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This.... brings a smile to my face
Stop calling me pancake boy
Oh please, I already hacked into the files on your crappy pc (seriously get a new cpu or something :/) and found all the soufflé pancake recipes you’re hiding. I hereby demand you share them once they’re made! P.S Jokers totally crushing on you... OTP... kek
Phantom Thief Applications
Codename: Winn Weapon of choice: Dual pistols Special Skills: Bless/Curse Character in FRIENDS that you relate to the most: Joey So there's a trolley that's going to run someone over. You're right by a sequence of levers that has no connection to the trolley but instead remotely operates a jukebox nearby. What song do you play?: Evangelion OP Obama's last name: Reason for wanting to join: Cause adults are effin rotten Where would you take me on our first date: Akihabara so I could show you how much of a NEET I am, then you’d break up with me and I’d have my pc all to myself again Availability: Anytime. I have no life.
I am using the 70+ ones but I’m on Futabas palace now
Waifu wars (boys also allowed)
Best boy goes to random voice actor extra #1 in the yongen train
Who likes the Persona Q games?
I have q2 and I like the style. The map making aspect of it is a bit tiring but I can get used to it. Although with ACNL and royal out now, I haven’t had much time to play.
I’m not too far into the game but the velvet room challenges have been fun. I get all happy when more points are added to the little score thing lmao
Waifu wars (boys also allowed)
Either Akechi or Ryuji. As for girls, definitely Futaba
The Daily Bugle but in Japan
Your Arcana [REDUX]
I got The Magician. Interesting.

Recent topics

I love Mishima
End of story. <i>Proceeds to scream in KEK</i>
Absolute sorcery
Everyone’s so hyped about personas and stealing heart and all that but I still wonder... How the hell does Futaba wear her headphones like that? I need to knowww
So I got the huge free DLC for p5R and all of the dlc personas are so OP. Almost feels like I’m cheating in a way. Anybody else have thoughts on those personas?
Thoughts on the P5R opening?
I think it’s good, but not as good as the original. I think this is because there’s less of a shock value this time as we know most of the characters already. Although, I still think it’s well done and it does highlight new game features as well so
Color scheme ideas for P6
I think ATLUS should use green. Maybe a game based on something like illness or spreading disease. Some YouTuber mentioned these ideas, but I don’t remember the name. If anybody knows that’d be great. Anyway, your thoughts?
What if there was a P5 sitcom...?
*ryuji enters* Like, FOr REal Hahahhahahh, you’ll NevEr SEE IT comiNg Is A GoOd JokE *laugh track*
What’s an area that P5 didn’t allow you to enter, but would like to?
I kinda wanted Joker to be able to go inside the Adults Only places in the Red Light District just to see people’s reaction to a teenage kid walking in. Also, I feel like that’d be the chance for a really cool new confidant.
Coolest shop menus?
My favorite are Iwais (I love green), and Takemis. Takemis especially because I love the silhouette background and the whole aesthetic is just really neat. Also, Layer Cake is reaaallly good
Favorite available workplace?
I like the flower shop :/
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