't changed either and I've already seen some weird things here. There was another me and I didn't even use the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat. Also, you said there's no Bugster here? Well, that's a relief at least, might make keeping people safe easier if that's the case.
Good! Now then what to use....what to use... [He quickly loads his Buster Sword with a red and blue orb, as Owain stands ready.] Sorry about that! But now then... [Cloud would begin to rush forwards, almost howevering above the ground. He'd then hold his blade along his body and use it to slam into the waiting Owain.]
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*Kalib thinks for a moment before snapping his fingers.* Ah! The doctor has a lab downstairs, we could use that. *Kalib would lead the way to a service elevator and call it with a key. He would wait for the doors to open and get in, waving for Igor to follow.*
*Brave then continues to eat his cake, eyeing the strange cube and taking a look into his pockets, switching between the cube and his pockets before responding to Ex Aid Another Ex Aid? Hmm, I do recall seeing another one.. ah, there is also a Genm walking around. at any rate even though the threat of Bugster isn't here that doesn't mean they are completely safe, I recently fought off some strange shadowy creatures, with people that could use magic, summoning what seemed to be people from within them. Perhaps this place has harnessed the virus? Ive tried to contact the Ministry but nothing seemed to have worked.
*he gets in the elevator* Is the lab fairly big?

*Her dark scowl only grows wider as she makes for the door* I've had it with people for a while. From now on it's only you and me Snake-chan! *She walks out the door*
*Owain uses his own blade to clash up against it, trying his best to hold his ground. Using the large side of Cloud's sword, Owain hurdles over it and Cloud, before slashing at him from behind.* Such a large weapon is not so easily dealt with, however my intense training and experiences have allowed me to understand all types of weaponry! Er, except those "gun" things. I don't get those...
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*He places his key into an opening and turns it. The elevator doors close as they descend.* Oh boy you're in for a treat. *As the doors open, the pair are greeted by a futuristic looking laboratory with all manners of machines and tools. At the back of the room would be a large testing chamber.* And here we are. *Kalib steps into the lab.*
[Ex-Aid looks shocked to hear about people summoning other people and using magic] Eh? Just what kind of world is this? And here I thought I might finally get a vacation with no Bugster around. Even the ministry is out of contact, too. This seems like it's turning into a nightmare.
*he goes into the testing chamber and puts the cube on his waist before it becomes a belt* Tell me, have you ever worn armor that could triple your own strength?
[Cloud smirks through the pain as a slash is delivered to his back.] Clever. And guns aren't that hard to understand...but I feel this isn't the best time for that... [While speaking, Cloud put his sword on his back and posed with his arms outstretched and fingers pointing at Owain, a yellow light forming around Cloud.] THUNDAGA! [A torrent of lightning would come from the skies and strike the area around Owain, and hit him if he isn't quick enough.] Mind the zap.
Like I said Intern this apparently is a multiverse that pulls in people, I find it hard to believe too but take a look around you, these people are not normal, they all seem to have some special power, *Brave then finishes his cake, putting away his scap- I mean knife and throwing away the box, continuing to speak Good news for us though is that they aren't completely helpless, they seem to be able to fight all on their own so we wont have to deal with every problem,
Well.... I guess he noticed.... too late, though~ *twirls a bracelet on her finger before looking around at the empty waiting area* .... I'm not gonna get to fight tonight....
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T-triple? I've had things enhance my attack by a large amount before, but that's only my trident...and only when I'm on Death's door. *He watches Igor with curiosity.*
*he slides an aquamarine object into one of the slots on his belt* Well then! Prepare to be amazed! *he flips the lever on the side of the belt* Henshin! *the belt itself begins to play a jingle* "Dimensional Ride! Aqua Fighter! The Steady Road!" *the belt emits blue particles of light which begin to merge into pieces of armor which snap onto Igor. Soon he is covered head to toe in a light blue armor* Well? At least it's got a look to it?
*Owain doesn't see the lightning coming, and takes the zap fully. Lucky, he has a natural resistance to magic, although it still hurt.* Ah, so you're a Mage Fighter, eh? Or perhaps a dismounted Dark Knight? Although, I see you use no tome... Is that what those orbs were? Anyways, let us continue! *Owain once again backs off, switching swords to a yellow hilted, double edged blade with square grooves in one side the blade.*

