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The Amamiya part sounds stupid. Like, you can make a parody song of Mamma mia with it.
futaba x yusuke otp
Anyone who ships Futaba and Inari is dead in my eyes unless it is a person I like a lot. If it is a person I like a lot I will be disappointed of.
Arcana Test for the lolz
It says lovers, but the description doesn't fit at all. I consider myself more like a Temperance person.
Last Retrieval
*Ruka, being curious what these people are up to, finally follows them secretly*
Last Retrieval
Is that the exit? Yes, it is! I am back at the forest! *She looks for a way out of the forest and goes to the town. As she heads for the inn, she sees that bunch again* Huh? Aren't those...?
Last Retrieval
W- what was that? Time to get outta here! *Ruka tries to get away* So creepy. I will never fight giant monsters on a boat again. Luckily I did not land in the water.
Last Retrieval
*Ruka, still being unconscious in the dark cave, slowly wakes up. She lights her keyblade* Err... I got seperated from the detective. Damned tentacle monster...
Of Jewelry and Swine
*Ruka, feeling mocked by the tentacle creature, finishes it of with a few sift strikes* Grr, I hoped I could scare it away, but it taunted me instead! OoC: I gotta sleep now, lets continue another rime
Of Jewelry and Swine
*She cuts the tentacle from the body of the creature. She then picks up the tentacle* Ew! So slippery! *She focuses the flames on her blade at the tip and shoots it at the creature and misses intentionally* I hope this will scare it off!

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Good bye, my friend
So today is the day of reckoning. Miiverse ends today. Even if I barely ever used it, it is part of my childhood. Good bye, five years of Nintendo history!
Junes Grand Opening
*A big mall has suddenly appeared in the middle of Shibuya* Welcome everybody at your new local department store! We offer everything from electronics to clothing, games and and groceries! We even have a small café for the smaller and bigger breaks from work and school! Buy something today and grab your free welcoming present now! Your day will become much better! After all: Every day's great at your Junes!
Site's dead as
Why can you equip Futaba?
Does it influence her in some way?
Why Yu-Gi-Oh became shit after 5D's
It's literally the same thing after 5D's. Some weird dude with a father complex is doing a tournament with some flashy moderator, there is a strange gimmick (Just look at that new Show-Stuff that they are pulling with the AR) and after that it gets super natural with some enemies from another effing dimension. In the newer one it literally is every dimension where they prefer a certain kind of summoning. I can't watch anything past 5D's anymore, it just doesn't have the same excitement anymore, because it is literally just the same bullshit.
Tryhard-Avoiding Mario Odyssey Spoilers
Title says it. This game is all over the whole internet, gurr...
Pretty scary
It is very creepy when basically nothing is going on in PMs
Listening to weeb ass songs
And you? What are you currently doing?
I challenge Akechi Kun!
I will get your pancakes! Every single one of them!
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