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Everyone's favorite truthseeker and least favorite Persona protagonist.

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Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>Yu would ponder for a second but at the end of the day he would come up short. It wasn't as if he had much to add that couldn't already have been observed by meeting one.</i> &quot;Not that I can think of. Shadows that come directly from people are as dangerous as they come. I never really had to face one of my own but I remember fighting all my friends. Each battle was pretty intense. Though it is worth mentioning that if you can't come to accept your shadow beating them down enough will still at least drive them away. Oh and, don't go getting overconfident because we've explained it. It's very likely that if you listen to them long enough your guaranteed to disagree with them at some point. Nobody knows how to make you more angry than you.&quot;
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
<i>Yu would sigh in relief not really knowing what else to say to that.</i> &quot;Then I guess I'll just stay out of the way. If things get too hectic though I can lend a hand. I'll be around, don't really have much else to do today.&quot;
Kichijouji: [A Learning Experience at Inokashira]
&quot;Really now? Think they're ready?&quot; <i>A young man somewhere in his twenties would step up to the shrine, a sheathed katana at his side and an outfit reminiscent of a school uniform. He'd look at Kazuya with a bit of aprehension.</i> &quot;What this about using the TV world? You could have at least called me first if you're going to try something like that.&quot;
why do people like akechi so much
I ask myself that question everyday.
Date Akechi in P5r
Ah yes, more mouths to feed at work. If you'd all just come this way...
First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
&quot;Woah, it's alright now, Teddie. You know Yosuke and the others wouldn't actually abandon you. Now...what is this place anyway? Seems like the TV world but somethings diffrent.&quot; <i>Yu would smile at his long time companion while looking around for the first time. He'd been so focused on the fight that he hadn't really gone to the trouble of investigating. Kaz seemed to be leaving already but he felt there was obviously something much stranger happening here than a simple shadow attack.</i>
First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
&quot;Right. I'm ending this. Yoshitsune!&quot; <i>The dragon would break away in a pulse of blue light as Yu crushed another card in his hand. In its place a warrior clad on red armor would emerge carrying two blades. The warrior would rush forward and quickly run and slash at all enemies present, striking them each 8 times. Yu himself would begin running forward as well, pulling out his own blade. He'd try to move past the other two and aim for the imitation of himself directly, attempting to cut him right down the middle.</i> &quot;You don't have the right to be me!&quot;
First It Giveth: The Sky Is Fallin'
<i>For a moment Yu would stare downward covering his face in a shadow. Something was building within him as he saw these shadows make some cheap imitation of his friends only to disfigure their forms in front of him.</i> &quot;I don't know who or what you think you are. But if you think I'm letting this slide...&quot; <i>Yu crushed a card in one hand while drawing a sword from another. A massive serpent would seem to form out of clouds behind him until the form of a golden dragon took shape.</i> &quot;Then that'll be your last mistake. Kohryu! Burn them away!&quot; <i>A powerful surge of lightning would surround the dragon before crashing down on the abomination as Kohryu let out a roar.</i>

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Dramatic Finish
A while back I used to do these RP character fighting game threads but for the most part I kinda ran out of interesting ideas for these. Well, here's one now. Dramatic finishes like in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So, like at the end of a theoretical fighting game a special scene your character might have against another specific one.
Is the investigation team real?
Yes and we're coming for your knee caps criminal scum.
I know this isn't the best way to reach out to someone but I'll have to ask the mods for forgiveness as I have no other way of reaching you aside from discord. If you see this can you say whether you're okay or not. You're discord account seems a bit strange at the moment and you left the server without a word so that left me a little worried.
Totally not an April Fools Joke
Hey, it's my birthday today...
Question for new members
Noticed a lot of new people so I was curious if anyone would mind sharing where they found out about the site. Just seems like a lot of new faces all at once.
Yusite Descriptions
Tag Yurself my fellow Yus. Yu-Narukami- Yu
Dragon Marked for Death
Anyone else playing this lately? I've been a bit addicted since I got the game. Was wondering if anyone else plays it here. I've been using the Witch mainly for anyone curious.
Games Like Persona
Thought it'd be neat to make a thread dedicated to series/games with very similar themes or gameplay to Persona. Off the top of my head I can think of Tokyo Xanadu, it's an action rpg about highschoolers who travel to another world connected to our own and fight embodiments of humanities evil using weapon made from their souls. Pretty easy to see the parallels there. A game that's getting ported to the PC soon that I'm somewhat interested in is Caligula Effect. Has that same highschool setting and other world theme, not to mention it deals with similar concepts of human emotion that I feel Persona often tackles. Given enough time I can probably think of more examples but I also want to hear if anyone else has anything they can think of.
The Curse has been lifted
Joker is in smash. Finally, a Persona cameo I'm not involved in! This is it! I'm finally free! Hahaha! The curse has been passed on! No more spin-offs and random cameos! It's your curse now Akira! Hahaha!
Don't you love witner?
The sun was engulfed! It's only 6:00 but its pitch black outside! Dear god, who extinguished the sun!!!
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