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Ryuji is best boi while Yusuke is gay boi. But thats great.

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Least favorite Phantom thief
Makoto because compared to all the others she doesn't stand out.
Persona Spinoffs You Want
<quote user="Gin"><quote user="Cait_Sith"><quote user="Pancake_Knight">Why don't we get a Persona x Fire Emblem? It could be fun! Hopefully the protagonist is very engaging! There could be allot of cool interactions between them!</quote> Very interesting. Perhaps the acronym for it will be SMT backwards! That would be amusing.</quote> Maybe they could make it a Persona like game with the FE characters as personas and with Idols as the Persona users. Also, they should only use FE1 and Awakening characters.</quote> Or they could use some characters from the older games such Thracia 776 or hell Sacred Stones.

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Reasons why Makoto is a good character.
To be completely honest Makoto is my least favorite phantom thief but don't get me wrong I like her. As someone who isn't the biggest fan of her I want to know why people love her so much.
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