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The Wandering Barista, Ryoma Sakamichi! A man from 1995 who appeared in the Nexus alongside his trusted bike, The Wanderer. The Wanderer has two large compartments on the front and back that allow it to convert into a makeshift stall-style cafe. His background is mysterious and he is constantly hunted by the forces of Burner. Abilities: it's a surprise~

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Persona RP Discord Server
@ImTheRealKlib#8739 will be shooting a request shortly
Persona RP Discord Server
<i>A young man could be seen riding up behind the group on a rather chunky bicycle. The vehicle was adorned with several storage containers which made a soft rattling sound as the man brought the bike to a halt.</i> &quot;So what, pray tell, is the occasion?&quot; <i>The young man would brush a few hairs from his face while posing his question to nobody in particular.</i> &quot;It seems as though people are quite thirsty for their chance to shine. Should that be the case, I would also throw my hat into the ring. Let's get brewing, shall we?&quot;
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>The man lifts the top of his belt and pulls out the cup. All the liquid around his body would return to the belt and Rymoa would be back to normal.</i> Well then, that was eventful! Hm? <i>Not seeing any sign of the person, Rymoa turns his attention to the strange orbs left behind by the shadow. He kneels down and picks one up.</i> Back where I'm from we didn't even have cellular phones, so I haven't the slightest clue as to what these things are...
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>The man jumps backwards as Tatsuya's persona attacks.</i> Do you think monsters can learn to live with people? I used to think it was impossible, but that's because I didn't have anyone to tell me how narrow minded I was. <i>The man brings his hand down on the green button once more.</i> Someday you'll get better. I'll fight to make that the truth. Because saving others is what being a Kamen Rider is all about! <i>He slams the button three times in rapid succession.</i> <b>RI-RI-RIDE BLEND! THE FINISHER!</b> <i>Rymoa is surrounded by brown liquid and jettisoned into the air. He quickly orients himself and aims at the top of the snake's head. His descent starts slowly until his leg starts to shine with a gray light, at which point he begins travelling ever faster until he connects with his target.</i> Soiyaaaaaaah!
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
You want everything to make sense? You want something to hold on to? Then look no further than friends, comrades, confidants... so long as someone is ready and willing to hold out a hand to you, then grab hold. They will be the truth you deserve. <i>The man holds out his own hand as he speaks, however in his grasp is a small K-Cup looking object with &quot;Ride Blend&quot; written on it.</i> I would offer myself as that pillar, however, I doubt my words alone would convince you. That and I am very busy protecting the peace. Much like right now! <i>He flashes a quick grin as he inserts the cup into his belt. A green button would light up as he does so and pressing it would cause it to cry out.</i> <b>PREHEATING! STANDBY! READY!</b> Henshin. <i>The man begins running towards the snake as he slams the top of the belt, locking in the cup.</i> <b>RIDE BLEND! KAMEN RIDER C!</b> <i>Rymoa would be covered from head to toe in a brown liquid as he keeps running. The liquid would coalesce into brown armor with gray lines running up his arms and legs, his head would be covered in the same brown along with gray compound eyes, lastly there would be a red crystal laid upon his brow.</i> Kamen Rider C. Let's get brewing shall we? <i>The man leaps into the air and performs a flying knee aimed squarely at the creature's jaw.</i> Kyaaaah!
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>The man stands up and dusts himself off quickly. In his left hand would be what appeared to be the top of a Keurig machine. He brought it to his waist and a belt would shoot out and fasten to Rymoa's body.</i> Hmmm... you seem to be lost. Much like I was... of course concepts like truth and lies can be twisted and sold as either or, but what matters is striving towards the actual truth. No matter what pain it brings. Living in ignorance is all well and good, but not if you purposely avert your gaze. <i>He smiles softly at the figure, but his eyes held a fierce determination.</i> And if everyone is so quick to shy away from that responsibility, then as an ally of justice I will take it upon myself to find the truth. I will not settle for a convenient fabrication, and neither should anyone else.
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
You have never been okay? <i>The figure's words were startling to hear but nowhere near as off putting as the mailbox turning into some strange monster.</i> How am I? Well, I can honestly say that I am better than I once was... but that only happened because I opened my eyes to the truth! <i>The appearance of the mailbox's new form sent a shiver up Ryoma's spine. An unpleasant memory trying to breach the locks he had put up. This caused him to pause until he heard the crunch that the beast exhibited. Now at attention he noticed the creature fling the car towards him and the two strangers.</i> Watch out! <i>Ryoma uttered a quick warning before diving to the left and hopefully out of harm's way. Regardless, he'd scramble for a moment and begin fishing out something in his apron.</i>
World of Clay/Melting and Reforming
<i>Approaching from behind the figure would be the sound of bike chains grinding to a halt.</i> Whew... that was a productive day! Tomorrow we shall do our best once more, right? <i>A man speaks softly as he parks his bike at a nearby rack. He ran his hand over the handlebars with a warm smile affixed to his face. However, that warmth would soon turn to fear as he notices the... thing? He couldn't quite make out what he was seeing, but the figure seemed to be under some form of stress.</i> Hello? <i>The man called out to the figure and slowly began to approach. The suddenness of the figure lashing out at the mailbox would startle him slightly. Even so, he calmed his nerves and continued approaching the figure. His eyes jumping between the being and the mailbox.</i> Excuse me. Are you doing okay, sir? Do you require some assistance?
