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It's been fun. https://i.imgur.com/zdqtOuB.png

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Could you be a Phantom Thief? Welcome to the Velvet Gruum
I once stole a kid's Riolu toy in elementary school so I truly believe I'm more than qualified.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
There are lots of things I'm told not to do while drinking, and strangely I always find myself doing them while drinking. Funny how that works.
Guys the phansite is dying
We have a pretty consistent regular userbase, so honestly it doesn't bug me all that much that we don't see the same amount of traffic we used to. I do sometimes sort of miss the crazy shit that seemed to happen every other week on the site, but alas.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
I would be lying if I said I was never tempted to, and if there's one thing I never, ever do; it's lie. With that said, the thread is safe. For now. We'll see how I feel after a few New Year's shots.<div class='edited'>(edited by hazama)</div>
ITT: We write a generic anime op one line at a time
Stop bumping shit you gosh-darned good-fer-nuthin' hoodlum.
Do you honestly think the phantom thieves are Just?
I didn't say they weren't doing anything good. At all. Are their methods sketchy? Absolutely. Are they using those methods to stop people that are definitely worse than them? Sure. I was only presenting the possibility that the ends don't always justify the means. In the real world, not everyone is as cartoonishly evil as Shido or Kamoshida. Would it be okay for them to risk turning a real person into a vegetable and completely change the way their brains are functioning in order to force them into confessing to their crimes? Another point, who would even be considered a target for them? The bad ending makes it pretty apparent that they very much have the capacity to go trigger-happy with changing hearts. Who's to say that someone couldn't be targeted in Mementos just because he had a bad day at work and thought about really hurting his boss or something? Realistically, the Phantom Thieves are a completely independent, and anonymous group that targets who they want when they want to; and that's a very scary prospect if you don't know anything about them other than what they're doing to people.

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daylight savings time
america stole the moon I love heroin
RP Hub 2
If RP Hub was so good, where's- oh wait https://discord.gg/vvKsbD
Mmmmmmm cut it out
It's like we can't go a month without a massive group shitpost <span class="through">not that I really mind but rules are rules</span> Chill, guys
Happy Birthday, P5
Well, outside of Japan anyhow. Who cares about the Japanese anyway? They like, eat people or something. Crazy stuff.
The only day that matters
<span class="through">and also technically late</span> It's Haru Day in America kinda maybe sorta. Also, fittingly World Soil Day. Say something nice about her.
American Thanksgiving
If you live in America, stuff yourself today! I know I will. More importantly, be sure to tell the people you love just that. Even if you don't live in America, it's never a bad thing to let people know they matter to you. Happy Turkey Day!
Streaming CF with the boys
https://go.twitch.tv/hazamod SNRXXXXXXXXXXXX
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