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Just your local goddess of balance.

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Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Team up accepted. Let the bodies hit the floor...not ours, obviously.
Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
&quot;Damnit...who the fuck splashed me? Alright, which one of you chucklefucks...aw hell. Roped into another mess.&quot; <i>Steam rises off of Star as she heats herself up, annoyed that she got suckered yet again into an event. She takes in everything around her, gathering data that could hopefully help her out of this mess...if she needs it. Chances are she's going to get lucky somehow and end up alive. Again.</i>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;Somehow everything gets more chaotic when I show up. Even when I'm trying to be serious, something happens that makes things go off the rails. If I ever do plan another crazy event, I'm sure you'll find out about it before long. Well, see ya.&quot; <i>Star climbs out of the crater and walks off in a random direction.</i>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;Eh, not as much as before, but occasionally. I'll mostly just be trying to keep the peace whenever I'm around. So many people causing problems for others. I might not have my weapons anymore, but I've got power so i'll manage.&quot;
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;Hey, when you've seen a star blow up you know shit is going to hurt. Still, thanks for helping shake the rust off my skill. Here, a little something I think you'll like.&quot; <i>She gets up and tosses him a sword made of pure black ice.</i> A black ice blade. Pretty bone chilling. Take it, it's yours. I've got my own anyways...well, I probably can't lug it around anymore, what with it being eleven feet tall, but it's still mine.&quot;
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;Yeah, it fits the bill alright! But the thing about change is that it's on par with creation and destruction. You could consider them a holy trinity. With change, it's effects are nearly limitless. Fire to ice, space to time, copper to silver! It's pretty much alchemy at it's core! I said I'd envelop you, so that's what I'll do! Matter manipulation at it's finest! <b><i><span class="underline">SUPERNOVA SLAM!!!</span></i></b> <i>Star pulls her hammer back before slamming it into the black hole with explosive force. She changes the properties of her hammer to be near indestructible, but even that isn't enough to stop that black hole. It's a matter of a near-unstoppable force meeting a near-immovable object. This, obviously, causes a massive explosion. There isn't anything left of the arena, but Star is laying on her back in the leftover crater with a smile on her face.</i>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;I know how it feels. Done my fair share of power trips. I'll keep this one short and sweet. <b><i>Fire, time, life. Create a sun that envelop my opponent. And now, my main domain...change! change into my desired form, a hammer that shall smite my foe!&quot;</i></b> <i>Star creates a large sun above her that quickly changes it's shape into a massive hammer. She grabs hold of it and then swings it downwards at Gin.</i> <b><i><span class="underline">SOL CRUSHER!!</span></i></b>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;Activate, TIME REVEALS ALL!&quot; <i>Time slows down around Star before she suddenly disappears, the explosion missing her as she completely vanishes from time. After the energy goes away, she reappears in the crater left over from the attack.</i> &quot;Well, this has been fun. What say we wrap this up with our strongest attack, hmm?&quot;
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
&quot;That's <b>life</b>, time, and fire. And I will admit, they are quite difficult to deal with when they're all used at once. Flame Roots!&quot; <i>Some of the chains dig underground before coming up all around him, now shaped into the roots of a tree. They try to wrap him up and detain him from doing anything.</i>
Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
<i>Star takes it head on, being launched across the remains of the stadium. After she comes to a stop, she gets up and dusts herself off, the only signs of damage being that her clothes are a little torn up.</i> &quot;Life has some pretty neat applications. You've got nature, and you've got healing. All I did was cast a simple regeneration spell, add that with some fast forwarding, and I look like I'm perfectly fine. Still, ooohhhhh that smarts! If I wasn't used to getting hit with attacks like that, I'd be swearing like a sailor. Still, I think It's time to change things up. Time Reveals All! Flame Chains! <i>Star's right eye is covered in time runes as chains made of flames spew from her hands and fly all over the arena for some area denial, a few aimed at Gin himself.</i>