[Ex-Aid starts sprinting for the door] Well, if that's how it is, then I'm going to try and take a look around for some answers. [He hits his foot on the way out and can be heard complaining about the pain for a minute through the broken door before he once again sprints off]
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*Kalib takes off his glasses in shock.* Woah! That's amazing!! *He'd put the glasses back on as he walks around Igor, inspecting the armor.* And this boosts offensive capability threefold?
Well, at least MY offensive capability. And it's not just that! It's my overall strength that is enhanced! Needless to say it's a fair advantage in this insane world.
*Brave then puts his hand to his face, covering his eyes and shaking his head before smiling and muttering to himself That Intern... good thing he never changes, who doesn't need a good hearted person?
[Cloud snaps his fingers with a pout.] Well, it was worth a shot. [He pulls the Buster Sword off his back once more and stares at the red orb, before assuming a proper stance. He speaks in a hushed tone that Owain could still make out.] Not yet. I don't wanna waste my reserves buddy. [He looks towards his opponent with a smile.] I don't know what you'd call my class...I'm just a guy with a dream and a sword to protect it with. [He'd dash forwards once again, however this time he would jump into the air and bring his blade down with and overhead vertical slash.]
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So what else can this thing do? And what was that object you put in it? *Kalib pauses.* Maybe I shouldn't bombard you with questions...
*he takes out several more objects* No need to worry! These are "Keystones". They allow me to take on a different form based on their color. As to what else this thing can do... I should really just show you! *he slides out the blue keystone and replaces it with a purple one, shortly after he flips the lever and the belt comes to life* "Dimensional Ride! Murasaki Blaster! Might of Kings!" *the armor changes to a hue of purple, but the plating is noticably thinner around the torso and thicker around the hands and feet, one hand becoming a cannon.* Does this chamber have any targets I can use?
*Owain quickly brings the grooved edge of his blade up to block the slash, putting the two into a swordlock once Cloud lands.* Ah, how unfortunate this is for you! This sword is specially designed to counter other swords! I can easily rip another's sword right out of their hands! *Owain attempts to rip Cloud's sword out of his hands by twisting the blade in his own hand, but instead it simply rips his own sword out of his hand due to Cloud's strong grip. Owain slowly backs away, seeing his sword go flying.* I-I... Gods, not many can pull that off... Drat. *He begins to unsheathe another sword, this one having a jagged blade. Sparks of electricity fly out of it.*
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Hmmm... *Kalib would leave to the previous room and go over to a drawer with a logo of a man's face printed on it. He'd return to the chamber with a handful of capsules.* The doctor won't mind...I hope. *Kalib tosses the capsules into the air and they buzz and whir in a cloud of smoke before assuming the form of 5 Buzz Bombers.* Open fire my man!
*he shoots each Bomber with a purple blast, eventually covering the area they were in with a thick smoke* I wouldn't inhale the blast fumes yet! I haven't found out if they're lethal!
[Cloud looks at the sword that lay on the ground.] Huh. Size does matter...I owe Barrett an apology. [Cloud's eyes narrow as he sees the sparks from the blade.] Great. A ribbon won't save me from that....alright let's dance! [Cloud haphazardly charges towards Owain and does a horizontal slash with his blade before he would crash into the man.]
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*Kalib covers his mouth as he moves to a panel outside the chamber and turns on the exhaust fans, clearing some smoke. He'd return with his hands in his pockets.* Probably a good idea to figure out then...so what's next! *His expression carries childlike wonder.*
Up to you! Would you like to see agility or defense? *he slides the purple object out of his belt and holds both a green and a yellow keystone up*
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Let's start with defence! *Kalib brings a hand to his chin, lost in thought for a moment.*
*Owain swiftly dodges overtop of the slash, only cutting part of his outfit that hung down, before pointing the sword at Cloud, releasing a beam of electricity that flies towards him at a high speed.* Taste the strength of my Levin Sword! And the magic of it too!
*he slides the green keystone into the belt* "Dimensional Ride! Vert Armor! An Invulnerable Brigade!" *his armor shifts from the purple state into a heavy green from with very thick plating. Igor turns his whole body to Kalib to speak* Now, if you don't mind, would you please hit me?
[Cloud is stunned by the electricity coursing through his body.] Clever....zzzt.. [He slams his blade into the ground to rid his body of the electricity.] But I can tell you're holding back something. Come on! [He rips the sword from the ground and charges at Owain again, this time slide tackling him as he gets in range and using the Buster Sword's flat face to toss him aside if he does get tripped.]
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Um...alright! *Kalib winds up with his right arm and looses a heavy straight into Igor's chest, probably breaking a few fingers from the heavy plating alone.*
*shocked that Kalib hit him bare handed he takes out the keystone and returns to his original form* A-are you okay? I should've specified "with a weapon"...Do you need medical attention?
*is seen sitting on a collapsible cheir* You two done yet?
Man, for GYM, this place is booooooring. I'll go fight some thug or something. *huffs out*
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I've suffered worse. *He holds his hand and feigns a smile.* Last is agility, right? Let's check it out!
*Taking the trip, Owain uses the forward motion of faling to swing his sword downwards towards Cloud, striking their swords against each other in a brilliant flash of sparks, and sending electricity into Cloud's sword.*
If you're sure you're fine... *he inserts a yellow keystone into his belt and flips the lever* Henshin! "Dimensional Ride! Crocean Speedster! Leave wind in the dust!" *instead of the bulkier forms prior he has a sleek yellow armor set* So how shall I test this?
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Let's see....Oh! *Kalib points to the previous room, wherein there is a heavy duty treadmill with a man's face as a logo.* The doc uses this to test his machines, this should work fine!
*he gets on the treadmill and attempts to find a way to start it up* How fast does this thing go?
[Cloud jumps to his feet and slams the sword into the ground again.] It really isn't as shocking the second time, but boy does it ever feel...not great. [A wispy blue light begins to emanate from Cloud's body, but fades quickly.] Not even close it seems. Alright, new plan! [He puts his sword on his back once more and poses, the red orb shining as yellow light encircles Cloud.] Alright pal, you're up! BAHAMUT, HEED MY CALL AND UNLEASH YOUR POWER AGAINST MY OPPONENT! [The skies grow cloudy for a moment as a roar is heard from the heavens. Suddenly, the clouds part as a dragon dives through them. The dragon would look to Cloud and then to Owain with a huff. From the beast's maw comes a fantastic light that bursts forth like a laser and ravages the arena on its way to Owain.]
