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I'm just some drunk. Is what I'd say to normal people. in reality i'm an adventurer. the drunk kind I have a semi-mage army and the necessary things to travel to other realities and summon demons I have as much beer as a god-snek can give. an alloy suit, a lightning spear, (persona based) magic tarot cards, lots of guns, and an empty space in my heart where a persona would be

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Mmmmm Im AKF's Waifu
So, I have been informed that there are those who wish to defy their own natural habits.
<quote user="RenMamamiya">But raising that proficiency stat by creating infiltration tools is more important! I really need to finish that Yusuke confidant so I can get it over with. And then I could really train because of that Shido boss. Not to mention spending time with Iwai. And then Takemi... *rambles about the need of time to raise stats*</quote> and you taught him to do that
Star's Laboratory/Store
6 walks in and immediately notices alexei and <span class="underline">his mirror</span> &quot;Hey Alex! hey chase.&quot; 6 directs the last sentence towards the mirror
Star's Laboratory/Store
<quote user="Slenderman"><i>HEY GUYS ANYONE LOOKING FOR A FRIEND!?</i></quote>no.
The home of someone's agony
<spoiler>time to GM</spoiler> as the kushala was walking, it would hear someone crying. their crying would be traceable to a corridor to the kushala's foward-left, but first things first. a mechanical nightmare drenched in an inky substance would lunge at it, sharp blades and saws active
okaaay. better than losing $10

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just seeing whos still here
What are the Old Gods?
I heard this term also. Does it involve the Nexus?
Help me I'm blind
I can't see, so could someone help me? Where am I plz help
What is the nexus
as being new to this place, I'm confused about this &quot;nexus&quot; that is constantly being mentioned, so could someone help?
The big city
Somewhere, in Shibuya... sike!! Nope this is in New York. Tokyo isn't the only place with a mementos, so what are you waiting for? Go and adventure, play, just do something!
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