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My name is Sayaka Miki, a middle-schooler here. Not only that, but I also go around to save people as a Magical Girl!! Age:14 Height: 160 Centimeters About Magical Girls: In the series Sayaka comes from, Magical Girls all form a contract with a creature in order to attain a wish. In exchange, they become Magical Girls, with powers according to their wish, are given a Soul Gem, and go out to fight monsters called Witches. These Soul Gems darken as more magic is used, and if it goes completely dark... Lets just say no one's happy

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Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
<i>Sayaka pushes forward against Madoka's shield for a moment, before finally just breathing out a sigh. The girl stops her attack, instead turning around and sheathing her weapon</i> &quot;You should know the answer to that. Its too dangerous to let people be near me.&quot; <i>Sayaka reverts to her normal, clean uniform, done fighting, at least for now, as she looks at the blue, egg-shaped gem in her hand.</i> &quot;After all, I'm just a monster waiting to hatch. That's why I have to stay away, so I don't hurt Kamilla.. Or anyone else who matters.&quot;
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
&quot;That's not..&quot; <i>Sayaka stumbles forward a bit, slow to turn back around to face Madoka. She remembered of course. Remembered every day how wonderful life used to be.</i> &quot;None of that matters now. We can't go back.&quot; <i>Sayaka faces Madoka, her cape billowing dramatically in the wind as she breathes out a sigh. Suddenly, the girl kicks up a trio of weapons from beneath her cape, flinging them not directly at Madoka, but rather at the ground around her.</i> &quot;No, I won't go back.&quot; <i>Sayaka rushes Madoka again, however this time the three swords she threw earlier would unravel, aiming to entrap and impede Madoka's attempts to escape as Sayaka aims another thrust at her opponent</i> &quot;You can't ask me to sit back and let people die.&quot;
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
&quot;Man you're annoying. You think this is some kinda therapy session?&quot; <i>Sayaka lets out a sigh. It was indeed harder to fight this way, when her opponent wasn't planning on fighting back, but its why they came here, so Sayaka wasn't just going to stop. The girl makes a sudden dash towards her opponent, aiming two swift slashes before spinning around and pulling an even larger sword, one of those classically oversized buster swords, and thrusting it with enough force to crack the ground beneath her</i> &quot;Don't act like we're supposed to be friends. Different timelines remember? I don't even know you.&quot;
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
&quot;Terrifying right? That's what I've been told.&quot; <i>Though Sayaka would receive a massive jolt, singing her clothes and tearing straight through her body, the girl doesn't seem to react at all. Madoka can see her singed flesh replacing itself almost immediately, without Sayaka even seeming to notice. Similarly, the wound in her side doesn't seem to bother Sayaka at all as she lifts the magic blade she made earlier, one almost as long as Madoka's spear, and points it at her opponent. A soft <b>click</b> can be heard the moment before Madoka connects, sending the blade launching at Madoka's at an incredible speed. As close as they are, Madoka'd be lucky if the weapon, easily as large as Madoka herself, didn't impale her.</i> &quot;Y'know, you're better off going for the kill than draining me. We both know what'll happen if I run out right? Then you'd have to kill me anyways.&quot;
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
“Now you’re just making excuses.” <i>Sayaka closes her eyes and focuses, knowing her sight and sound might be useless, so instead she reaches out her left hand to create a barrier out of her music notes. She was never particularly good at making shields, so it would be broken with little effort. However, once it’s shattered it acts as a warning system,allowing Sayaka to shift the hilt of her sword to intercept Madoka, forcing the other girl’s speed to strike her chest upon the weapon’s hard hilt, likely knocking the breath out of Madoka. Of course, this would leave Sayaka well-within the range of the girl’s other spear, leaving a nasty gash that refuses to heal. Sayaka steps away, providing Madoka some time to recover as she speaks</i> “You’re seriously trying to bleed me out? You know full well there’s only one place you could hit me that matters.” <i>Sayaka’s soul gem, now stained with some of the girl’s own blood, nevertheless glistens in the light</i> “But you don’t want to face that either do you? I could never lose to a coward who won’t even say what’s bothering them.”
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
“What’s the matter?” <i>Sayaka didn’t need any room to run from this, instead she simply needs a fraction of an inch, from which she conjures a circle of blue notes at her feet. From the circle comes a massive sword, one significantly wider than Sayaka that the girl brings up to act as a shield. Though the hand Sayaka hold it in would likely get some flak, it’s not enough to bother the girl in the slightest</i> “I thought you wanted to show me how strong you’ve gotten, but all you’re doing is running.” <i>Sayaka tilts her new weapon, wedging it’s blade and holy between opposite sides of the light barrier and using its leverage to apply her full strength to both ends in an effort to shatter it</i> “My job hasn’t changed at all, you’ve just been running from the truth.”