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*Kalib walks over to a terminal and boots it up for Igor, setting appearing before him.* Up to Mach 4 I believe...the doc is a strange fellow.
Let's just try easing up to mach 1. I wouldn't want a sudden acceleration to fling me off!
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*Kalib begins moving anything expensive out of the way of the potential flight paths Igor could take.* Smart choice....wait you can move at Mach 1?!
*he shrugs his shoulders* I dunno. When I say stop, stop. Then tell me how fast it is!
Gods, what in blazes IS that thing!? And why is it after me!?! *Owain begins running away from the laser at top speed, but is unable to avoid it. He ends up face first on the ground afterwards.* Uuuurgh... please don't do that again... *Standing back up, Owain once again readies himself for Cloud's attacks, this time switching to a blue-bladed sword with holes though the middle forming a criss cross pattern.* Behold! I shall now fight at a fuller force, Strife! Brace yourself!
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*Kalib nods.* You got it!
*he begins jogging on the treadmill, easily keeping pace*
Fine. That basically drained my mana reserves anyway! [Cloud begins strafing around Owain and launches forward again, purposely trying to get in his face. Cloud decides to test the waters with a rising slash.] Hyah!
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Systems nominal. *Kalib looks between Igor and the terminal.*
*as the treadmill picks up speed, so does Igor. He is now in a brisk jog.*
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Things are still green! Give it all you got! *Kalib cheers from behind the monitor.*
*he is now running albeit not that fast*
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Go go go!!
*he is now running with his arms extended*
*Owain holds his sword against Cloud's, rising into the air with him. He then begins to glow with a golden energy.* Now, taste my technique, Radiaaaaant..! *Owain tosses his sword into the air above the two, striking Cloud on the way up. He then launches himself off Cloud's sword to jump up and grab the sword, before bringing it back down directly onto Cloud, plummeting both of them to the ground.* DAAAAAAWN!! *As they hit the ground, Owain quickly backflips, and performs an extremely quick dash forward, seemingly passing through Cloud almost, and trying to slash him across the chest in the process.*
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Hey you look like one of those anime protagonists! *He laughs from beyond the monitor.*
*he pulls his arms forward and begins sprinting, chuckling*
(She walks into the building with a fond smile and looks around) Hello everyone how's it been going these past few days!? (Homura smiles brightly as she turns to the monitor with a flick of her hair) Oh hi Kalib, what's up with being behind that screen? (She tilts her head curiously)
[Cloud is battered by the attack and sent to the ground, and just as he rises to his feet, the next slash connects and he is tossed backwards.] Gah! [He struggles to stand and grins at his opponent, the blue light from earlier back in full force.] Owain...I have a question...what do you think about limits? [His eyes glow bright blue as he stares down his opponent.]
*he walks in and looks around* Take two om where is the manager.
*Owain stares down Cloud as well, holding up his sword.* I believe some limits are meant to be broken Strife. And I shall now break the limit of my skill! Haaaa! Shooting Star Strike! *Owain gathers blue energy in his blade, before rushing Cloud, attacking him with five quick strikes at half strength each.* I assume you were about to try and finish this, huh?
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Keep it up Igor! *Kalib blinks as he moves to see Homura.* Hey! How've you been Homura?
*he flips the lever on his belt and slows his pace but keeps his speed* Ah the wonders of science!
*watches the two swordsman deuking it out* Who uses swords now adays? *he finds a seat and sits down*
*A rift then opens in the wall, Aitome stepping out and falling onto the floor, dripping blood from his leg while getting up groaning, taking a look around with black eyes, different than his normal pale eyes Argh... is Ketob around here? This is his place right? The door is broken so it must be...
*he notices that the speed has stopped increasing and smirks beneath his mask* Have we done it?! Am I beyond Mach 1?!
(She looks over at NotIgor curious before turning to Kalib with a grin) Well I've been doing pretty well actually! Em-san gave me those neat Dust round things and they're pretty great... Even though they are for violence it's still cool. (She looks down at her feet for a moment and sighs before shrugging it off) Oh well, other than that I've just been getting pretty used to things around here and stuff ya know? (She points to the brawny man) So um what's the deal with him anyways Kalib? I don't believe I've ever met him before but... (She calls out to NotIgor in a cheerful tone) I'm Homura Akemi and it's nice to meet you!? But what are you testing out over there?
*noticing the newcomer he stumbles before regaining his pace* I'm trying to break the sound barrier!
*looks at Igor* Who are you?
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*Kalib shouts over to Igor.* We're just over Mach 1, way to go! *Kalib looks over to Homura again.* Long story short, he's a friend with a hell of a brain. *Kalib finally looks to Aitome.* What's up Ai? And why are you bleeding?
*he lets out a big "whoop"* Alright we can stop now!
On foot!? (She stares at him in shock for a second before noticing the odd costume) So does that armor have anything to do with it then? I mean my costume gives me powers too so... That looks like something that would honestly! (Her eyes light up as stares at the armor longingly) Heh, it kinda reminds of some shows I used to watch actually...
*Aitome then stands up, slouching slightly and limping over to a chair turning to Ketob Ah, I was worried you wouldn't be around, well ill cut to the chase, this will probably be the last time you see me around, I have to leave to leave the Nexus, its probably for the better... all I do is bring trouble anyways... you don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine. Oh Muscly Guy, I suppose the same goes to you, the Nexus shall no longer be my home.
Methinks not knowing the cause of this decision is for the best.
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*Kalib slams the stop button and looks to Aitome.* Explain. Now.
"Walks in" Hello!
*seeing the tension he dashes out almost as swiftly as he ran on the treadmill*
[Cloud tries to parry the slashes as they come but after the second slash, he is put on the back foot and gets slashed something fierce and is tossed around, struggling to stay upright.] Okay....first of all... [He spits out some blood and wipes his mouth.] That was my line and second of all... [His eyes flash bright blue again.] My turn! OMNISLASH VERSION X! [Cloud is coated in blue light as be bounds towards Owain, he opens with a rising strike and would leap into the air, chasing Owain and slashing him from every possible angle. Faster and faster before finally slamming him into the ground and launching a blade beam after him.] That's....a limit break... [Cloud would proceed to fall backwards on the ground as he lands., visibly exhausted.]
