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Why is Barney so scary.
It depends on how you see him...
i know i have a problem
Its happening again... Can't wait to play 😜
Pancakes (Let us talk about Persona!)
Well If it's about pancakes then...
Who is the gay character in P5?
This is an interesting debate...
If you could remove one thing from 2018...
The KSI vs Logan paul "fight"
Well then...
<quote user="elmco">im waiting for my local game store to get the endless night collection in. and i have smash. i shall have plenty of joker soon enough</quote> Well then good luck elmco...
I know you see this God
<quote user="InterNiko">god is dead though</quote> I know he isn't dead I just seen him
I know you see this God
There are many of them thats been developed in the metaverse as they say I wont die In the public's eyes
Should I?....
If possible I should infiltrate each of their palaces and see what their like...

Recent topics

Test Thread
In just making sure this works in gonna be posting soon... So I need all of you to verify if it works...
The phansite
Does anyone think that the comments on the phansite are strange?
In finally out!!!! (of prison)
Now its time to take out Masayoshi Shido... (Can't wait)
Well then...
I may have not gotten smash, ,but I'll bust my moves in the Starlight!!! (I also may have not spent all of my yen on medicine)
I know you see this God
If you abuse your power then I have now choice, but to put a sinfull shell in between your eyes. *looks at Yaldaboath*
Should I?....
Should I go find the investigation team? I've heard of their work and it really impresses me, and yet I feel like I'll be in their way...hmmm...what to do...
Smash bros. Ultimate
I cant wait to play the game that im in!!!
Always know
When going into the metaverse have you phone already fully charged...dont wanna be stuck now do we?
Who will be my next target
I need another cruel adult to punish so leave me some names...
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