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
&quot;You really shouldn't underestimate me.&quot; <i>Sayaka draws out her left blade from its sheathe, rather than actually swinging, she lets the weapon drop behind her, where the blade splits and expands into a series of roped pieces, which automatically latch themselves onto Jeanne's spear to drag it towards the ground.</i> &quot;I very well can kill you.&quot; <i>with the persona's weapon momentarily tangled, Sayaka aims to press her advantage, spinning to slash upwards towards Madoka's face before immediately following it with a harsh kick aimed at the other girl's side</i>
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
“I saw you prepping ahead of time.” <i>Sayaka draws her cape around her, allowing the cloth to completely cover her as she bends down. Madoka’s arrows rapidly approach, only to find the cape falling to the ground, empty.</i> “I couldn’t just wait.” <i>An instant later, Sayaka dashes at Madoka from a few feet to her left, blade in hand, aiming first for Madoka’s weapon. For now she seemed satisfied changing making it a close-quarters fight</i>
Behind the Den- Err Leblanc: Madoka vs Sayaka
“Looks like I don’t have to wait then.” <i>A few swords, solid metal bars shaped like a Katana fly towards Madoka from the building’s roof. Their thrower leaps from the building, landing a few feet behind Madoka with her cape billowing in the wind.</i> “I’m not gonna hold back of course. So you better take this seriously.”
I remembered this place existed.
&gt;implying that there are intelligent people on Discord Anyways your Pfp looks just fine, nice drawing btw

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A visit to the art museum
<i>This thread is exactly what it says on the tin. There's a new exhibit in town for only a few days that catches the interest of a variety of people. One such person is a blue-haired schoolgirl who's sent a message to a few of their friends to meet them there. She stands a bit outside the museum, her ticket already at the ready as she waits</i>
Good news Bad News
The good news is that Kroger has thIs thing caLled short rest where they’Ll pay More. Bad news is that it’s exactly what it says on the tin and I’m working on four hours of slEep. How’s your mornings?
Phansite Counts to 10, the sequel
I know there was another of these threads a while back, but I believe we’ve all grown a lot, so I’m gonna start us off and watch us do it, ok? Rules are simple 1. Count to 10 following the person before you 2. If someone messes up, that’s ok. We can try again Ready? I’ll start. One
A Megumi Ibunruku Persona Fan Theory
What if Maki isn’t the real Maki?
GYM: One's Practice
<i>With her plans set and in motion, the young, blue-haired schoolgirl Sayaka Miki heads to the nearby GYM, not quite the average workout place, though it has that equipment too, it was more known for acting as a magic fight club of sorts. Sayaka closes her eyes and strolls right in... To the closed door, shaking her head as she opens her eyes and blinks</i> Wait... Its not open? And there's even a door here? What now.... <i>Sayaka taps her foot on the doormat, crossing her arms as she thinks for a bit, before an idea hits her</i> better than nothing. <i>After checking to make sure its locked, Sayaka feels around the top of the door, no dice, and finally beneath the doormat. Bingo. Satisfied, Sayaka unlocks the door, setting the key back beneath the doormat, and heads inside</i> Alright, now I've just gotta wait a bit. She'll probably be around soon.
Fan club Fan Club
a club for fans who are fans of fan clubs. Personally my favorite is the Fire Emblem Fates Fan Club, how about yours?
Urban Legends
<i>No matter where you go, there are always local rumors and legends, a result of people's hopes and fears of the unknown, even the slightest sound can grow, with more and more stories woven around it until they become the stuff of legend. Just outside of one such place, known as the Ghost's Hideaway, a run down alleyway in an even older part of Tokyo where its said you can hear strange noises at night. So of course, its in the dead of night that a young, blue-haired girl rolls up and parks her bicycle outside of it</i>
A Peaceful Night
<i>There wasn't really anything special about tonight, not in the typical manner anyways. The cool breeze feels nice after such a warm and bustling day. In spite of how late it might seem, a young, blonde girl roams the night, peering into alleyways as she heads on her way. Though many people are bringing their day to a close, for now, the girl walks into the subway station, as though ready to simply begin.</i>
Random Thoughts
If you’re dating someone with dissociative identity disorder, do you technically have a harem? Sure, there’s only one body, but these alternate identities are often extremely different and in some cases don’t know about each other existence.
Miki's Delivery Service
<i>In a rather nondescript section of the building lies a series of older apartment buildings. They seem to have been maintained fairly well, aside from the peeling paint there's very little to complain about this area. On the side of one apartment building is a simple red bicycle, the kind you might find anywhere, chained in a bicycle rack. Above this bike hangs a small banner, stretching between three of the apartment complex's windows. The banner reads as follows: &quot;Miki's Delivery Service, 500 Yen. Delivers anywhere in the city same day or your money back. Just ask for apartment 315 for more.&quot; The banner itself seems rather new and handmade, it almost looks like it might have been drawn in crayon, but its still easy enough to read. In addition to the words are drawings of a smiling, blue-haired girl riding through the city on a bicycle, a few packages in her basket.</i>
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