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Minato deserved better!

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We back!
We're back!! The phorums are back up! Time for me to never use them again!
Your Shadow Self
Personally, I think my shadow would have an obsession with not confronting anything, and it would always be seen hiding and running away, and he'd see the handmade cage he's in as some sort of paradise. For clothing, he'd probably wear very plain clothes in an attempt to not be noticed. For his domain, it'd be a twisted mix of a Garden of Eden type paradise and a wretched, maze like prison. Overall, I think my shadow would be an amplification of my escapism.<div class='edited'>(edited by inferno)</div>
happy bday inferno!
Yeah, today's Easter! We're going egg hunting later!
happy bday inferno!
Shhh we don't talk about them
Post Your Love for Admin Mishi Here.
Mishima is a gift and should be treasured

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