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I'm a student in my third year, and I live with my dearest one. I'm also a crazy anarchist apparently. I want to change the world and become strong, just like the Phantom Thieves. Persona: Adrestia Arcana: Death Alter ego: The Black Samurai

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Oh my effing god my guy
I use a third party patch to see bob and vegene in the Steam version of Sakura Dungeon.
Are Genderbents Cringey?
You make my body convulse in all the right ways, baby~
A Garden of No Thorns
<i>Senri looks to Rasa, perplexed.</i> Erm... I kinda broke my last computer. I don't wanna break the flowers too. But if you guys could show me a bit that would be great! I'm sure a flower can liven up my place a bit. <i>She stood up and stepped closer to Rasa and Saeko, watching what they do for now as an example.</i> Oh, it's just this game I played before, don't worry. Hah. Probably sounds weird coming from someone like me. I see, though. It's true, in a world like this, places are abandoned when they're no longer useful or profitable... I live in Yongen-Jaya. It's kind of a closed in place; bigger than this, but small for Tokyo. With how crowded the city seems to be getting, I imagine more people would come here if it was spruced up a bit. Maybe we can even make this a better place than the rest of the city and set an example to the rest of this place! If you were up for it of course.
A Garden of No Thorns
Well, regardless, it's really nice! Whoever is taking care of this place has a regular green thumb. I've never been good with plants myself, I like to appreciate though. <i>Noticing Saeko put on her gloves, she was able to put two and two together quickly.</i> Ah, so it's yours? That's awesome. Not many places left like this in Tokyo. It's almost like it's hidden from the world. Like that one game... Dark Coronation, I think? <i>Senri sat down on the ground and decided to watch Saeko work for now.</i>
A Garden of No Thorns
<i>A seemingly teenage girl strolls through the garden. It was one of those days where she was on her own again, she has some kin. Somehow, she ended up getting lost and ended up in this unfamiliar place... It was beautiful, surreal. Like something out of a storybook. She saw the two girls... One she was familiar with. This was kinda awkward... Regardless, she tries to maintain her composure and smiled.</i> Evening, ladies! I don't recall this place existing in Tokyo. This some kind of a wormhole?
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
<i>The girl from before had followed Ren in secret. She found that conversation from earlier too peculiar to just write off. For now, she watched him from a distance, peeping on him from around the corner of a building.</i>
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
OOC: Shouldn't you be more flexible? Even if you have a plot or something, you kill off two of the few characters from P5 actually used here. This just discourages people from joining your RP and will kill it fast. A good GM writes with others, not by themselves.
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
<i>The girl chuckled lightly.</i> Hah. This place doesn't serve alcohol I think. Probably should. Wish I were old enough to drink. <i>The girl finishes her drink and stares at the glass. She seems tired. ...She noticed a familiar face she's seen on TV and narrows her eyes. She whispers to the teen next to her.</i> Isn't that that pretty boy Akechi? I thought he disappeared...<div class='edited'>(edited by Senri_Suzuko)</div>
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
<i>The girl glanced over at the conversation. She couldn't help but give a strange look. What were they talking about. Not human? A cat? Sounded like something out of a manga, she thought as she quietly sips her tea.</i><div class='edited'>(edited by Senri_Suzuko)</div>

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1,000 Words
<i>The snow fell as Senri Suzuko walked the night streets of Yongen-Jaya alone. The snow fell more than usual. More than she was used to. Dressed in layers of clothes, she looked homeless. Though she'd tell you it's grunge. She recalled where she was last time. Almost dying in that underground place. Months of searching for treasure, for answers, for anything at all, putting herself in danger... Was it worth it...? Senri sat down on a bench, weakness in her expression. She held herself. In this weather, she'd surely freeze. Winters come, indeed. Chrismas would come soon as well. She closed her eyes. Christmas alone, without them... It was fine. Or so she told herself. In this freezing weather, Senri was almost ready to accept... Maybe, this is how it has to be. Not even a blunt would change that. The girl sees her own breath as she closes her eyes.</i>
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