The Usual Spot is Closed!? Competition Opens for Business!!
<i>Ryoma quickly fixes himself a cup of black coffee and downs it with little regard for the temperature. He was shaking, but he was slowly coming to terms with his unintentional knowledge gain.</i> Soulgaze? It sounds romantic almost... it definitely hits those bittersweet notes... <i>He shudders.</i> I saw.... a lot... but it seemed to all stem from a child. For better or worse, I am not quite sure. <i>He winces slightly at the mention of his own past.</i> I... well I should say that is close enough to the truth. And I should be fine... this is nothing compared to... <i>He hangs his head with a sad smile.</i> What doesn't kill you and all that.
The Usual Spot is Closed!? Competition Opens for Business!!
<i>It took a moment for Ryoma to understand the gravity of his mistake. As his head hit the counter his very essence would begin screaming out in pain. His mind would be filled with images he couldn't readily make sense of and it only caused the sensation to tear away at him more and more, faster and faster. He wouldn't be able to contain the pain any longer as he begins to scream down at the counter. And then it would slowly subside as the images stopped. The sensation was still fresh in his mind and the man was shaken almost to his core. He rose up and looked squarely at Harry's chest. His voice was weak.</i> What.... what was... <i>that</i>?

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The Usual Spot is Closed!? Competition Opens for Business!!
<i>It was a slow morning in Yongen Jaya. It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, many citizens would pass by a quaint looking shop and stop in for a fresh cup of joe. However, today was very different. The door seemed barred from the inside and to accentuate the the lack of life there were several tumbleweeds caught up in front of the store. Several passersby noticed the oddity of the usual place being so clearly out of commission, and with heavy hearts they marched on without coffee in hand.</i> This simply will not stand! I must do something! <i>From the shadows came the voice of a well spoken man. He had a dream in his head and a song in his heart when he took the first step into the light. A grin began forming on his face as he wheeled his clunky looking bike in front of the closed down shop. It only took a matter of seconds for the man to convert his clunky looking ride into a rather impressive stall. A large sign was hung on the front of the stall and it read, &quot;The Wandering Barista&quot;.</i> Not as flashy as a proper transformation, but it has a certain charm nevertheless. <i>The man flips his ponytail back and poses as if holding a hand out to an invisible dance partner.</i> Let's get brewing shall we?
The Longest Vacation!? The Wandering Barista Returns!!
<i>The National Diet Building. The epicenter of the political world for this nation, and the site of a slightly disheveled man riding his clunky excuse for a bike.</i> Haaah....haaaah....whew.... <i>The man just barely manages to make it to a tree before collapsing. His bike discarded and leaned against the tree, he simply sat on the ground and looked up at the last light of the day beginning to fade. The lights of the Diet Building began to turn on and illuminate the area with a soft yellow glow. People walked past and paid little to no attention to the man gasping for air as they went about their business. He calmly brings up his apron and wipes the sweat from his face as he slowly catches his breath. The redness in his face slowly fading into a soft pink. He'd clearly been exerting himself to a large degree.</i> And that... should be that... That was my best time yet! Haha...whew...
A Different Blend
<i>Inokashira Park. The always stoic image of calmness. A soft breeze dances through the trees as their branches sway in harmony. Casting your gaze towards the main path in the tranquil park would reveal a young man parking a rather clunky bike. Watching him, you can see that he is converting his bike into a makeshift stall of sorts. He places a sign in front of the stand with a smile. It reads, <b>&quot;The Wandering Barista&quot;</b>. One could assume what the purpose of his stand was for, but just to be safe he placed a menu on the counter of his stall. The usual coffee and tea fare was present on the parchment, however there weren't any food items. The man smiles happily as he waits for people to make their way through the park.</i> And now...we wait!
Mary Jane Turns Up The Heat!? The Masked Hero Appears!!
[The night was as calm and cool as you would expect from an evening in January. The moon hung high in the sky behind a handful of clouds. Light filters through the gaps between the gaseous forms and illuminates the scene below, Nakano Broadway.] [The large consumer paradise was only dimly lit as it was well after closing hours. The main floor houses several shops and restaurants on the sides of a very wide hallway. The ambient light would seemingly cast shadows of a human figure, but it would just disappear mere moments later.] [A soft laugh would come from within the building as a strange smoke begins to pour out of the many windows and vents. The laugh only increases as a pair of gunshots ring out briefly. Pop! Pop! Both the gunshots and the laugh stop...but only for a moment. From a window on the second floor comes two security guards at high speed! They hit the ground with a roll as a loud crunch pierces the air.] &quot;Fufufufu! Ohohoho~! More....more! Soon the knight in shining armor will appear! Kyahahaha! I can't wait any longer!&quot; [A monstrous sounding voice comes from the second floor window, albeit, the figure was obscured so it's hard to say who it was. However, back on the main floor came a bright red light even through the smoke.]
