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A sentient piece of toast that likes anime and video games.

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It's a meme you dip
Big oof
Who did you romance
<spoiler>that one girl that got big oof when funi jump off building</spoiler>
Morgana, more like...dumb.
going 2 da wee store
Vape nash yall
Persona 5 Scramble
Persona 5 Scrambled Eggs: The Fried Egg Fighter
Could you survive a Persona arrow?
<b>I used to be a Persona-User like you, but then I took a Persona Arrow to the knee.</b>
Clickbait Thread (NOT PERSONA)
Fine then I'll go to Newgrounds they're better anyways<div class='edited'>(edited by Toasty)</div>
Clickbait Thread (NOT PERSONA)
M8 why you trying to steal my YouTube revenue
Aight, who ya phansite crush?
M8 wat do u you me4n taklin like this s0unds c00l and edgy like bich wat do u mean????!!!!???!?!?

Recent topics

What just happened
So I logged on to Phansite, just taking a stroll in the forums, and I noticed a lack of RPs. I scroll down, and still no RPs. Have we rose to heaven? Is this the afterlife? What the <b>heck</b> just happened?
I'm reviving old forums because I'm bored.
Call me a necromancer because these forums are coming back to life! Don't be pouty about it though, it's not like your missing out on anything.
Do you member...?
Do you remember that one boss in persona 5, <spoiler>freddy freaker</spoiler>? That was by far the hardest boss in the game.
Which persona game has the best soundtrack
My personal favorite is persona 5.
What is the best video game ever
Hoo boy, I have the feeling this will be a long thread.
In memoriam
This thread is dedicated to the bygone days of the Phan-Site. Memes, waifu threads, actual discussions about persona, h o o b o y s,ridiculously long threads that shouldn't be that long,and elmco (seriously what happened to that guy he just disappeared), rest in peace. ; - ;
Totally an RP thread
Wow another RP thread such emotion and story! <b>RP starter: I went to the store, and bought some milk. As I was walking out of the store I noticed something. Could it be a silhouette of an OC anime character!? I broke into a sweat and thought &quot;OC anime character has been dead for three years! How could this be!? but when I opened my eyes and look at the door, he was gone. <i>scene end.</i></b>
What is the best Buzzfeed quiz?
Pssh, who needs conversation about a topic related to the forum it's posted on? Let's talk about Buzzfeed.
Is Yusuke gay or European?
Look at that tan well-tainted skin, look at the killer shape he's in, look at that slightly stubly chin, oh please he's gay, totally gay!
What was your most memorable persona moment
What was the funniest, annoying, etc thing that has happened in a playthrough of a persona game?
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