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A new humble home
<i>The door behind her clicks shut and she scans over her small studio apartment. The place is practically empty, aside from an old tea tansu and some thrifted furniture. The kitchen sink is filled with assorted dishes, all dirty, and the refrigerator was empty other than half a gallon of milk, which was probably spoiled by now.</i> “I’m home.” <i>At the sound of these words, a small orange cat scampers through the room and joins her by the front door, the bell collar around its neck ringing with each bound.</i> “How was your day, Milord?” <i>She’s well aware that he’s unable to answer her. After giving him a few pats on the head, she proceeds to walk across the studio and take a seat on the faded purple beanbag she’s had for many years.</i> “Adults these days... no idea how wrong they are. They think just ‘cause they came first they can gripe and moan about the crap they’ve caused. I don’t need any crappy advise from some crappy fed.” <i>She begins to start another sentence, when her phone buzzes to life. She takes it out and glances at the screen quizzically.</i> <b>I’ll be stopping by some time tomorrow, Winn. I’ll see you then.</b>
A new humble home
“I risk my life everyday as well, you know.” <i>She pauses.</i> “Maybe not in the same way, but it all means the same thing. I don’t plan on joining your service, anywho. If you want to keep A.I threats away, then go back in time and stop the assholes from making them in the first place. Considering you can’t do that, stop acting like a hero.” <i>A sad mood overcasts her face, but as usual her emotions don’t last long.</i> “Everyone should stop focusing on helping everyone else. We all have our own share of problems to deal with. If everyone fought for themselves, it would be fine. But people like you are so keen on getting into everyone’s business, so all of our problems are shared, which is one big problem in and of itself.” <i>Without saying another word, she spins around hastily and continues down the sidewalk. She doesn’t notice that she’s getting soaked. Or, that the barcode on her neck is slightly visible from underneath her parted hair</i>
A new humble home
“Is that a threat? In that case, I might just follow you around more.” <i>She glances at the holster, but she doesn’t seem surprised.</i> “What do you feds do on duty anyway? Shoot up bad guys, track the grid, dissolve gangs and their cohorts?” <i>She flashes one of her rare smiles, but conceals it quickly.</i> “I’m a lot more capable than you might think, Fuwa-San. I can hold my own pretty well. So in the case I <i>do</i> run into you again, don’t expect me to run with my tail between my legs.”
A new humble home
<i>Her eyes light up, but she quickly calms herself down. Though, the transition is noticeable.</i> “Government, huh?” <i>She pauses briefly, considering this.</i> “We might have learned about it, but I don’t pay attention in class anyway so I wouldn’t have retained any information.” <i>She flashes the man a cold glare.</i> “And, just so you know, I’m a third year. I may not look like it, but I’m not some kid. If you have to, call me Winn. I don’t care about formalities. It’s your choice. Though, I don’t assume I’ll see you again.” <i>She smirks.</i> “Fuwa-san.”
A new humble home
<i>She gives the man a questioning look</i> “What are you talking about? Suspicion?” <i>She shakes her head and jams her phone back into her pocket forcefully</i> “What a waste of time...” <i>She begins to walk away, but stops short when the pin on the mans suit catches her eye</i> “What’s that about? You cosplaying?”
A new humble home
<i>She turns toward the formally dressed man</i> “It’s raining. Signals hard to get in the rain.” <i>Going against herself, she pulls out her phone, which has multiple keychains hanging off of it</i> “Yeah, I’ve got it. What’s it to you though?” <i>Her long, wavy, hazel hair flutters in the wind, and her dull, green eyes seem bored and tired. She blinks, waiting for the mans response</i>
A new humble home
A young, high school aged girl, saunters past the commotion. She has an intimidating aura to her, and there’s a subtle frown plastered on her face. She’s wearing a worn out uniform for a school you can’t remember and carries a heavy looking backpack, with a baseball bat hanging out of the pocket loosely, fully decorated with miscellaneous stickers.
Thoughts on the P5R opening?
You’re not wrong. It sucks that so many good games have been ruined by the fandoms

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Thoughts on the P5R opening?
I think it’s good, but not as good as the original. I think this is because there’s less of a shock value this time as we know most of the characters already. Although, I still think it’s well done and it does highlight new game features as well so
Color scheme ideas for P6
I think ATLUS should use green. Maybe a game based on something like illness or spreading disease. Some YouTuber mentioned these ideas, but I don’t remember the name. If anybody knows that’d be great. Anyway, your thoughts?
What if there was a P5 sitcom...?
*ryuji enters* Like, FOr REal Hahahhahahh, you’ll NevEr SEE IT comiNg Is A GoOd JokE *laugh track*
What’s an area that P5 didn’t allow you to enter, but would like to?
I kinda wanted Joker to be able to go inside the Adults Only places in the Red Light District just to see people’s reaction to a teenage kid walking in. Also, I feel like that’d be the chance for a really cool new confidant.
Coolest shop menus?
My favorite are Iwais (I love green), and Takemis. Takemis especially because I love the silhouette background and the whole aesthetic is just really neat. Also, Layer Cake is reaaallly good
Favorite available workplace?
I like the flower shop :/
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