Recent topics

Boss Battle: Old face, new coat of paint
<i>A lone figure steps into an old arena with a casual stride. They walk to the center of the arena, raise one arm up to the sky, and snaps their fingers. In an instant a great surge of power ripples throughout the location, reaching far and wide. At the same time, the lights come back on within the arena, revealing the figure to be...Star...who <b>didn't</b> see that one coming? Though she does seem a little...different...</i> &quot;There, that should get me some attention. Now let's see how fast everyone responds.&quot;
Star's Dojo 1: Class is in Session
<i>Star stands at the entrance her newly built dojo. To her left is a classroom setup for teaching, while to her right is a room covered in mats.</i> &quot;Ahh, there we go! Finally done! I probably don't even have to put out an add for this, people will just show up anyway! It's about time I teach some people, show this and the next generation how to keep the balance, because I ain't always gonna be around to keep it for everyone.&quot; <i>She walks over to her desk and picks up a book sitting on the desk.</i> &quot;Well then, class is in session. All I need now is students. Won't be long before I officially become a mentor.&quot;
Snowball War 3: the Frozen Labyrinth
<i>Shibuya is absolutely covered in snow and snow fortifications, and there's a huge castle made of ice and snow that has appeared once again! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time time for another snowball war of pure chaos!</i>
A Chilling Announcement
<i>It's another (relatively) peaceful day on the Phansite, when all of a sudden a message is broadcast through whatever is connected to the internet at the time. You see Star dressed up in what looks like a suit of armor made of ice, sitting a throne of ice.</i> &quot;Greetings, everyone! I am Star Sakura, the goddess of chaos! You might remember me from all my...attempts at global domination using the power of ice and snow, multiple evil plots, and my involvement in quite a number of events over the years! Well, as sure you know, summer is nearing it's end and I haven't done a single thing! That changes now! I'm announcing the Third Great Shibuya Snowball War! In six days, I shall once again try to conquer the world using the cold and chaos as my methods! Will you stop me, or join me instead!? Everything shall go down on Sunday, at 12;00 PM EST! Thank you for listening, and remember, there's next to no rules when it comes to the snowball wars! Go wild, and have fun!&quot; <i>With that, Star cuts the feed, and everything is as it was before she made her announcement.</i>
LeBlanc: the Star Opening
<i>Star is seen polishing a glass behind the counter as she opens LeBlanc up for the first time.</i> My turn to open LeBlanc? I hope nobody is mad that I used the spare keys.
Generic Western Bar
<i>Star has opened a bar in the middle of nowhere. Let hijinks insue. Also, she's wearing a cowgirl bartender outfit. You know, because it's the west.</i>
Free-for-all arena fight
<i>Star has constructed a large arena for people to fight in for one big brawl! It's everyone against everyone in here! An extensive medical staff is on standby for if anyone dies or is seriously injured, so go nuts.</i>
Star's Shrine: Redecorated and Renovated
<i> Star's up to her usual tricks again, trying to get new visitors to her shrine. She's redecorated the place and gave it a second story. Looks like she also got a new look for herself, sporting a blue coat and a sweet platinum colored gauntlet.</i> ...yeah, this'll do...I think? Looks good... it's like it's all shiny and new...
Star's Cosmic Boss Rush!
<i>It was just a normal day in the Nexus...but then every television suddenly turned to same channel, which shows Star making a big announcement.</i> &quot;Good day everyone. So, you're probably wondering why I'm on the TV, right? Well, that's because this is an announcement! I'm going to be taking over the world, and I'm doing it competently this time. Tommorow, by the break of day, I shall begin my conquest to rule the world! If a big attack is made by anyone, I'll attack then and there. But, if a band of adventurers were to, oh, I don't know, come in and stop me, well then I guess I just won't attack...but that's if they can get to me in the first place. Hahahahaha! <i>...and that's why our adventures and heros are gathering on the path to Star's Castle of Chaos.</i> <i><b><center> Location: Path to Star's Castle of Chaos.</center></b></i> <i>...this is the part where everyone who is interested in kicking the crap out of Star is meeting up.</i>
The Second Great Snow War
<i>Two castles made entirely of snow and ice sit in the center of a frozen Shibuya. From one of the castles, Star, dressed in her old Ice Queen clothes, is declaring war on the other castle.</i> Hahahahah! Nobody will stop me this time! I may have gotten a draw last year, but this year I'm going to rule the world with a frozen fist! Hahahahah! I just have to destroy this other castle I made because I got bored...what, don't judge me.
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