I suppose I do owe you a bit of an explanation, if you already know my backstory than half of it is already said, my past is coming at me again, they want vengeance... and they aren't gonna stop until they get me, I don't want to cause you trouble so this is the best course of action. By the way got any bandages or something? Magic doesn't seem to heal this wound...
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*Kalib looks at his own broken hand.* Leo. Thermopylae's Vigor. *Leonidas appears in silence as Kalib and Ai are brought back to full health. Kalib looks disappointed.* So what Ai? Ya think people here won't help you? You're past is just that...the past....you at least have one to speak of! *He shouts momentarily before calming himself.* Look. Just...don't die okay?
*Owain ends up getting slashed intensely from his limit break, a bit too tired from his last attack to properly block him, even if it did heal him a bit. After being flung around by Cloud's sword for a good while, Owain plops onto the ground, battered and bruised, but still breathing.* G-good stuff, man... I'm digging the name, too... *Owain closes his eyes while laying on the ground and relaxes, clearly done.*
I get it... I know people will try to help but, I dont want to cause trouble, I'm afraid someone is going to die for me and... I don't want any more blood on my hands. *The wound on his leg gets healed before opening again, the blood dripping seems thick and dark, the area around it is blackened, as if it was charred
(The young girl nods along with Kalib before chiming in herself) I'm not really sure who you are but Kalib is right! You shouldn't just give up and run away no matter what happens! (Homura gives Ai an oddly concerned look and her voice is perfectly even) I may not know you but I do know that nobody should have to run from their past... It's terrible the things that happen isn't it? But in the end running away from the past won't help. (She pauses and looks down for a moment before turning back to him) Mine isn't really happy either but even so that's no reason to give up hope or just run away! All we can do is stick with our friends and try to make the world a better place! (She smiles at Ai kindly) Well that's what I think anyways...
It isn't mine originally...but thanks...your moves were killer too! You'd have made it into SOLDIER for sure! [Cloud laughs as he stares into the sky.]
Heh... I wish it were that simple, but it really isn't, I've already accepted what I have done, its the fact that they havent, the group I have done horrible things to, as well as this, it doesn't bode well to me... *Aitome then points at hit eyes, darkness seems to cloud his eyes, as a pale color struggles to stay in focus, My eyes are turning black, last time this happened was when I lost my personality...
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*Kalib moves to the other side of the lab and grabs some equipment for stitching. He moves back over to Aitome and takes a knee.* Tch. You're already making me work. Now look away or something. And don't move.
Aincrad walks in whistling. "Heyoo people's wha-" he notices Aitome and walks over. "Sis I'm glad to see you up an-" he then notices the eye and the wound. "And what now?"
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*Kalib grunts.* Sounds like you've personality to spare. And what's gonna happen when you lose yourself? I missed the last time...
S-sorry.. I just wanted to let you know, it isn't right to just disappear, and don't worry about me, Tormention can help me ignore it, Basically I had to fight to get it back, it wasn't pleasant but it worked out in the end I suppose... *The pale part of Aitome's eyes then turn blue, however the darkness has much surface area than the blue, the colors clash and swirl, as if they are fighting then turning to Mr.Carnival Oh... hey there Mr.Carnival, I'm leaving the Nexus soon, I can't stay here.
Thanks... I've been studying some sword techniques from different ages, actually... Well, I think I'll just lay here a while, and go home later... *Owain splays himself across the ground.*
Aincrad stands in front of Aitome and looks into his eyes for several long moments. "I'm not going to stop you... but I want to know that you're doing it for the wrong reasons. I don't know what, but whatever it is that's scared you enough to run... I hope you face it and beat it. I wouldn't worry about us, we have gods on our side, so just watch your back." Shadow forms solid and hugs Aitome hard, kissing him on the cheek. "Sis, I love you, and I want you to stay as safe as possible, alright? You're never alone. Please... I don't want to lose you... so live." Aincrad nods. "And with that hand over your phone and the Nexite crystal."
Haha! I think I will too...I can't be bothered to move and grab some healing Materia...and the grass is nice... [He puts his arms above his head and stretches out his legs.]
Now your making me regret doing this... but I dont feel like its right to face it, I'm more worried about why my eyes are changing, it can only mean one thing, and I dont want to hurt anybody, its... its better if I leave... *Aitome then bites his lip as he pulls out a blue crystal, handing it to Mr.Carnival Here, I don't have a phone, never got around to getting one in hind sight I really should have...
Aincrad raises his eyebrows and attaches the crystal to the inside of his phone then hands it to Aitome. "My personal number is already in there. It should reach out to any dimension. Specifically my phone, no matter where you are." Shadow holds Aitome's hand. "Stay with us then. You'll be safe, and we could help to make sure that you don't hurt anyone."
*Aitome then takes the crystal, putting it into his pocket as he responds again, looking down at the ground, before looking back, eyes and hair going pitch black You... Your going in my way. *Aitome then spreads a tendril of dark energy at Onni-chan, pushing him back, before clutching his head, slowly but surely pushing it back until his hair is pale again, eyes still somewhat black, standing with his back to the duo, slouching over Thats what I mean... I cant stay here... the influence seems to get stronger the longer I stay... I'm sorry... do tell everyone else for me alright? I'll leave this card here... *Aitome then drops a card, detailing the events and why hes leaving before opening a rift with his blade, stepping towards it
Aincrad picks up the card as Shadow disperses. "Please... just call sis. We do love you, and we don't want to see you hurt..."
Just... just leave me alone... *Aitome then looks behind one last time, eyes pale as he frowns, looking down, I... I love you alright? Just... I can't tell what I want anymore... I suppose this is goodbye... *The dark color then seems to regain ground as he steps into the rift, closing it immediately after entering
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*Kalib shakes his head.* Damn it all. This is why I live in the present. I don't have a past that I can remember and it hasn't affected me yet. Hmph. *Kalib returns to the terminal he was working at and prints off some statistics.*
Aincrad sits down and sighs. "And there goes my spirit..."
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*Kalib shakes his head again as he prints off the stats.* Alright. Time to skeedaddle. *Kalib would open the service elevator doors and have everyone follow him upstairs as to get away from the atmosphere of the lab.*

