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I Tim, Splat Tim done it, I, Tim, Splat Tim am da man, I, Tim, Splat Tim am Tim, Splat Tim, president of the Nexus!

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Leblac Cafe-
i regret to inform you as president of roleplaying on this fan website titled phantom aficionado site otherwise known as "PhanSite" that this is the improper way to play a role or "roleplay" please see our three page rule book for instructions on how to do so properly
This is awesome
Do we tell them?
Day 2
watch jojo instead. it does it way harder. I, Tim Splat Tim, am a firm believer in Gyro Zeppeli's balls. Number one single in Europe, yes.
Dig up diamonds, and craft those diamonds and make some armor, Get it baby, go and forge that like you so, MLG pro, The sword's made of diamonds, so come at me bro Training in your room under the torch light, Hone that form to get you ready for the big fight, Every single day and the whole night, Creeper's out prowlin' - alright Look at me, look at you, Take my revenge that's what I'm gonna do, I'm a warrior baby, what else is new, And my blade's gonna tear through you Bring it
And run, run until it's done, done, until the sun comes up in the morn'
Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
<i>Chegging blue paint, el presidente unplugs mementos.</i> &quot;This is the real world now.&quot;
Bruh Moment
<quote user="InterNiko">it's my office now, libtard</quote> Sorry buddy, wait until summer 2021 to be elected into office. <quote user="Kitagawa"> <center>- - - https://i.imgur.com/GAACETb.png - - - Oh shit. This juice is bangin' yo. - - -</center></quote> And I, Tim, Splat Time am glad you can enjoy such a fine drink as Light Blue Paint!

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Own a can of paint for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. &quot;What the devil?&quot; As I grab my powdered wig and 9 mm. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my flag on the second man's corpse, miss him entirely because it's a fucking seizure again and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the tomahawk missile mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with food coloring, &quot;Tally ho lads&quot; the food coloring shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix RP and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular flagpole wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.
2 more years
I, Tim, Splat Tim still have two more years in office. So as celebration of this glorious day, let us all chug the great nectar of light blue paint. My, Tim, Splat Tim’s glorious nation shall prosper for these next two years still. Two years ago today I Tim, Splat Tim was elected into office. That day was a good day. So cheg up and let us destroy more cities and cover them up with light blue paint! Good night everyone. And before I Tim, Splat Tim sign off I Tim, Splat Tim have one very important message to say. Gay
Bruh Moment
I, Tim Splat Tim have been president for not even two years yet wtf. Four years is much longer than I, Tim, Splat Tim had originally thought. Welp, heres to the rest of the presidency my, Tim, Splat Tim's citz. Lets crack a cold one of Light Blue Paint and ride this out
The City
*Tim, Splat Tim is doing presidently duties by chugging blue ink and passing legislature.* I does it.
Tim, Splat Tim's house of presidency
*Tim, Splat Tim sits in a chair behind a desk drinking light blue paint out of a coffee mug* Ah, today was a good day, Tim, Splat Tim does it!
*Tim, Splat Tim sits on top of a tree stump in the middle of a forest covered in armor. Tim, Splat Tim is also chugging down a light blue paint mead. He is also looking at a list of unfinished quests* Tim, Splat Tim will get these done cause he does it! But now he shouts it! Splat Ro Da! *Tim, Splat Tim does a splatter shout, but then only a couple seconds later, a Lightbluerun guard walks up to Tim, Splat Tim the Splatterborn saying, &quot;Excuse me sir, but stop your shouting, your scaring the people.&quot; Tim, Splat Tim the Splatterborn nods and continues his way through Lightbluerun. He then steps inside a tavern and sits down* All this questing is making me Tim, Splat Tim the Splatterborn tired!
Lets keep those pesky RPs away
So drink up some good light blue paint with me, Tim, Splat Tim and enjoy the good times!
Another Destroyed city
*The President Tim, Splat Tim sits on a pile of rubble as he watches a city burn around him. Tim, Splat Tim smiles and says* I does it. *He proceeds to chug down some light blue paint while also splating some blank areas* This city is no more under I Tim, Splat Tim, the President of the Nexus, For I am Tim, Splat Tim, The Splat Tim Tim Splat Tim. I Tim, Splat Tim the greatest warrior Tim, Splat Tim will take on any threat against Tim, Splat Tim or against the Nexus, for I am Tim, Splat Tim, President Tim, Splat Tim, President of the Nexus.
Presedential Speech: Topic of current events
Hello Nexus, impose- I mean legally elected president, Tim, Splat Tim here. For the past few days, a group of people have been plotting to destroy the Nexus Core. Being the President of said Nexus, I, Tim, Splat Tim, was informed immediately. After being told the news, I Tim, Splat Tim, would like to address it. Now, what do I, Tim Splat Tim, think of the situation? As President I, Tim, Splat Tim only want the best for my citizens...So, I Tim, Splat Tim, are one to evacuate the Nexus when the time comes for it. If it is truly unsafe, we must not standby as it continues to harm us. I Tim, Splat Tim will take full responsibility as president if this operation is to go wrong. Even though we may be leaving behind this place we call home, we will not lose our memories we have made here. For if we have those memories, a new home may be less painful to live in, because everyone we care about will still be around us, and we will have all of our memories to look back on. Then maybe, after we stop looking back on those memories, we, as a community, can make new memories in our new home. Thank you all for listening. This was your president of the Nexus Tim, Splat Tim. Goodnight.
Hes back and splatter than ever
Sup, I Tim, Splat Tim, your president, is back. *Tim, Splat Tim salutes while drinking light blue paint*
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