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Did you expect a detailed summary of who I am? I'm sure someone with too much time on their hands has done that on some website that isn't here. Maybe actually put some effort into your research and "Google it up".

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reminder that I still exist
For a joke like that, I could make you non-existent if you'd like. In fact, I insist.
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
This thread really needs to end at some point.
I would like a girlfriend
Aw. What's the matter? That winning personality of yours chasing away any potential mates? Tragic. Truly tragic.
[P5] The Endgame
Oh ho ho. My gun definitely kills people.
[P5] The Endgame
Gun is also something I agree with.
[P5] The Endgame
Oh, you're just going to ignore anyone with valid critism? I mean, you didn't answer Laharl's question about how you seem to be alright with you jumping into any random thread and trying to mess it up but when you think people might do it to you? Nah. Rule 1. That's not allowed.
[P5] The Endgame
You haven't done this before have you?

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Do you have a fear of Long Words?
Then it is in indubitably my responsibility to provide information that the affliction you are suffering from is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Try not to die while reading that. I swear you humans made that word specifically to troll people scared of long words. And people say I'm a sadist.
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