*Alice finds her way into the GYM. Whereas before she'd just open the front door normally she'd instead kick it open but not hard enough as to break it as is a common occurrence around here. Why she's opened the door this way has yet to be determined but she doesn't seem too comfortable as she winces while working her way towards the counter. By now her tournament fight would have been over with.* Damn pain... Kalib are you around here?
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*A whistle rings out from behind Alice as Kalib gets out of the service elevator.* Yo! Fancy meeting you here! *Kalib flashes a smile as he walks across the room and slides in behind the counter.* You were amazing in your fight by the way! *He grins as he leans against the counter, his expression genuine yet tired.*

I'd rather not speak about the fight Kalib... especially considering the sorry state I was in after the fact. So what's been happening here? *Alice wobbles back and forth, her sense of balance clearly absent but it's more surprising that she can stand at all after the beat down she had received. She keeps her arms away from the counter as she doesn't seem to keen on putting pressure on them.*
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*Kalib would reel and bow his head.* I'm sorry...that was insensitive. *He raises his head and smiles weakly.* Let's see...a lot happened here....I think a friend is being manipulated...another friend is leaving due to their past... *Kalib's eyes grow weary as he speaks and tears begin to well up in his eyes. He quickly wipes his eyes and looks away.*

*At first Alice followed along and expected some sort of punchline along the lines of "Just another day in the Nexus," but upon noticing Kalib's quick shift in mood she'd frown. Even if she might not know the people in question personally she knows that they at least have some sort of impact on her friend as to warrant pity from her.* Oh dear... I'm guessing there's little we can actually do to change their fates huh? I'm sorry to hear the bad news.
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*Kalib sighs and looks back to Alice.* I want to save them...but I'm always to powerless to do anything alone... *He makes a fist with his right hand before relaxing it.* I can't do anything without my friends...but I want to change that. I want a world where I can take people's pain away with my own power. *He looks at Alice with a strange look in his eyes.* I'm tired of being too weak to fight fate.

*She couldn't help but smile after hearing Kalib vent.* What a noble goal to set Kalib. Just imagine what kind of world we'd be living in if you really could something of the sort. *Her smile turns more into a grin now as she becomes self-aware at how patronizing her next few words might seem.* But who are we to have that kind of power? Don't you think fate is fate for a reason? Maybe you should just be happy with what little help people like me and you can provide.
(She very slows emerges from the basement and looks over to Alice) Oh hi Alice how's it going? (She smiles at the older girl and waves) I'm sorry about the other night... (She looks down at her feet) Um ya know the whole running out the door thing? (Homura bows to the girl and then looks up in apology) Uh anyways... It's good to see you again! (She chirps at the girl as her voice goes a bit higher than normal) And um how've you been lately Alice?
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*Kalib winces at the last words.* You're right. Who am I to have that power? And I am more than happy where I am now. *His eyes narrow.* But I will not accept fate. Life is just too unfair, and if I can help people more by taking on fate. I don't care what god or demon damns me...I don't want to be a hero...I just want to save everyone...I don't care how greedy that makes me or how despicable I am in the eyes of those who adhere to the will of fate. This is my dream, as damned as it may be...it's all I have...

*Once Homura had made her presence known, Alice would turn to face her. She wipes her grin away and smiles brightly.* Well if it isn't Homura! It's good to see you too but I wish I could say I was doing better. Haven't had much luck in fights lately and it would seem that things aren't too swell around these parts either. *After addressing Homura she'd turn her attention back to Kalib who has since given her a particularly interesting answer.* No wonder you're so well liked Kalib-kun. To put yourself before others is a rarely seen and under appreciated trait, not to mention one that the Nexus residents may even be lacking in. If that's what you wish to do then I see no reason you shouldn't be able to do it. As for defying your fate... Well I guess we can leave it to chance if fate isn't your kind of thing.
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*Kalib breathes deeply and attempts to calm himself.* Sorry about Alice, and thank you. I'm sure most people would've scoffed at my naivete... *He smiles warmly, the nights events still weighing on.* You did make a lot of good points, can we...talk about this again some time? If you don't mind that is! *He turns to see Homura and offers her a smile, trying to hide any pain on his face.* Oh! Hey there welcome back Homura!
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OOC: *sorry about that Alice Rip

