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elm here, i'm a cool person persona: mictlantecuhtli arcana: the world official maidler of Archer4534 tw: @elmco666

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
bowser suicides make bowser die first, no matter what
Insulting Your Smash Mains
<quote user="Scarletone"> Also you likely spam his down b and neutral b whenever you see fit.</quote>side b and side smash are where it's at
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i just play random because i don't actually have a main, i just find everyone fun and pray that i don't get olimar, ryu or ken
Insulting Your Smash Mains
idk, pikachu libre (not just any pikachu) and fem corrin i guess
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
oh<span class="underline"></span>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i don't go on the site that often anymore<div class='edited'>(edited by elmco)</div>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
i just finished high school and that's not even the kind of class i was talking about <spoiler>if that was a joke it wasn't very good</spoiler>

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free from school
done exams, done high school jesus that was a fucking joyride, but now i get to spend my summer relaxing and worrying about my future
raptors won
i don't care much for sports, but apparently this is monumental the rioting has begun toronto is crazy help
nintendo e3 direct
aight, they delivered yet again. so much to look forward to. so, things i'm really looking forward to: a lot. to start off, fucking no more heroes 3? ayyyyy my guy. we also got lugi house 3: hotel edition, which looks fun as fuck. then, animal crossing minecraft, looking fun, hoping isabelle is in it. botw 2, fucking dorf is back, but as a skeleton! zelda cut her hair, it really looks fucking sick. it's also the third time (i think) a zelda game has had a direct sequel (adventure of link, phantom hourglass). astral chain looking hella spicy, mario and sonic at the olympics is back, more resident evil, link's awakening is hella cool. so much good stuff. i haven't played witcher 3 before, but i've heard it's amazing and it definitely looks the part, so i'll for sure be picking that up when it comes out. the smash dlc fighters were disappointing to me. i'm not surprised DQ hero got in, but i don't care for DQ or banjo in the slightest, so that part was a personal letdown. i may be forgetting other shit because there was <i>a <b>lot.</b></i> feel free to voice your opinions on shit as well
gang-plank galleon
the snes version is far superior, but if you speed it up to 1.25x speed, it's the same tempo as the ssbu version https://youtu.be/XziA0L2zmBg
pokemon swsh dynamax
giant gardevoir hentai
micah is dying
on his birthday too can we get an f for micah?
YOU'RE AN OLD BOY NOW! YOU QUALIFY FOR A SENIOR'S DISCOUNT ON THE PHANSITE MERCH STORE!! nah, but for real, happy birthday dude. you're a cool guy, and i hope you have a great day and an amazing year. love, elm and the rest of your phriends
bean haru
bean haru https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405560010148544522/581705909470887947/bean_haru_hell.jpg nyoom https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405560010148544522/581706121895739412/bean_haru_zoom.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/405560010148544522/581706501383651340/bean_haru_1.jpg <i>bean haru</i> https://discord.gg/GSdBZ2t
dauntless: the game: the thread
it's like monster hunter and fortnite combined, and yet it surprisingly works. i've been having lots of fun playing either on my own or with friends, but the best part is that it's on its own online service. i don't have psplus, and yet i can still play online, which is awesome. it's also cross-platform, which is really cool. the game itself is occasionally a bit buggy, the controls are a bit clunky, and there's plenty of room for improvement. but the game came out a couple days ago, and it's free, so no massive complaints here. overall, i'm enjoying it a lot. what about you guys? have you played it? if so, have you enjoyed it? <spoiler>it's 3am and i just finished a 6 hour session with my friends and i'm tired so here's a thread</spoiler>
true necessity
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