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Win quotes
General: &quot;Your despair... it's beautiful! Give it to me!&quot; (Perfect) &quot;You made a solid struggle, but leave the rest to the professionals. Okay?&quot; (One loss) &quot;Damn you for making me think I wasn't gonna cut it! Stay on the ground!&quot; (One loss, low HP) Tatsuya: &quot;I'll eviscerate that bond you have with my other self, and then I'll take back what's mine!&quot; &quot;Clearly you aren't just all talk. Too bad, it could've been a swifter end for you.&quot; &quot;How <b>dare</b> you get in my way?! I won't have it any longer!&quot; The Gamer Doctors: &quot;So you were one of the pests that ended up doing Earwig and Amou in, huh? I'm disappointed. Figured you'd have been tougher.&quot; Quintus: &quot;Your drive is admirable as always. And that scent from Hook is absolutely amazing! I knew you were a prime candidate!&quot; &quot;The more I push, the more you push back. Despair is truly beautiful!&quot; &quot;I suppose I wouldn't be me if I wasn't put on the back foot. I hope you and Hook are satisfied by my despair!&quot;
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>Sonorous applause erupts from the man as he violently claps his hands.</i> &quot;Now <b>that</b> is talent! It would've taken me at least three times the bullets to knock 'em dead!&quot;
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>A large man whistles as he slides into the gymnasium with a grin.</i> &quot;Yeeesh. This whole year ending thing has really hit a new low.&quot; <i>He waltzes over and grabs a seat in the second row.</i> &quot;Glad to see our brand of folk is as lively as ever!&quot; <i>He kicks his legs up on the chair ahead of him with a laugh.</i>
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
<i>Kalib laughs at the man's explanation.</i> &quot;Well then PJ, you shouldn't turn to gangs when you're not getting attention at home. There's always someone who believes in you before you take a step down the dark path of being a criminal!&quot; <i>He turns his attention back to the young man and grins.</i> &quot;I'm sure we can arrange someone to spar with you. Either Ms. Tokiwa or Ms. Ina would be suitable partners. I would partake but I'm quite weary from my travels, and my strength hasn't made it's way back to me yet.&quot;
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
&quot;Tokyo-To, huh? Another fold in his damn game again.&quot; <i>He downs the last of his drink before tossing the can behind the counter before hopping down and approaching the strange fellow.</i> &quot;I haven't had the time to really waltz around recently, but I do know a troubled youth when I see one. You don't need to dress so outlandish to get attention, I'm sure someone will like you for you!&quot; <i>He flashes the man a chilly grin before twirling around him and approaching the young man.</i> &quot;Why yes my fine fellow I do work here! The name's Kalib and I just so happen to be the owner of this wonderful establishment! Been away from home for some time but I'm back!&quot; <i>He bows with needless flourish.</i> &quot;As for what GYM is... You could think of it as just that. A gym. A place to train and reach greater heights, but not alone. GYM is focused on combat training through sparring with other GYM-goers to try and push everyone up a level.&quot; <i>&quot;With how things are going, we'll need all the able bodied people we can get...&quot;</i>
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
&quot;GAH!&quot; <i>The man rocks backwards and spits out some of his drink at the young girl's sudden words.</i> &quot;Don't sneak up on people! That's <i>MY</i> thing!&quot; <i>He regains his composure and grins.</i> &quot;You make a solid point though. Can't be hard to find the loudest looking people around town!&quot;
The GYM: Reminiscent memory's.