OOC: Get kek'd *Alice rubs the back of her head shyly. Usually when she has a conversation she comes off as more empathetic and understanding, so to not only break character but then be requested to break it again catches her off-guard. It's especially surprising after considering how Tatsuya had responded to a similar comment about fate.* Uhm... Really? I mean, I guess if you want to we can but I suppose I'll have to start showing my face around here more often huh?
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*Kalib sees an opportunity to lighten the mood and takes it.* A face that ain't to hard on the eyes either, hehe! *He lets out a small laugh and grins at Alice.* I'd like to see you around more often though! How else are we gonna have another match if you don't come back? *He winks at Alice, still wearing his grin.*
(he tilts her head at him with a questioning look) Welcome back? I've been here the whole time though... Even if it did take a while to come back out of the basement. (She shrugs and smiles at the two) Oh well no big deal... I'm not totally sure what you two are talking about, but if you're talking about Fate then... (The girl smirks at them with a vague sadness on her face) I'm not going to just accept fate, it's done me way too much harm not to try and stand against... But regardless of that you're free to think whatever you want! (She laughs and shakes her head) But ignore me rambling Kalib, Alice, I'm glad to hear you'll try be around more Alice... I hope we get more of a chance to talk from that! (Homura beams up at the older girl)

*She couldn't help but blush brightly from the suggestive comments, even if she knew they were all just in teasing, good fun. This only made her flustered.* Y-you really want me to beat you up that badly huh? *She'd suddenly grin as she performs a tactical reversal!* My I would've never pictured you as the submissive type Kalib. Hehehe, anyway I think I should take my leave here. Lots of recovery to do and... I guess preparations would be a good way to put the second thing. If you intend to "defy fate" for your friends or whatever then be sure to come find me if you need another teammate. *With a nod she'd head toward the door and kick it open with her foot.* G-gah... stupid sore muscles. *And then she was gone.*

*Suddenly Alice would appear once more, clearly embarrassed from how she completely blew off Homura.* A-ah and sorry Homura-chan I kind of just... got absorbed in the moment. I'll see you around as well! *Now she's gone.*
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*Kalib stands blushing and bamboozled.* What a gal...putting me on the back foot like that....a tactical genius to be sure! *He shakes his head and looks to Homura.* And it's nothing...don't worry Homura! Hey, how goes the witch hunts?