Trouble is Brewing!? The First Junkie Appears!!
[The night was just as you'd expect on a January evening in Tokyo. The air was cool and still, people lined the streets as they finish the last of their shopping, and the moon peeked through the clouds as if it were keeping an eye on the goings on below.] [However, all was not as it seemed. A more careful eye could see a shadowy figure atop a large businesses building. From the figure's arm came a stream of thick clouds that would break off and join the others in the sky. The figure would nod at its work before pointing down towards the streets below. The clouds would follow the figure's arm and begin to descend upon the unknowing pedestrians below.] [Having little time to react to the descending smog, the pedestrians are unfortunately subjected to the vile cloud as they begin coughing and gagging as it fills their lungs. However, nothing violent happens. No blood, no gore, no death. Instead, as the pedestrians breathe out, they feel a wave of giddiness wash over them as their legs begin to wobble. It would seem that the smoke did little more than soothe the pedestrians and slow their motor functions. Those who were in vehicles were smart enough to stop driving immediately as the effect took hold.] [A villainous laugh can be heard as the figure leaps off the building and lands on the street below. The figure, now illuminated by streetlights, could be seen as a monstrous looking man with a large green leaf on his back. His arms were without human features, instead having a tobacco pipe for his right arm and a flamethrower for his left. His cloud remains in the area as he begins stalking towards a jewellery store.]
Silent Night
<i>The wandering barista finds himself back in Roppongi Hills. The gentle winds carrying white powder from the large Christmas tree and allowing it to dance through the night air. The man stands before the very same tree in his usual attire, unflinching in the embrace of the cold winter night. His bike was parked by a bench some fifteen feet away from him.</i> A few more days, huh? Surely it will be another lonely Christmas. Even with friends, it just... <i>The man sighs as he looks up at the lights with a bittersweet smile.</i> So long as people are safe it matters not. How could I be so greedy? What I do is not important, making sure others are safe, that is my job. <i>The man finishes speaking to himself and stands in silence.</i>
Beneath the Stars
<i>Ryoma sits alone on a park bench in Yongen-Jaya. Nothing but the clear skies and a full moon to keep him company. This was a rare occurrence for him, not having his stall ready and waiting in the wings. His bike is leaned against the back of the bench. He lets out a soft sigh as he holds a solid white K-Cup in his hands.</i> Haaaa... I need to come up with a new blend soon, but I just can't seem to come up with a theme. <i>Another sigh escapes his lips as he looks up into the sky. Several glistening dots are woven into the beautiful blanket of darkness. He smiles softly at them as they glimmer.</i> I wonder. Are these the same stars I once gazed upon in my world? In my time? <i>Tears seem to well up in his eyes before he promptly wipes them away.</i> Haha! I'm getting too soft it seems!
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
<i>A light flurry begins to blow through the night sky and starts to coat the several trees lining the sidewalk. These trees were already caught up in festive cheer as the lights twinkle to life. A blue and white medley for the eyes to behold. However, this sight is only an appetizer as the wandering barista makes his way up to Plaza 66. The man grins with excitement as he sees his goal before him.</i> I've heard tell of this but seeing it in person. It is beautiful! <i>He begins to tear up as he slows down and pulls off to the side of the plaza. The target of his fascination comes in the form of the ten meter tall Christmas tree adorned with beautiful amber lights. A wave of bliss would wash over those who see the tree.</i> I never got to see this before. Ah! Well no time to mope around! Let's get brewing shall we? <i>He does a quick pose before laughing and moving to open his stall. The small flecks of snow continue to dance in the night sky.</i>
Favorite Winter Beverage?
It's that time of year again! The leaves are gone, the ground is covered in snow, and the air is absolutely frigid! I'm curious what everyone likes to drink during the colder seasons. Be it simple or seasonal, what do you all prefer? I, myself, do enjoy a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate! I have a bit of a sweet tooth around Christmas. But overall, I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. Which kind? I can't choose!
Digital Coffee Saga
<i>The wandering barista can be seen pedaling down the bustling streets of Akihabara as the sun begins to set. He pulls over to the side of the busy streets and parks his bike next to a vending machine.</i> This place is something else... <i>He looks around in a daze of sorts. Coming from the past and seeing all the technological advances all at once would be enough to give anyone a start. However the man just shakes it off and begins to convert his bike into the cafe stall.</i> I cannot fathom as to why all those men were walking around with pillows. Perhaps they are going to a sleepover! No. They seem a touch to old for that. <i>The man laughs innocently before returning to set up.</i>
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