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the name is naho, im a ninja with a despair side, im am apart of team SNNP with pat, sanoba and naby

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Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho smiles and soon she vanishes. most likely to go to sleep</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
&quot;Oh, ok. Star. Mind if I stay here for the night?&quot; <b>Naho asked, soon slightly yawning</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho looks at Raiden</b> &quot;Nice to meet you mr, I'm Naho&quot;
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
&quot;Is there anything you want to do after this?&quot; <b>Naho asked... as she was kinda getting tired</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho sighs as she walks to Star</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho kept on looking... maybe looking for a Star shaped badge</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho started looking through the stuff (mostly jewelry) that Star had on her booth</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Naho look at the small booth and smiles</b> &quot;Wow&quot;
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<b>Soon with the shield vanishing. Naho smiles as she stands next to Star*</b>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
&quot;Alright. This will be useful. Well I'm just going to stay here with Star still&quot;

Recent topics

The Home In The Forest
*On a hill and young 16 year old female with black hair and blue eyes was sitting on top of the hill with her eyes close and her katana next to her. The female was just relaxing not worrying a thing* *The birds chirp as the female got up, picked up her katana and began to walk to the forest where her home is* *After a peaceful walk, she reaches her home. The female would look around before walking inside her home where she would make some tea, she would drink the tea and wait*
(Insert uncreative rp topic name)
*Naho is now a boy and I want to see what everyone's reaction and what happens since I cant think of a good plot*
the city (night time)
*naho was sitting on a roof of a building. she was also with sanoba who was on his computer checking the cams of the city for any crimes while naho was watch the night sky*
training in the forest
*is slashing a wooden dummy that has knight armor on* *sanoba was watching naho train and helping her find the weak points in the armor for her to strike at* *sami was training to how to deal with alot of enemies. so he was fighting naby, wolf, and boom with wooden swords*
the beach
*i was at the beach, relaxing and waiting for bona and the others*
operation (bigfoot) saving naho
(naho's pov) *is in a cell and thinks &quot;sami had putted something in me... great i dont know whats going to happen, i need to stay calm and hope for rescue to come quickly before what ever he put in me dose happen* (the team) *you all were outside of sami's newest underground base, not knowing what could happen once you head inside but one thing is for sure, you need to save naho and take down sami*
the city (the area where the gangs with battle for turf)
*is rollerskating around the city and putting posters whats going on* naby: *is also rollerskating around while putting tags of a fight of boss's gang, shiza's gang and a new gang*
the park (im not good at names)
*is sitting on a tree watching bird and everything around me... guess this is the place i need to be for now*
the fight
*is walking through the desert only to stop with my sword out* sami: guess you did came after all *laughs a bit* but this is were your life ends and maybe the true beginning of your despair life! *takes out my sword*
naho and the YANG (i had to make a pun)
*after coming out of the portal* man.. guess one day i will get reavnge on sami for killing me again.. well for now guess i should go back to the- *soon gets knocked down*
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