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Snowball War 3: the Frozen Labyrinth
&quot;It's on...&quot; <i>A man in a latex suit locks a giant cannon around his chest, spirling a few widgets and causing it make a clink sound, indicating it was fully loaded.</i> &quot;...like Donkey Kong.&quot; <i>Sam holds the trigger button of his weapon, causing snowballs to fire in spurts over a large distance. He points it at the front wall of the labyrinth to test it, unleashing a light barrage of snowballs.</i> &quot;Alright, let's get this show on the road!&quot;
A Chilling Announcement
<i>Intently reads announcement</i> &quot;Looks like the game...&quot; <i>Loads pixel cannon and holds it up to chest</i> &quot;...is close to release date.&quot;

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