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Change someone's heart
Alright, I know that this was a stupid idea but it doesn't mean you have to be so negative about it. If you think it's a bad idea, just say it and keep it yo yourself. There's no need for arguing because of me being an idiot. Come on guys, I thought this community was better than that.
Change someone's heart
Don't worry, we won't do any stupid stuff. We know thay we can get in trouble and that's really not what we want during this quarentine.
Change someone's heart
By the way, do not join to joke around and being an idiot please. It's really serious and I wanna take this guy down.
ask me dumb questions
wow ok people are angry at Twitter. Keemstar Keemstar Keemstar sucks
Should I get a nintendo switch?
Don't get a switch if you have a PS4. If you really wanna play Joker in Smash, then as Elmco said buy a Lite-Switch which is not that expensive and cool if you wanna try games. And about persona, just wait for P5R. It won't be on Switch...
Mmmmm, I'm in your bed~

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Change someone's heart
So, I recently found out that some guy is doing messed up shit like asking minors for nudes and he claims that his private server is his kingdom. He also DDOS' people and other servers to get rid of the competition. I'd like to kinda "change his heart" but I lack manpower. So, if you'd like to help DM on Discord. Here's my discord: Spandwichh#7126
Can we agree about something? I'll kill you if you don't. Ok so, Jean-Baptiste is the best name yes?
Persona 5: The Royal
What do you think about the idea of remaking P5 but with: different events, more characters, better graphics (aw yeah) and a new waifu? Will it be a good game with as much success as the original? Are you excited for it? But more importantly, is the phansite gonna be upgraded because of it? Would be cool thought.
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