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"Demonic Reaper of Edge" My name's Caeser A. Zeppeli, a wild card and adept magician. I'm also a mercenary/assassin. I co-own Leblanc with Boss, and I've got my own nightclub. You'll find me at either of those. If you'd like to contact me, the easiest way to do so is with Discord. My discord is Shiza_Salad#1025. ---- Codename: Monarch Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Weapons: Crescent Rose (Scythe; Heavy Phys/Gun {Converts to sniper rifle with 10 Rounds}) / Blade of the Harvester (Scythe; Resists Bless), Malice and Malady (Duel Wield Revolvers; 12 Rounds) Armor: Caeser's Headband (Resist Garu), Blood-Red Trench Coat (Agl Bonus) HP: 666 SP: 666 Skills: Kimat: Brave Blade, Agidyne, Ziodyne, Mudoon, Black Viper, Heat Riser, Spell Mastery, Enduring Soul Azazel: Hassou Tobi, Maragidyne, Maziodyne, Die for Me!, Morning Star, Heat Riser, Enduring Soul, Victory Cry Pyratheon: Pralaya, Raging Wildfire, Vicious Blizzard, Whirling Typhoon, Primal Thunderstorm, Morning Star, Heat Riser, Eternal Damnation (Colossal Curse/Nuclear, single target) {All custom skills deal Colossal and are multi-target} Strong: Repel Fire, Null Lightning, Null Curse Weak: Wind, Bless Str: 4/5 Mag: 4/5 End: 3/5 Agl: 4/5 Luc: 3/5 Arcana: Tower Persona(s): Kimat, Azazel, Pyratheon ---- Male

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Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
*Eyeroll* Whatever Gamma. All I wanted to do was to say that I'm actually gone, not to just leave and have people question if I still exist or not. "Attention-seeking" my ass. Never said there was anything wrong with the RP, just that it doesn't interest me anymore. No need to get butthurt. So long, Gamma, not that I care.
Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
<quote user="Bgammax"><quote user="Shiza_Salad"> Oh believe me, I've been active in plenty of threads, just not since September because of the aforementioned reasons. Also, sure, I'll PM you. Thanks.</quote> Just not in the past 3 weeks because the school blocked the site and you refuse to say what you wanted from it so we can try to improve. Still, most of yours happen at relatively dead hours which makes it rough to get people. </quote> What I want is to just leave. RP is uninteresting for me now, and I rarely have time to regularly get on the site anyway. Honestly, there's no reason to argue, let alone discuss this further.
Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
<quote user="Hibiki">It's kinda not a pleasant thing to hear as a GM, someone saying &quot;RP isn't as good&quot;, especially from someone who doesn't join as many threads.</quote> Oh believe me, I've been active in plenty of threads, just not since September because of the aforementioned reasons. Also, sure, I'll PM you. Thanks.
Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
<quote user="Aki-Joker">I can understand you , Shiza. Well we can still talk on Deviantart. But at the moment it's true, nothing interesting happens.</quote> *cough cough* Discord works too, lol *cough* You too Ain, get discord *cough cough*
Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
<quote user="Hibiki">To be blunt, I highly disagree with your points. If this is your reason to leave, fine, but it's not a reason in my opinion. It's not that hard to try and make friends, or go into PMs. If you think RP isn't as good as it used to be, honestly I think you're not looking, because some good threads have happened in the last week. If you want more of something, you can always work to create it, show there's demand for something so others will follow. I know I and several others are hard at work setting up plots of our own, so I will admit I'm a bit biased, and feel just a teeny bit insulted, not directly of course. But if you wish to do so regardless, farewell.</quote> Another of my many reasons is that I've lost interest in RP. It's just not as fun as it used to be anymore. Another is I'm always busy with school and never have a chance to pop on here anyway. Yet another is school blocked the page. Dunno why, but they did, so I can't get on here even if I wanted to (Which I don't). Thing is though, even when I do create RP, no one or a minimal amount of people show up, so there's just no point anyway. You probably won't care for my point of view, but what I've said is final. Sorry.
Heard y'all like lolis?
*Dissipates into a red mist* Can't arrest what isn't tangible... *leaves*
Heard y'all like lolis?
Sure I'm married to Yang, but that doesn't make lolis any less great.
Heard y'all like lolis?
Loli's are great.
The L E G Thread
The best kind, ngl.
The L E G Thread
No leg for you.

Recent topics

Letter of Resignation (Serious This Time)
After giving it some thought, I have decided to leave the site indefinitely. I have decided to go through with this because RP isn't as good as it used to be, and all my old friends from the site have either left or vacated to the PMs. It's been a good run and I'll miss (most of) you all. As I'll likely never go on the PMs, you can reach me at Shiza_Salad#1025. Thanks again, Shiza out.
Favorite Song and Artist?
Just curious, ngl. Put a youtube link to the song in your answer and explain why you like it. Being the edgy piece of garbage I am, my favorite song is probably Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch. Favorite Band is a close tie between Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed.
Project Olympus: Exodus Finale
*A large warehouse stands at a quiet pier, a slight mist flowing from the waters. Beside the building is a small office, a trifecta-like symbol over the doorway with &quot;Exodus Technologies&quot; in orange neon lights. According to Bloodlust's dying words, Grant Winters has created a deadly war machine which must be destroyed for the sake of the Nexus* (This is the finale to my most recent plotline. This dungeon shouldn't take long, if people use common sense...)
Days of Shadow 2: Eclipse
(Take two of the dungeon for my friend. Anyone is welcome) *Shiza stands before the outside of the massive black cube, staring at the opening into the dark within* Well, here goes nothing.
Battle Royale 2: Blood, Sweat and Adrenaline
*Shiza enters a massive arena, the stands completely empty. He looks around, chuckling as he motions to the structure* This is what happens when you become a rich bounty hunter. Ya end up with more money then you can spend, and buy stuff for the sake of it. Well, you ready?
Bloodlust Dungeon Sign-Up: Sequel
Alright, so I've finished the planning for the dungeon, and I'm just recasting members. Up to a total of six party members may join. I plan to start this either tomorrow or Monday. What time yet, I don't know. This dungeon is for a plot line that revolves around my previous Exodus plot and my new character &quot;Bloodlust&quot;. If you'd like to join, just say so below. First come, first serve.
Day of Shadow: Yuuya's Palace
*Shiza stands outside of a massive black cube, staring at the gaping entrance* Well this is new. So Yuuya, you sure you want to do this?
Bloodlust Dungeon Sign-Up
Exactly what the title is. The total amount of members will be six, no more. This dungeon will kick off a massive plot line I've planned, perhaps you've seen my last thread on it. Anyway, if you'd like to join, just reply below saying so. I haven't planned an exact time or date yet, but it might be later this week or the next.
Leblanc XVII: New and Improved
(Well, might as well make a new one...) *Shiza stands behind the counter, drinking from a cup of coffee* Christ this place took awhile to refurbish. Welp, knock yourselves out... *He lays back in a chair and falls asleep*
So, I'd like some input
I just came up with some plot I can do for Shiza, and I'd like input. Hear me out: Bloodlust (the murder I've been rping recently) is fought and defeated by a group of heroes, and when he's cornered, he kills himself but points to the fact that they're all being controlled without their knowing. Eventually Exodus (If anyone remembers that, they were an organization secretly developing weapons to wipe out the Nexus) resurfaces, their leader creating an ultimate living weapon, which escapes. Tell me what you think...
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