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People into Futaba
People notnin the cults
Morgana is unnecessary and the game would be better without him, change my mind
<quote user="Mona2">I often feel that way about myself too but in real life</quote> So do I cat
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Life will change but the lyrics are in a thread
[quote=Shadow_Idiotc we managed to recover information off off the live feed of one of our officer's bodycams. We believe that Kirby's current motives are to overtake King DeDeDe. Do NOT approach him. He will get inside of you any way he can. He is a dangerous and lethal character. Do not go near him. I know this firsthand, because when I was in the field, and he was just a new suspect, I thought &quot;Oh, that's just a little pink blob, he's not gonna do anything&quot;. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. When I first saw Kirby I approached him as a normal traffic stop by thinking, you know, just a normal run in the mill traffic stop, he was going 125 miles in the school zone, normally 10 miles, but that's fine. I figured I might just give him a 20$ fine, just give him a pat on the back and say &quot;Hey, don't do that again&quot;. But when I approached Kirby to tell him his misjustice that he performed that day, that he enacted, I asked him &quot;Why did you do it? Did you know that you were 125 mph? In a kid's playground? In a school zone?&quot;, and what he said next, I will NEVER be able to shake off my memory. He looked at me, and he just said nothing. He smiled. I said &quot;Sir. Are you intoxicated?&quot;. And he said to me &quot;khhhhhhkhhkkhkhsmlksmlksmlk&quot;. And then it happened. No, what are you doing? That's my dick! No! NOOOOOOOOO! I haven't had a dick ever since. My wife, she... She left me... So... If any of our officers see Kirby, you SHOOT HIM. YOU KILL HIM DEAD! Okay? He took my fucking DICK. YOU KILL HIM. SHOOT HIM IN THE GODDAMN LITTLE PINK FUCKING BUTTHOLE THINGS HE CALLS HIS FUCKING ARMS, AND LEGS, WHATEVER THE FUCK- KIRBY, I HATE KIRBY, YOU NEED TO KILL HIM. HE IS A THREAT. GOT IT?![/quote] KILL him<div class='edited'>(edited by Whyyyaka)</div>
Life will change but the lyrics are in a thread
KILL KIRBY HE HAS BEEN SEEN STALKING PANTON TIEVES<div class='edited'>(edited by Whyyyaka)</div>

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People into Futaba
I need to know how many people are unhealthly into Futaba Like me
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