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Everyone's favorite truthseeker and least favorite Persona protagonist.

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Investigation Team, if you're reading this
Ignore everything written above. Best way to get to the End is first uninstalling minecraft. Then you must throw you computer into a bathtub and go in with it. If you do this all right you should make it to the end in a matter of seconds.
Crucible of Conviction
&quot;Fun is relative in this case. I guess we might've picked the most difficult way.&quot; <i>With that comment towards Kalib done he'd reply to Chie as well.</i> This was rather tense even for somewhere in this world. I'm hoping we don't end up in a place like this again. Why was she even here in the first place? Think she threw herself in? Wait, that wouldn't make too much sense.&quot;
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Yu would opt to stay behind for now. This wasn't necessarily his fight and there'd be more then enough people involved already.</i> &quot;I'll come running if there's any trouble. For now I think it's best if I keep an eye open out here.&quot;
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Yu would remain near the back of the group, still keeping his distance and watching the others act. Too many cooks in the kitchen and all. He'd simply summon the Persona back to his side as it seemed to open the scroll in its hands and begin reading in an unknown language. The large eye-like sphere in the center of its head would begin glowing as power began to build within.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
&quot;Maybe it'll be time soon...&quot; <i>Yu would avoid the fight even if just for a moment. Tarot cards suddenly would appear and begin floating around his body. Seemingly a card from each arcana could be seen before all colliding in Yu's hand. They'd shine together as they fused in a flash of light leaving behind a card representing the world itself. This card would vanish for now as Yu chose not to crush it yet. Instead he'd form a diffrent card in his hand, Justice.</i> &quot;Sraosha! Brave Blade!&quot; <i>The attack was simple. He'd send his Persona put to strike at Question's head with its scroll. The scroll of course would turn into a physical manifestation of brute force as it shifted its form from a piece of paper to a sword of light.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Yu now realizing the change he had caused would comply with the new order. A new card would form in his hand, this one would showcase the tarot card known as the heidrophant. He'd crush it in his hand and a large figure would begin swirling around him. The figure was a large serpentine dragon with a golden body. It was easily three times the size of a normal Persona just from its sheer length alone.</i> &quot;Kohryu! Maziodyne!&quot; <i>The dragon's eyes glowed as black storm clouds formed around it, floating into the air and crackling with power. Lightning began to rain down from the clouds aiming for the dogs that he assumed likely now would be covered in molten metal. Of course, molten metal wasn't as conductive as the solid but it would still most likely work at least to some degree.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Yu would check his pockets. He thought he might have something. In the end he was able to find a simple marker he had been carrying around for the sake of convenience. He'd move over to the sign while the others were focused and attempt to cross out the word &quot;not&quot;.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Yu didn't feel his words would be heard with the current stakes. Faith wasn't an easy thing to have. At very least he could attempt to help in some ways. No telling if going all out would really work here. Seems there was some rule in place protecting them. What the rule was he hadn't heard but it made him wonder exactly how these rules were enforced. There was probably something more to it. However, speculation wouldn't help him reach an answer For now he'd simply switch his set Persona back to Yoshitsune. Better to be safe than sorry.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
<i>Another distraction, just when he felt he was onto something. He didn't feel any need to get involved yet though but still, it might be important to state the obvious here.</i> &quot;Beyond even wether or not it's a good idea to make a deal do you really have that little faith in the others we've sent in. An old friend of mine is in there and I have more than enough faith in their abilities. Besides, making random deals isn't exactly advisable.&quot; <i>The comment was pointed at everyone but especially Kazuo, not that he thought the kids would take any stupid deals.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Yu-Narukami)</div>
Favorite Dungeon (P4/P5)
<spoiler>Ah yes, as the resident Persona 4 expert, either Heaven or Magatsu Inaba. Heaven mostly because of the music. Magatsu Inaba I just like because of the symbolism behind it.</spoiler>

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Dramatic Finish
A while back I used to do these RP character fighting game threads but for the most part I kinda ran out of interesting ideas for these. Well, here's one now. Dramatic finishes like in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, like at the end of a theoretical fighting game a special scene your character might have against another specific one.
Is the investigation team real?
Yes and we're coming for your knee caps criminal scum.
I know this isn't the best way to reach out to someone but I'll have to ask the mods for forgiveness as I have no other way of reaching you aside from discord. If you see this can you say whether you're okay or not. You're discord account seems a bit strange at the moment and you left the server without a word so that left me a little worried.
Totally not an April Fools Joke
Hey, it's my birthday today...
Question for new members
Noticed a lot of new people so I was curious if anyone would mind sharing where they found out about the site. Just seems like a lot of new faces all at once.
Yusite Descriptions
Tag Yurself my fellow Yus. Yu-Narukami- Yu
Dragon Marked for Death
Anyone else playing this lately? I've been a bit addicted since I got the game. Was wondering if anyone else plays it here. I've been using the Witch mainly for anyone curious.
Games Like Persona
Thought it'd be neat to make a thread dedicated to series/games with very similar themes or gameplay to Persona. Off the top of my head I can think of Tokyo Xanadu, it's an action rpg about highschoolers who travel to another world connected to our own and fight embodiments of humanities evil using weapon made from their souls. Pretty easy to see the parallels there. A game that's getting ported to the PC soon that I'm somewhat interested in is Caligula Effect. Has that same highschool setting and other world theme, not to mention it deals with similar concepts of human emotion that I feel Persona often tackles. Given enough time I can probably think of more examples but I also want to hear if anyone else has anything they can think of.
The Curse has been lifted
Joker is in smash. Finally, a Persona cameo I'm not involved in! This is it! I'm finally free! Hahaha! The curse has been passed on! No more spin-offs and random cameos! It's your curse now Akira! Hahaha!
Don't you love witner?
The sun was engulfed! It's only 6:00 but its pitch black outside! Dear god, who extinguished the sun!!!
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