<i>A large man kicks open the front door allowing a dense fog to roll in along with him. The fog naturally disperses as the door whines to a close well behind him at this point.</i> &quot;Can't say the old stomping grounds have changed all too drastically while I was on my sabbatical, not that I'm unhappy with a constant in my life.&quot; <i>The man jumps up and takes a seat on the counter while eyeing up the patrons of this fine establishment.</i> &quot;Well, new faces don't hurt. So that's fine.&quot; <i>He leans back and rummages about behind the counter before sitting back up with a cherry energy beverage in hand.</i> &quot;A lance wielder huh? That sure takes me back.&quot; <i>He takes a swig from his drink.</i> &quot;He had a meddlesome weapon, caused all that self sacrifice to pay off. How pathetic.&quot; <i>He takes another swig as he eyes up the kaiju cosplayer.</i> &quot;I'm not one to kink shame but jinkies.&quot;
A Chilling Announcement
<i>A large man stands in the shadows with a sly grin.</i> &quot;Well, well, well... I suppose I'll have to do my part this time. Isn't that right you guys?&quot; <i>From within the man's coat comes a cacophony of different snarls and growls, however all of them seemed unnatural.</i> &quot;I couldn't have said it better myself.&quot;
GYM Deluxe: Late Night Brawling
&quot;Ah. Now ain't that a kick in the pants...&quot; <i>A large man halts his stride at the door, or rather, where the door should've been.</i> &quot;I figured with the big man going underground that maybe his doors would finally be safe. Glad to see nothing is sacred, makes me feel better about myself.&quot; <i>With that he continues walking aimlessly before fog descends around him. And then he was gone.</i>
Ancient ruins
<i>Amou shrieks and catches the spear cause fuck you.</i> &quot;You are very gay thanks!&quot;

Recent topics

GYM: Gauntlet of Despair
<i>GYM. The playground for all the local supernatural heavyweights to blow off some steam and better themselves and their relationships in the process. However today was different. The air was heavy around the usual hangout and the sky was filled with swirling grey clouds. The atmosphere was downright oppressive and rightly so. A bank of fog rolled its way down the street until it came across GYM. The wall of cloud stopped for just a moment before pressing itself into the building's exterior. Cloud and concrete slowly began to intertwine and coalesce into a strange swirling substance. This process continued all the way up until the building was fully converted into this strange material.</i> <i><b>CREAAAAAAAK!!</b></i> <i>Suddenly the building began to make horrifying noises. The source would come from twisting branches of corrupted concrete forming into malevolent looking growths. Each one was different in execution than the last, but each had one thing in common... they all held a sharp piece of rebar in the tips. As if on cue, the sky would open up in a seemingly endless downpour. Accompanying the harsh rain was relentless lightning strikes against the building's makeshift lightning rods. Upon walking up to where the door would be you'd notice that it too was corrupted in the same vein as the rest of the building. You get the feeling that the door may not take kindly to being kicked. It also holds a message on it that reads: &quot;It's our house now..&quot;</i>
Once Upon A Dream
<i>The city of Tokyo was oddly quiet tonight. The moon was high in the sky with a brilliant light, but on the ground there was nobody to bask in the radiance. Seemingly everyone had vanished without a trace. Cars were left unattended, businesses remained open and lit, and traffic lights never seemed to change. One very peculiar thing would be the lack of noise. There wasn't even so much as a buzz from the many lights. It was as though the world seemingly came to a halt all together. However, this wasn't meant to last. A soft melody could be heard coming from somewhere far away. Should you choose to follow the sound you'd eventually be greeted by a certain concert hall wherein the sound was coming from. The music continues to play.</i>
The Moonlit Streets of Akihabara
<i>A bank of fog rolls through the ever bright Akihabara as the full moon hangs in the night sky.</i> &quot;Termite, Flea, Louse. Come on out.&quot; <i>A voice speaks from inside the fog as it begins to dissipate. Left behind is a man that would be familiar to most, Kalib. Albeit, those who have met him properly could tell something was different this time. As the man emerges, so to do three small black orbs from a dark alley. The orbs had beady red eyes trained on the man before them.</i> <b>&quot;Hey Boss. Sorry 'bout you meetin' us like this. I reckon you'd fancy an explanation... I ain't got one for ya though. We were just up and cast out.&quot;</b> <i>The center orb speaks, larger than the other two by a small amount. Kalib would approach the two smaller orbs and place them within his coat before lifting the center orb, bringing it to eye level.</i> &quot;You and the others have grown to an extent Termite. Your circumstances are unfortunate, but we'll find a new host for you. You could be as strong as Hookworm if it weren't for your incompatible partners.&quot; <i>The man calmly strokes the orb with his left hand as he makes himself comfortable against a nearby wall.</i>
