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hey! i’m holly. i’ve been into persona for not a very long time, but better late than never, right? i’m 17, and a huge Akechi enthusiast. he may not be an innocent boy but he’s still my best boy. have a nice day! <3

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Who is best person?
Akechi &gt;:))
Happy Borth, Ryuji
happy effin' birthday to Ryuji!!
Favorite character and why? (Preferably spoiler-free please!!)
Akechi is my favorite. I have plenty of reasons- but in order to avoid spoilers, I’ll just say it simply. I found myself relating to who he is as a character, in some aspects. I can’t explain why since that would be spoiling- but I think of him as a character used for comfort and seeing him on screen brings me joy. ^^

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How did you get into Persona?
Hey! I'm new to this forum, and I'm also kind of new to Persona, so this is kinda like my way of getting to know everyone better! I don't think this post should include spoilers? <b>But please put a warning if you're gonna add one, for any reason!!</b> To start off- I was introduced to Persona years ago, but only got into it about a month ago! My friend introduced it to me in Middle School, but after Joker was announced for Smash, that's when I got interested!
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