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Happy Holidays! What are your holiday traditions?
Being worn out and feeling kind of awful. But at least it means I'll have survived the holiday season in retail once again. Thank God.
The beloved mascot is still alive.
Cool to hear that, might hit you up sometime actually. And hah, yeah that was fun tbh. You really improved a good deal over time too, which was neat seeing ngl.
The beloved mascot is still alive.
Oh hey cool, actually kinda neat to see you again man. How's it been going?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
A year... How terrifying.
Gobbles of the Dead
<i> Tatsuya stares at his younger self for... Quite a while really, it's rather shocking to see that one back again but here they are. He chooses not to say any of the numerous regrets which come to mind about that. Instead merely flipping Ira off for a second before he too aims to investigate the source of this new feeling. Flames burn up around his body, the copy of Gram held in his hands is aimed directly forward in a ready stance. And the man prepares to fight, once more into the breach. Though he speaks out in a calm and curious tone before striking. </i> &quot;So, any chance you'd calmly explain what you know without fighting us? That would be a big help, but somehow I don't expect such luck to come my way.&quot;
Gobbles of the Dead
<i> Tatsuya Suou... Dead man, he knew that was coming of course. Those who live by the sword... He isn't sure why he's back though, but with a sigh and a draw of his blade he'd. Well he would stare at Ira with a curious look on his face.</i> &quot;Well, here we are once again. Oh well, I've got no grudge against you any longer.&quot; <i> He'd then begin examining the area more closely, searching through it in an effort to find some clue behind these... Returns from death. All while absently talking to Ira.</i> &quot;Gotta say though, I'm surprised by whatever is going on here. Dragging back me, and someone like you. What's the game here, that's what I wanna figure out...&quot;
I have something CrAzY to say
<quote user="Shihiro_Tamashi">All of you suck, I can walk on legos.</quote> Yeah me too, just gotta wear some nice tough boots or something. It really isn't that impressive. <div class='edited'>(edited by Tatsuya)</div>
[P5] The Endgame
My character is Tatsuya Suou, a persona user from another time that's ended up here by reasons he doesn't understand. His Persona is Apollo, and he fights using swords. His main goal is to find a way to return to his own time and find a way to stop the being known as Nyarlathotep.
Hazbin Hotel is worth your time
Huh, this actually sounds like it might be up my alley so I'll have to give it a look sometime myself. Thanks man because I had <i>no idea</i> this was a thing before seeing this topic.

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Behold, the ultimate in marketing!
https://youtu.be/qImHuiYnVQ0 Truly, the greatest marketing is within this song. Once I find these logo creators I shall <span class="through">take over the world.</span> Make lots of money thanks to my new logo.
GYM: The Return!
<i>A man stares up at the crescent moon, a grin on his face as he absently twirls a blade in his hands and wanders down the streets with a gleeful look.</i> &quot;Ah, what a nice night to come out and do something! Gotta get back in shape with some weirdo around making shadows after all!&quot; <i>In a few moments he'd come to a well-kept building, a sign above the door reading GYM and the man himself pulling out a key. He turns the lock and walks inside, flicking the lights and quickly turning off an alarm.</i> &quot;And now, for the best part! The greatest thing ever...&quot; <i>To stand and wait, eyes absently checking over the large square room, a few doors leading off to other parts of the building. Several large rings set up, with an odd shimmer about them save for at an entry point. Barriers to be exact, can't have stray magic flying all over after all. But regardless, for now the man simply stands and waits, swinging his blade about with practiced ease.</i>
Auto fill: The thread, the movie, the game.
They haven't heard you're using your birthday Flickr lol of good things from what made Gordon you think Viber has changed guess I'll definitely didn't forget how you're gonna raise taxes that could include less messed up getting home from yesterday could bring quite understand your enemies.
Armoy: I haven't done this for a while!
<i> Tatsuya sits at a counter, looking around curiously as he realizes this is the first time in... Weeks at least, that he's opened the place up again.</i> &quot;Geez, hope we're not so busy I can barely cope or something. It'd be a pain if there's too many people in here at once, but I guess that's the price you pay for being one of two people who has actual weapons.&quot; <i>He'd shrug to himself and lean back on a wall. Eyes watching the doors as he awaits the usual herd of people this place seems to bring.</i>
GYM vs Phansite!