A Dream Opening
<i>As you go about your daily routine, you are surprised to happen upon an ornate envelope which is signed out to you. Upon opening the envelope you'd be met with beautiful writing dancing across the page and walled by beautiful gold margins. The words would read as follows:</i> <b>&quot;COME ONE AND COME ALL TO THE NEXITE GALA! ALL ARE WELCOME TO THE GRAND OPENING OF THE CHÂTEAU NEXITE! THE NEWEST, BIGGEST, AND MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL IN THE NEXUS!&quot;</b> <i>At the bottom of the sheet would be the address to the venue and a request that you try your best to look formal.</i> <center>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~</center> <i>To those that decided to check out the event, they would find themselves before a massive structure. Neon lights and signs adorn the some twenty story building, the most notable being the hotel's name written boldly in lights. On the ground level you'd find a red carpet laid out for all the guests to walk up. At the end of the path is a large gentleman in a white suit, standing right before the gold rimmed, glass double doors.</i>
The Sound of Silence
<i>Samuel walks the dimly lit streets of Shibuya. His hands in his pockets and a pair of ear buds placed in his ears. The people who pass him by have small black orbs roll up and into their ears.</i> <b>&quot;Ahhh! This is the life dontcha think? And to think, these sad sacks are just hors d'oeuvres before the main meal! Bahahahaha!&quot;</b> <i>The boy just shrugs as he continues down the road. His expression was a mix of several emotions, but the most notable seemed to be sadness. The boy shakes his head and quickly slaps his cheeks. Redness begins to set in and two hand marks can be seen, but he doesn't care. The boy continues to walk until he finally reaches a large building with several satellite dishes and one massive radio tower.[i] <b>&quot;Well then...let's get back on the airwaves for the last time. DJ Earworm is coming at them live!&quot;</b> [i]The pair walk into the building and make their way to the roof.</i>
Silent Night
<i>The winds begin to whip up as the moon rises into the sky. An already cold night begins to drop further and further into freezing territory as a small boy huddles inside a garbage bin for warmth. The boy, who was clutching the sides of his head while crying in pain, was only five years old. From beyond his hand, a crimson fluid could be seen leaking from his ears.</i> &quot;Where the <b>FUCK</b> did that little shit go?&quot; <i>A voice can be heard from just outside the bin.</i> &quot;I dunno man. But nobody is gonna listen to a shit like him. Let's just go before the fuzz finds us.&quot; <i>Another voice appears before the two fade away. That was the last thing he heard.</i> <center>------------</center> <b>&quot;HEY! SAMMY! HELLOOOOOOOO?&quot;</b> <i>A now adolescent boy is roused from sleep by an inner voice. He seemed to be taking a nap out on a hill in Inokashira park. He lazily stretches out and nods.</i> <b>&quot;Well what's shakin' Sammy? Other than you of course.&quot;</b> <i>The boy scratches the side of his face and merely shakes his head.</i> <b>&quot;So that's what this is. Well no worries. I told you we'd work together to meet both our goals.&quot;</b> <i>The boy sits up with a rather grim expression for a young man, however, he smiles and nods as he looks over the park. The moon looms ominously as it is reflected by the pond.</i>
<i>The Nexus is settling nicely into it's nightly routines. The wind is still and it's not terribly cold out. All is silent...or so it seemed.</i> <b>&quot;Helloooooooo Nexus! I'm your host Earworm Jim! And this is the Nexite Hot Mix! Sit down, jam out, and relax as I throw you the dopest tracks this side of the multiverse!&quot;</b> <i>A very loud and charismatic voice begins blaring from every set of speakers in the Nexus.</i> <b>&quot;Tonight is a treat from the Angel of Windy City, Wakana Sonozaki! This is her number one hit, Naturally.&quot;</b> <i>A soothing tune wafts over the airwaves and sings to the hearts of all who hear it. The tune is simple and easy enough to get stuck in your head, however that might not be the only thing that gets caught in your head.</i> &quot;So it begins. I knew that man was a good candidate.&quot; <i>A familiar looking man stands outside of the Nexite FM building. He hums along with the music and does a little dance for good measure. A thick blanket of fog descends upon the area as he dances.</i> &quot;Don't let me down, Earwig.&quot; <i>As the man speaks, several small black orbs begin seeping out of the speakers around the Nexus. Slowly but surely, the orbs would find their way into the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to miss them.</i> OOC: For your listening pleasure. https://youtu.be/HaC9CDypIpY
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