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Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>as the palace begins exploding around them, Loki snaps his fingers with a smirk</i> Well, I suppose that makes it my time to skedaddle. Have fun. <i>With that, his image begins to dissolve like dust in the wind, leaving not a trace that he were ever there</i>
Sun team: a new dawn.
“Am I really that predictable?” <i>Loki lets out another laugh before leaning back</i> “Fine, I’ll cut to the chase then. I’m a schemer, not a fighter. Even IF I felt like helping you, which I don’t, there’s not much I can do here.”
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Loki breathes out a chuckle and leans back, slowly closing his eyes</i> nice to see the smartest one here's the human child. The only answer is to just run off. If its impossible, its impossible. Only a massive amount of plot armor's gonna change that fact. Especially considering the complete lack of actual plans here
Sun team: a new dawn.
<i>Loki chuckles lightly to himself as he closes his eyes, mind running at a thousand miles per hour</i> That is in fact exactly how I get my kicks. Watching mortals make fools of themselves for no good reason. Though now that I think of it... <i>Loki puts his hand on his chin, feigning thinking again before shaking his head</i> Nah, I’m sure Fenny’s got something better to do. Luck then.
Enter the Lord of Lies
<i>The armored man breathes out a sigh, brushing aside a few strands of hair as he casts Alice a sideways glance and points his blade at her, a scowl darkening his fair face</i> Freyr: &quot;If you knew that then you should know who I am and understand the situation you're in. I am Freyr, Lord of the Alfar, and you have decided to invade and destroy my property, and then sit there and mock me. Have you any intention to defend yourself, or ought I send you off to Hel quickly? <i>The ranger by the pool breathes out a sigh as Minerva runs off, picking his runes back up</i> Ranger: &quot;Your funeral, at least I'm not breaking any rules then.&quot; <i>Minerva passes through the upper branches, a flock of birds scattering around them as they flee from the music's source. It would only be a few minutes before they come across a massive clearing, a mostly dead or dying stretch of ground in the otherwise lively and growing forest. They would notice a fairly large group of alfar, all dressed similarly to the one encountered before, forming a thin ring around this area, looking inward with anticipation.</i>
Am I still relevant?
don't worry, all 10 people who played you will carry on your legacy
Enter the Lord of Lies
<i>As Kotori and Shino approach the direction of the music, a few animals, birds for the most part, come flying by, fleeing from the sound's source. They pay the pair no heed as they scurry away. Shortly after that they'd notice the forest beginning to thin out ahead of them, almost dramatic in its sudden intensity. At the edge of this new clearing they find a pair of people dressed identically to the ranger from earlier, they can hear the pair chattering as they kneel down</i> Ranger A: &quot;what kind of monster could have caused this?&quot; Ranger B: &quot;That's not something for us to worry about, just wait for Freyr to handle it.&quot; A: &quot;If he can&quot; B: &quot;Well if he can't I suppose we have bigger problems don't we?&quot; <i>After much anticipation, Alice can hear a few more voices at the edge of the mist, talking low as though hoping it would somehow make them invisible, before finally one figure steps forwards, a tall man with long, black hair flowing down his back, the man wears a light, silver armor adorned with a long green cape that flows down his back and over much, with a golden leaf as a hair accessory, he draws out a long silver sword and looks at it, carefully inspecting its blade</i> Armored man: &quot;I take it this mess is your doing? I'm surprised you stuck around, do you even know where you are?&quot; <i>The ranger by the pool looks back up to Minerva, one eyebrow raised</i> Ranger: &quot;I don't know, ten, twenty minute run maybe, you're not actually considering going there are you? Lord Freyr's sure to be there soon, and if he finds mortals like you well, I don't like your chances.&quot;
Enter the Lord of Lies
<i>It was some time before the music stops echoing throughout the forest, in an instant the grey-haired man seems to vanish, leaving his instrument alone in the now empty field. By this time Alice can no longer feel the gaze of whatever animals were in the area, whether they were scared off or simply had nothing better to do is no matter, they remain well away from the still-growing area of death. On the other hand, replacing the music Alice can hear some shouting, it still seems to be a fair distance away but gets ever closer. The ranger glances back towards the sound of the music, before shaking his head, focusing back on the water as he talks to Minerva</i> Ranger: That's the sound that brought you here is it not? Best not to chase after it, just give me a moment and you'll be home soon. <i>the ranger kneels by the pool, and takes out a few small stones from a pouch by his waist, he slowly spreads the stones throughout the water, whose reflection begins to switch from the sky above to a shifting emptiness</i> Ranger: Just step inside and say where you need to go, and you should end there safely. Simply return from whence you came and we can all pretend you were never here. <i>As Kotori and Shino discuss the best course of action, its not long before the music stops once more, though they can still make out the general direction it came from, its impossible to shake the feeling that they are being watched</i>
Sun team: a new dawn.
&quot;Can you blame them? Why would you die for a lost cause?&quot; <i>A faint chuckling can be heard from the shadows of a nearby wall. A tall man with long, grey hair decides to make himself known for the time</i> &quot;I mean seriously, do any of you have a reason for this? And don't bring up 'fate' or whatever, its the oldest excuse and has far outworn its welcome.&quot;
While I may not play FEH anymore, I must say some beautiful things come of it

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Enter the Lord of Lies
<i>It was a calm, cool night much like any other, as the seasons change from fall to winter, a bank of fog rolls over the city streets, bringing with it an almost eerie silence as the once crowded streets suddenly seem empty. The only sound is a calming string melody that dances across the wind, filling the streets with its echo.</i>
The first Great Exploratory Race
<i>For the past few days a set of fliers were posted around town, advertsing a special event. A combination race and sightseeing tour, for whoever reaches five distinct locations first. It’s a bit short on details, but it’s clear there’s a prize offered to the winner, further details are to be announced on a stage in the nearby park at noon, as the time draws nearer the participants gather</i>
Misty Dusk
&quot;About time to set the stage, isn't it?&quot; <i>A curtain falls upon the city as day swiftly transitions to night, though many of its citizens have grown more fearful of the things that may be lurking within the shadows, they still remain diligent in attending to their duties. That is until, a fog silently engulfs the city streets, wrapping the middle of town in its cold embrace, no one is quite sure when it got there, but for the time being it lingers, bringing a cold sense of dread to any who even gaze upon it</i>
Mikage Sun Mall: Twilight Venue
<b>The sun is setting on the town, yet the large, bustling mall remains busy as ever, people bustling from store to store to see what they might find. Its all fairly standard, save for two features. A small cafe known as Peace Diner, you're not quite sure why, but it seems to stand out. And the large fountain near the middle seems to have a new visitor. The tall figure with long, grey hair seems to have brought out an instrument and slowly tunes it. He flinches once, causing him to far overtune the item and start all over again None of the passerby seem to pay him any heed, as though they were simply used to him</b> Such a pest... No matter. There are plenty of people around. I'll find something soon enough
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