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Yep, what you see is what you get. Im a dude who put a mask in a Black Sonic.

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Persona 5 Spoiler zone
I see that people are saying so many impressive spoilers, so im gonna say mine's too! <spoiler>Ryuji is best boi dont tell me that it isnt or I will break your peepee</spoiler>
Meal Time With Lnari
<b><i>Did someone say beef?</i></b>
Hello world
<quote user="Flareon">oh no, a sonic fan</quote> Oh no, a Pokemon fan. Our fight will be legendary.

Recent topics

Persona 5 Spoiler zone
<b><i><center>Heya dudes from the Phorum</center></i></b> <center><i>Im SkyLarks, but the people call me Sky. </i></center> <center>I had an idea of doing a thread where people can post all the spoiler they want, and then we could talk about them</center> <span class="through"><center>Hope Nobody did this before me</center></span> <b><i><center>Welp, post your spoilers! </center></i></b>
Is P4G better looking than P5R?
<center><i>I wanna see what are your thoughts about this question</i></center> <span class="through"><center>Whatcha think?</center></span>
Hello world
<b><center>Oh wow, finally I found the Phorum.</b></center> <i><center> Welp, let me introduce myself</i> </center> Bruh, im just a dude who has a mask in a Black Sonic. <span class="underline"><center>What you see is what you get. See ya in the next post I will do. </center></span>
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