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The Shitpost Army
<i>A rainbow colored humanoid flips out from behind the bushes and strikes a pose as they announce</i> “Shitpost Ranger, Rainbow!”
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
bitch I've been on this site longer than you've been alive
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Ah yes, this thread very much reminds me of myself
@the girl/guy reading this
It’s fine, I’ll sit on your face imposter-kun
The memiest RP ever part 4 episode 1
If that solution doesn't work you could try the tracking chip you've probably installed on their wrist.
The memiest RP ever part 4 episode 1
That is a problem. Did you try turning her off and then on again?
some park at maimai city.
*Gamma looks up at all of Yuya's noise* Oh, look. This park comes with a circus of sorts. How nice. Bit loud for me, but at least nothing is blowing up
gay lol
I'm illegal now? Eh, whatever.

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