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whats up, can't member the way I found this site prolly just me being an absoloute animack

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Velvet Room Bar: Gemstone mountains
" my brain hurts*" malachite said to be funny
Velvet Room Bar: Gemstone mountains
After a while he decides to down the drink " that was..... refreshing thanks" he said happily
In the Night's Shadow
<spoiler>kk I'll slow down</spoiler>
In the Night's Shadow
<spoiler>okay</spoiler> * his emerald started to calm down* &quot; w-what the hell just happened&quot; he said while he was startled
In the Night's Shadow
&quot; Its not cosplay.... why'd you think that&quot; his crystal started glowing * he sliced the wall showing her that it was real* &quot; Run along before you get hurt&quot; his emerald started to rip his shirt from the arm and harming malachite's body &quot; AUGH&quot;
In the Night's Shadow
* a boy sith a blue hoodie enforced by metal put his good up and jumped off a roof he gingerly went into the hood of shadows and watched the conversation* &quot; interesting a criminal &quot; he tried to hide his best and pulled out his sword with no time to spare he uncovered himself from the cover of darkness
Velvet Room Bar: Gemstone mountains
he walked in maturely and sat down &quot; can I get whatever you recommend&quot; he said wondering what it would be
Velvet Room Bar: Gemstone mountains
* A boy with ocean blue hair noticed the women noticing that she was confused But he swiftly backed out the door* &quot; Hm Aki's got a bar...&quot; he never really knew Aki and just presumed that it was just a part time job
Makoto's palace
[ While his team was laying around paralyzed he had to get revenge he wouldn't give up on getting revenge, it was around 9 AM when classes start] He entered the multi-verse and Viciously pulled out his sword and his blue suit with the gem still in the middle there was an announcement saying &quot; THERE IS AN INTRUDER &quot;

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Makoto's palace
A boy with blue hair was waiting on another persona-user trying to get in makoto's palace but he knew he couldn't do it alone
ryuji's palace
&quot; huh ryuji...... palace??&quot; malachite said while activating the Nav app
sae's palace
while waiting around the courtroom malachite was waiting for his team but nobody was there yet
Fighting arena RP
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mishima I was using this site on my phone and I went horizontal and the send button was gone
Persona5 unclear to the game
I wonder what jokers real name?.
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