OOC: Don't mind me. Just making sure I can still post.
(She shrugs and smiles at him) I've been doing pretty well I guess... At the very least I've managed to not get killed so yeah I'm doing great! (Homura like down at her feet clearly uncomfortable with the topic at hand)
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*Kalib scratches the back of his head and looks away.* Uh....sorry....how is Madoka? That's her name right?
*Homura walks over the broken door and glares at everyone* I have once again sensed a disturbance. *She notices her younger self and sighs* Figures.
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*Kalib returns the glare to the new Homura.* Oh joy...welcome back to GYM, Homura...
(She nods cheerfully and looks up from the ground) Yeah she's been doing pretty well! I mean getting her out can be a pain sometimes but I think she's starting to get used to this place now! (Homura looks at him with a sly grin and a spark in her eyes) Oh by the way? Ever get around to taking that advice about... Ene, yeah Ene-chan! (She looks at him curiously as her lips twist upward into a foxy grin)
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*Kalib's face takes a pained expression.* Well...I spoke to her...she just hasn't been herself lately...haha!
*She takes an impassive look around the place* I see this location is as lively as ever. *Her eyes meets Kalib's and then she returns to looking* And the owner is the same as ever. *She then takes a seat* You two can calm down I simply came to watch.
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*Kalib sighs.* You're right...jumping to conclusions isn't beneficial. I apologize. *He walks over to the fridge and turns back to the pair of girls.* Anyone care for a drink?
*the lone ranger thought of throughout history, a warrior so device nobody knows his true name, a hot stud with the ass to match. That man walks in.....it's ken* Yo! Long time no see, klibby, Homura!
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*Kalib waves over to Ken.* How about you? Drink?
(Homura shakes for a moment as her older self... Before calming herself a bit and turning back to Kalib) Um what do you mean not herself Kalib... Did something happen to Madoka? (Homura looks at him with a worried face as she fiddles with her thumbs) I'm not really sure why you'd say that but um if you know anything about her please tell me!
Sure, I can do that! *Ken begins to walk over but trips and falls on his face* ..a.a..........fuck....... *He gets up and continues to walk over*
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*Kalib waves away Homura's concern.* No no silly! I meant Ene, your Madoka is fine!
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*Kalib slides a cherry sport drink down the counter to Ken.* Nice to see you around pal, how ya been?
*She looks down at her fingernails* I would like some soda please.
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*Kalib grabs a soda brand soda and brings it over to Homura the older.* Here ya go ma'am!
I've been good, I fully enacted the stem system just in time for the next addition to the nexus, the evil within 2!
*he takes a sip of his drink because he forgot to do so in the other post*
(The girl sighs in relief... Before looking only slightly less worried than before) Oh something is wrong with her? Is there anything I could do to help Kalib!? (She smiles at him in an attempt to be reassuring) I'm not sure what there might be but if I can help you Kalib then please let me know!
*She accepts the soda with a slight smile* Thanks you. It appears that kindness is still a virtue
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*Kalib grins at Ken.* I have no clue what that means, but I'm glad things are going well. *He would turn back to Homura the younger and smile softly.* No worries, I think I can handle taking the bad influence out of her life, but I'll certainly call you need be! *Lastly he would grab a bottle of water for his own and crack it open, taking a sip. He walks over to Homura the older and leans in front of her.* Hey, I ain't in the business of being rude to women for the hell of it. But I gotta know, what's your goal? What do you want?
(The girl yawns as her hand raises to cover her mouth before rubbing her eyes tiredly) Well if you think it'll be fine then alright Kalib... Now if you'll excuse me I need to head out for the night. (Homura stumbles out the door clearly in need of sleep... Actually walking through the streets like a normal person rather than her usual leaping on rooftops)
*Wanders back on in through last night's hole* And now it's empty....
*Gamma seems to have quietly made his way to lean against a wall shortly behind Migrant* Hope you weren't expecting a welcoming committee. Personally I like it a little more.... Private here.
Huh? *spins around* Gamma...?
*Gamma chuckles a little, and begins tossing a small share of ice and catching it* You sound surprised. Were you expecting someone else? Regardless of what you may think of me, I AM still around. It was only inevitable we'd end up meeting.
Meeting at an empty GYM is awful suspicious, though. Were you following me or something?
*Entering, Robin took a glanced around before smirking at Mig and Gamma* Ey, you two were here huh?
*Gamma shrugs before grinning at Mig* Believe it or not my life doesn't revolve around you. I doubt anyone else's does really, but that's beside the point. *Gamma sighs and shakes his head, glancing between both Robin and Migrant* Believe it or not this place has become one of the few peaceful places left for me. *chuckle* I can't even get injured without some dramatic revelation anymore
*Cheerfully wrapping an arm around Gamma and Mig, Robin grinned* Man, it's been awhile since I've seen you guys.
You'd think this would be one such place for me, but... Lately my troubles even seem to be following me here. It's all this stupid war's fault.
*Gamma seems to shrink a little at Robin's touch, he tries to back away from the other two* Remember what I said about touching me? I wouldn't advise doing it. You two just.... Talk about your war or whatever.... I'll.... Just.... Be out of the way. Alright?
All about troubles huh...? *Breaking away from the two, Robin paced a few feet away, drawing his katana* You guys want to vent?
No, really. I'm fine. You two have fun.. I'll just get out of your way. *Gamma walks over to lean against an open spot on the wall and watch*
Hmph, Gamma's afraid he'll loose to the upgraded me.
Unlike some people I don't have some childish need to prove myself. Call me a coward if you wish, it doesn't bother me.
What-uh-well..... it's not childish! Come on, Robin.
*Robin sighed before pointing his katana to the floor, stance slightly easing...* A verbal conflict, great..
*Junpei then heelies into the GYM, crashing into a weight lifting bench before getting up and moving over to Gamma Gak! Yo! Whats up bro!
It's no verbal conflict, Gamma's just wrong.... I'd rather fight here than have to fight for real, but Yu and his stupid boss makes me...
*Gamma is inspecting the shard of ice in his hand when Junpei comes up to him* Nothing much Junpei. I'm participating in a tournament, even won my first round, kinda. So I suppose I'm doing well overall.
*Robin grimaced before patting Migrant on the shoulder, a smile on his lip* Try not to worry about it, just try to relax and let it go away for the moment. Have some fun
Wow! Sounds great! Wish I could have seen it! What do you get if you win the tournament? Maybe a year supply of ramen? Or infinite manga?
*shrug* The organizer's offering any three wishes to the winning pair. I'm pretty sure it's a con, but if he's serious you could get both of those and more.
Relax.... yeah.... I think this is wearing on Shaigis, too, but.... well I can't do much for her. Anyway....
What! Wishes?!? Dude you could wish for anything you wanted! What are you gonna do with them? I can't even imagine what I would do with a wish!
*Grinning at Migrant, Robin patted her on the shoulder* So, what do you want to do? We don't have to spar ya know..
Like I said, I'm pretty sure the wish thing is a lie to get more people to fight. So I'm not basing my plans on having some magic wish.
Well we don't have to, but I kinda want to... I know, it sounds hipocritical if I just want this stupid war to end, right?
Aw, come on dude! Let's have some fun! Let's just say that you are granted a wish! What would you do with it! Imagine it man! Anything in the world at your fingertips!
*02 enters in her rarely used male form, and approaches Mig* Geez Miggy, I turn my back, and you're already hitting on other guys. *there's a playful look on his face, showing he's obviously joking around*
*Gamma looks up at the ceiling, still holding his shade of ice* If it were real? I don't know. I suppose I'd just give all three to my partner. He'd probably have a better use for them than I would.
*Robin grinned before taking a few steps back* Sure, let's spar... *Hearing Shaigis, Robin looked over to him* Hmm..?
Huh? S-Shaigis?
Aw, that's kinda boring! Come on, dude! Play along for a bit, will you? If you could have anything in this world what would it be! What if your teammate wants you to give you something?
*he fakes a hurt look* Wow Miggy, forgetting about me already... *he then does a dramatic turn and faces Robin* As for you birdboy....I give you a thumbs up.
No, I didn't forget about you, just.... and I wasn't flirting. I was just gonna spar with Robin....
*Gamma sighs and shakes his head, looking back down at his shard* Look, if I even had a wish, wouldn't that be a little personal? I don't think you can fault me for not considering it. Its not something you'd want to go out and shout if you understand.
*he gently pats Migs head* It was a joke Mig, calm down... You take things so seriously sometimes.
Aw alright! I'll stop pushing ya! Just know that im rooting for ya Gamma! You've got this in the bag! *Junpei then puts out his arm and gives Gamma a thumbs up with a big smile on his face
Well.... maybe. B-but sometimes it's justified! Like Yu, and all that.... and we're back to talking about that again..... *sighs*
*Gamma quickly backs away from Junpei* Don't tou-.... Sorry about that, just not really... Comfortable with it. Probably best if you keep your distance.
*Robin sighed before he eased his stance*
*Junpei then tilts his head at the crystal, staring at it Hmm? Is that one of those Nexus Crystals I've heard about? Are you sure your gonna be okay buddy? I wouldn't want you to get hurt! Just be careful alright?
I worry Mig... I really don't want to see you become too obsessed over revenge...because I'm the one who's supposed to hold grudges, not you.
But.... Yu hurt me. Which, sure, I could forgive. But then he also betrayed us all to Hazama. That I can't.
*Gamma looks at the shard in his hand again and laughs* Not sure where you heard about those, but no. This is just a piece of ice I made when I was bored. You can look at it if you want. *Gamma tosses the ice over to Junpei, it somewhat resembles an 8-sided die in shape, but doesn't seem to be special*
*walks in holding some knives*
*Junpei then catches it in the air, taking a look at it as his eyes widen a bit, as a light bulb lights up in his head Say this looks pretty cool! Have you ever thought of selling this kind of stuff? I could never do this with my fire! You could use this in DnD!
*Shaigis sighs, but quickly rebounds* I don't blame you... Trust me... Just don't let it take you over.
I don't think anyone would buy something so... Temporary. It is still made of ice you know? *The shard slowly begins to melt from Junpei's body heat* Only reason I can keep them for so long is I keep refreezing it. Otherwise it'd just start to go away.
Oh... *Junpei then puts the shard down outside, wiping his hands off on his coat before returning Well, it was cool while it lasted! I wonder if there is any way to make it stop melting... *Junpei then swings his cap to his side, putting his hand on his chin and thinking for a second before shrugging Welp I don't got any ideas! Im, not the smart one after all!
*Gamma chuckles for a moment* I could totally use a wish for it after I win the tournament "Oh mighty Jin, I wish for my ice to stop melting for the sake of DnD." *Gamma sighs and shakes his head* Yeah, that's every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.
Well, you could try making swords with them! Oh if you do wish for that I can get an ice sword! Wouldn't that be cool? You wouldn't have to bring any carry anything when you can make anything at any time! Come on! you gotta agree that's pretty awesome!
*Walks over to a chair and sits down, sighing* I swear, later today I'm going to just walk up to someone, punch them in the face, and fight.
Well... I have a free schedule later. So how about you punch me, I punch you, and we let the aggression just flow out.
*Gamma smiles* Well, if I'm wishing for my ice to be unmeltable I guess unbreakable's the next thing. In which case yeah, it would be pretty useful. Of course, its probably just a con, but if it actually works out I could see that being helpful.
With you? But... I mean... I've never even seen you fight. And... I mean Robin wanted to fight me but then you showed up.... and you're kinda family.
Oh yeah! That sounds amazing! Imagine making a giant ice armour and smacking shadows around! That could be pretty powerful! Or even trapping shadows in a cage! *Junpei then jumps up at the thought of all the possibilities of invincible forever ice, imagining all the shonen weapons that could be created
Yeah.... Don't go too nuts there Junpei. Whatever I make would have to be kinda small.. Or at least, definitely not armor. If its never going to melt then I'm going to need to have some way out of it. But there are some valid uses for it.
*shrugs* What can I say? I like having the element of surprise on my side. And if Robin still wants to fight you later, go for it, I'll just be your backup plan. Finally, it's not like we can't have a spar just because we're family... We aren't actually going to kill each other, plus I've always wanted to see how strong I am compared to you. Seeing as Joker can easily beat me.
Heh... well.... I guess we can see, then.

