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steal my heart
Make it count Play it straight
steal my heart
Please steal my heart.
"What the hell do you expect me to do without the details?"
Please steal my heart.
<i>Sharpens axe</i> &quot;I'll get right on that. But first, a few details, if you please: Name, Distortion and address of your current residence?&quot;
Song lyrics game: the thread
<quote user="Rom_Dolos">Gets: an anime figure in a jar Inserts: a change of heart request</quote> I have yet to encounter Phantom Thieves. I am beginning to think that the insinuation of their existence is satirical in nature. Regardless, they have failed time and again to carry through with the replacement of hearts. Please direct all heart replacement requests to me from this point onward.
I have a request...
This referral may prove useful... improve efficiency... more hearts... yes...
A request for a change of heart
... Lead me to the heart.

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Phantom Thieves, if you're reading this, I have a request.
Show me where you store the hearts you use for changing.
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