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The Legendary Reploid of Phansite. The one and only

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There also seems to be a detective Pikachu and snake in the background looking on
The Sites back
<quote user="pixie">mishima was cooking pancakes on the server again</quote>I guess he burnt said pancakes
almost september
Happy Christmas
so, the lord returns...
Most powerful Persona, but...
Well, there's Vishnu as well, so don't fuck with him and his many avatars!
Phansite Ships?
<quote user="Reperzel">its not just that, last thread i made [which was a rp thread which i redid sense no one did it] also fucked up and got ruined, i just wanna do fun stuff which i made and have it fucked up, ya know?</quote>well, there's a bunch of stuff behind that...but, ya know
Phansite Ships?
<quote user="Relius-Clover">Personally, in terms of ships, I'm a fan of the <i>Illinois</i>. A very solid WWI class battleship, made originally in 1896 and brought about the first large-scale use of things such as gun turrets and rapid-fire weapons. Perhaps not the most recalled of ships, but a solid step forward in naval combat that ought not be forgotten even in this modern era.</quote> Indeed, those are the best ships ever
General Talk Thread
What is the war?
The day has come.
Thank you, thank you so much Mishima Senpai <i>Sings &quot;The Day&quot; From Pronografitti, the first OP of MHA</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Zero-X)</div>
Time to celebrate
How about delicious japanese pancakes for this occasion? https://food.fnr.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/food/fullset/2017/4/7/0/FNK_Fluffy-Japanese-Pancakes-H_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462.suffix/1491598033896.jpeg

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Mishima, PLease do not delete past threads
Except these that we made with only one post, plz don't delete past ones that have a purpose
Kenny_Omega's idea is stupid
Seriously, Why would we follow it?
How can you see alts?
Seriously, how can some people see alts on Phansite(at least the possible ones?)
Any problems with the PMs right now?
I can't access them right now, please help
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