[Ex-Aid runs into the gym and looks around] Brave must have left as well. I didn't even find anything besides that dog from earlier. I wonder what he meant by shadowy monsters and people with magic powers.
Huh? You mean shadows attacking Persona users?
*Gamma steps off the wall and waves at Ex-aid* Hello.... I'm sorry, I don't think we were ever introduced. You can call me Gamma. *Gamma offers a handshake* Now then, who are you supposed to be?

[Ex-Aid looks over at Migrant.] Oh, hello there miss. Do you know something about these shadow monsters? If people are being caused trouble by them I'd like to help if I can, as a doctor that is.
Still cool! Besides, you can always take off armour right? It's a cool idea! *Junpei then turns to the doctor, looking at him Hmm, a dog? And shadows and magic?

[Ex-Aid walks up to Hamm and accepts his hand shake.] Nice to meet you! You can call me Emu. I was a doctor in my own "world" I guess. Though, I'm just an intern, to be honest, my dream is to become a doctor who can bring a smile to all their patients faces.
Low class shadows huh... God they are annoying.
I mean they don't really cause trouble a doctor can solve. Honestly they don't even cause much trouble these days. *pauses and actually thinks hard...* Actually I don't think we've had a threat that wasn't a god in.... gosh, all summer?

[Ex-Aid looks over to Migrant at the mention of the word God] God? Eh? Why does this all sound like something out of a videogame?
What's the matter? Out of your element?
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