<i> Tatsuya walks in the doors with a grin on his face, quickly moving to flick on the lights and turn off the alarm system... And shut down the cameras while he's at it, no sense giving Fakelib more than he needs to after all.</i> &quot;For some reason using this place feels... A bit off all things considered, but I guess it should be fine right?&quot; [i] Thoughts aside he'd then walk around to check everything, wouldn't do to have the place fall apart or something. Satisfied with everything Tatsuya finally walks up and turns the sign to open before going to the counter and leaning against it. His eyes watching the door as he waits for someone to come in.
Sun Mall: Now with 100% more Armory!
<i>The usual Mall stands before you, the open air flowing through thanks to Sun Mall’s lack of a roof, wouldn’t make sense to call it that if it weren’t getting any sun. All the stores one would expect from a mall line the buildings. Along with a fountain around the center, and not too far from there stands a large tree with pink leaves, a calming feeling flows around the tree if one stops to look. For some reason, the usual blue door seems absent as of now, though it comes and goes as it pleases. But as usual Peace Dinner sits off in a corner.</i> <i>The most eye-catching feature in sight, however, would be a large sign reading &quot;Em's Armory: Mikage Branch Grand Opening!&quot;. Under said sign a door leads to a storefront filled with various weapons, lining the wall, on inspection one who knows would notice that they happen to be well made. However, no one seems to be at the counter.</i> <i> And in the back room of said store stands Tatsuya, looking over the design of a nifty little device. Namely, a type of C4 infused with hardlight to summon walls as it goes off, containing the blast... Tatsu sighs and walks back out to the front, he is meant to be running the place after all. Not just playing with weapons. So, with that done the man stands behind the counter and grumbles to himself. Waiting for someone to come in.</i> &quot;Tch, hopefully, I'll get some actual customers soon here. The place has gotten nothing but window shoppers and kids trying to get a cheap katana to mount on their wall so far... Is it really so hard to understand I'm running a real shop? I swear, people just see the place and assume I’m selling toys or something.”
GYM: Way Too Early!
<i> Tatsuya walks into the building with a grin on his face, sure he can't sleep at all but... For some reason it seems like a good night to train. And now, the hunter simply waits at the counter having flipped the the sign to open on his way in.</i>
BlazGYM: Cross Tag Training!
[i] Tatsu walks in the doors, turning the sign to open and looking around. For some reason it seems like a good time to practice... A little different kinda fight, he grins to himself and leans on a wall. Looking over at the door and wondering who might show up for this little idea.[i] OOC: Yup two v two GYM is back, I've been meaning to do this for a while and here we are folks.
BB Stream. (I play this game now)
https://go.twitch.tv/suoutatsuya. God only knows why but I'm steaming BB with Haz and Kaz, apparently this is a thing we do.
Mikage Sun Mall
OOC: First off yes this is a casual thread, that being said I've got no plans to try and enforce a no fighting rule or something, kinda didn't mind the older days of Leblanc with plots mixing in so trying to bring that back a bit here. That being said I don't want just a series of bosses or something, think of it more like getting some interest and giving people an IC reason to check stuff out if you bring a plot here *Before you stands a large mall, the usual mall sorts of things exist of course a few people wander about. One might notice an odd blue door off in an alleyway as well. For some reason a tree with pink leaves sits alone in a room. No one is sure on why that's here really, beyond that a cafe called Peace Diner seems to stand out a bit. Tatsuya himself sits on a bench looking around* Huh this old place is here for some reason? Been a while since I've seen... Anything like this around the Nexus actually. *He stands up with a sigh after seeing nothing abnormal* Sure as hell not gonna find what I'm looking for around here though... *He shrugs to himself and decides to stick around a bit regardless* Oh well can't keep looking into a mystery all day. *The man walks off towards Peace Diner, a slightly nostalgic look on his face*
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