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Armory, like, maybe 13?
<i>The door to the place bursts open and a girl with short hair and a red cloak peeks in.</i> &quot;Scythes? Did someone say scythe?&quot;
Good Ol' GYM
<i>A young woman in dark clothes and a red hood had found her way into the GYM just in time to witness the coffee mans strange transformation and found herself dumbfounded.</i> &quot;I-Is this a bad time?&quot;
Bullseye's Bar
<i>Taking the soda, she glared at it for a moment before deciding to drink it. While it isn't exactly what she had wanted, the alternative to what she got wasn't exactly legal. While it was unfortunate, it was understandable. Upon hearing a voice speak up she turned slightly in Dante's direction. Though she was still hidden in the hood, her silver eyes were plainly visible, and she addressed him with a lack of interest apparent in her tone.</i> &quot;Do you always force unnecessary conversations?&quot;
Bullseye's Bar
<i>Shrouded in a dirty red cloak, a short young woman makes her way into the bar, her face is hidden by a hood. She steps by Dante, continuing to move to the far corner of the bar counter, and taking her seat. Instead of speaking up about a drink, she simply places her money on the counter and taps, not even bothering to open her lips.</i>

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