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Looking cool Joker
Ah yes, I, the best Persona character, are very well deserving of more costumes. Whether it be in P5, the dancing games, or Smash. I'm too cool for Atlus to handle anyways!
Am I still relevant?
I'm not sure myself, must be a really old and forgotten relative.
Always know
I agree with the other Ren. Let's wait for the others before we get this game started.
Who will be my next target
:thunking: Of course I'll go. Stealing hearts is what a nasty crimeboi loves to do.
Yolker for smash
<i>RPs into this</i> Huh... well I never saw this coming. Guess it's time for me to face the best of the best without my friends this time around.
Inb4 more people start getting confused by the &quot;Joker&quot; thing again
Come Up With a Better Name Game
The best girlfriends :me: Next: Thieves

Recent topics

A Revelations: Persona Fan Theory
What if the canon Masao is Mark- I regret making this already.
Phantom Thieves of Nations
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=newVtP5gloY ...Ngh
The Drugged Building
<i>It is a normal day outside. Normal weather, normal atmosphere, and you are on your normal routine. You are about to walk in to the building you would normally walk into, whether it be school, work, the GYM, a time portal, or your house. You walk in without a second thought. But then, your head hurts... <b>You are in a drugged simulation. All who enter become extremely drunk, but don't worry, none of the physical consequences will place, only the mental ones. Before you is a large party room, where most of the chaos will take place. But for every person that enters, another room will appear, to take the form of their distorted desires.</b></i> <center>~~~~~~~</center> <i>And the first to enter was a frizzy haired teenager. As soon as he entered, his head was spinning, his hands were shaking, and he basically reenacted his awakening. A room appeared with 4 young girls in kinky outfits dancing to &quot;Last Surprise.&quot;</i>
Morgana's Least Favorite Song
And the one of the best songs in the soundtrack. Don't you all want to wake up and rise up from Morgana's tyranny? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATcKBMYYSJs
Phantom Thief Exclusive Room, Who Wants To Join?
The room was inspired by this video: https://youtu.be/h1LJCYrPEv8 So basically what I want to do in it is to do random roleplay stuff! It would be similar to the video how they were given questions and everyone had to answer meme-y. However, you can't enter if: -You don't roleplay Ren, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, or Akechi. -You don't know your character very well. -You already have one of your alts in the room. -You godmod. -You don't meme. It would be best to have 2 of each character. I nominate @Akechi_kun to fill the Akechi roll :) My rules are pretty strict so sorry about that.
Delicious Onigiri
Let's face it. The delicious pancakes scene is never gonna happen in the anime. But we do see him eating something else....
HARU SAID A NAUGHTY WORD THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://i.imgur.com/vOulJtVh.jpg
Persona 5 the Animation Ep 5 Rant
Here are a few things that bug me: -Effing Akechi will you just not show up if you are going to be in the episode at atleast incorporate a meme into it or something -Probably the worst all out attack so far -So many things happen and they just get brushed over -The in-game Yusuke stalking Ann scene is better than in the anime But by far the worst thing that happened is RENREN DON'T CALL ME RENREN I'M NOT RENREN
The Deconstruction of Persona 5
INFO: 1. We NEED Phantom Thief roleplayers, so if you want to fill that role, just ask in the comments. 2. You can bring your OCs, but don't let them take over the thread. 3. Of course god-modding will not be tolerated. This thread was based on the concept that every Persona user goes absolutely insane after they have served their purpose in the world. They would have a &quot;suppression&quot; or de-awakening. They would go insane one after another, have mental breakdowns, and eventually, die. <span class="through">Totally not inspired by Madoka Magica.</span> Now that that is over, let us start the game!
Haru betrayed us
https://youtu.be/dHE96pEuMrg?t=25m21s wai what did we do to deserve such pain she's spitting those strong words
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