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What is going on guys? It's Scarce here, and today we are talking about my description. It has been around since day one and I finally decided to edit it.

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
What’s going on guys? It’s Scarce here. Today we are talking about last post wins. Now, this was an old gag on the phansite ever since the dawn of time. It looks like user Queef loved the agony it caused before and decided it would be great to restart it. Will Queef win? Will Scarce? Micah? Leave a like and subscribe for more content
Update, reason for Unactiity
I mean, I have been gone for like a year. I just hopped on for memories today. It’s definitely different nowadays haha
Change one word in this sentence.
Best boy is Mishima because Mishima loves yaoi induced phanart.
I apologize...
This is so sad... Can we hit children?
Change one word in this sentence.
Stylish waifu is Akechi because Atlus hates yaoi stained pancakes
Okay is it just me or do you guys get yaoi ads on other websites
<quote user="Joker">Depending on where you go is depending on the ads you'll see. For example, facebook is well known for watching your online activity, and tailoring their ads to specifically reflect what you do to try and entice you to buy their shit. If you are seeing Yaoi ads, that's pretty telling on your search history. </quote> I look at this site at not personal computers and i go to random sites for like math and such and i get yaoi ads on the math sites. I dont watch yaoi if any sort
Change one word in this sentence.
Your name is Brock and I love Jelly-filled Pancakes
Let me Show you my Thicc and Juicy Thighs~
Nsfw tag please! This was too thicc for my boss
Is my birfday
good birthday go౦ԁ biRthday🎂 thats 🍦 some good🎂🎂birthday right🎂🍰there🎂🍦💥 right🍦there 💥🍦if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯
Does anyone want a remake of Persona 3?
I would enjoy one to be honest. If they do port them from ps2 to ps4, it’ll still cost money for an old game. Think of all the improvements they could do with a p3 remaster. Sure, it may cost fill price, but it’s a remake, so you could probably get some extra stuff with it, or different story alterations. I know some people aren’t going to like the story alteration idea, but it’s just a possibility

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After fight thoughts
I got the shit kicked out of me. What did you guys think of the fight?
Okay is it just me or do you guys get yaoi ads on other websites
because the phansite is the only anime site i go on and now i get highschool yaoi love stories in my freaking ads. Mishima why?
Good anon chat question change
Should I change the question? Ngl its real good
Japanese audio or English audio for P5
I prefer English (sue me) because I can actually understand the language. Whenever I tried to play in Japanese audio I always clicked to the next dialogue too early. I know you could put it in auto, but I don't like to have the Persona games that way for some reason. Plus then I can actually hear the meme &quot;Woah, cool Joker!&quot; In English.
Occasional other topic
wats up bois its me time to post some wholesome memes
Just beat DRV3... spoilers
The entire game was really h*cking good, the class trials were fun, and the executions are good. But I want to complain about the ending... <spoiler>like seriously what the fuck is that ending? It’s really unsatisfying to see that they completely were like “Danganronpa 1 and 2 aren’t real you silly loser btw this person you know is completely turned upside down. It kinda just ruined the entire flow of the game during the class trial. I really enjoy Danganronpa, but this was just not enjoyable in my opinion. I know that the devs were tired of milking the series or so i’ve heard. But couldn’t they not of done a satisfying ending? If anyone else has played it, i would like to hear what you think. I may understand the reasoning why the ending is the way it is a little better if so.</spoiler>
What DLC should i get for Persona 5?
I got twenty bucks on my account. I want atleast two outfits and some personas. I know Kaguya is apparently OP, so i may get that one. But what do you guys think?
I'll revive this site!
<i>uses recarm</i>
Ninjago RP 2
aha, I am evil Scarce now. Prepare for the world to be destroyed! Ninja-GO! <i>Scarce transforms into an evil version of himself</i>
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