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Your powers... are hidden deep within your heart... Like a god or devil, it is "another self"... Like a god, filled with love... Like a demon, merciless... Humans... go through life with many faces... Your current appearance is just another face... And so is your Persona... one of many...

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Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would go ahead and gather up some coins to try and buy an Amrita soda with, stowing it in his pocket for later. He'd notice Punk entering the waiting room as well as he listened in on the odd footsteps.</i> &quot;Tell the others that there's a demon of some kind lurking nearby. I guess I'll go and try to further investigate.&quot; <i>He didn't expect things to already be getting so complicated. He could set down the device he was carrying if needed but he'd rather just observe what it was they were dealing with or if need be simply talk it down. &quot;He'd head over to the halls, listening to try and figure out what hallway it was coming from. If it was still hard to determine he'd simply begin to slowly walk down the one labeled testing.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would try to pick up the clipboard and look it over. Seemed like a bit of a random thing. While trying to get a handle on what it said he'd begin walking over to one of the vending machines almost in an absent minded state. He wasn't sure what kind of coins it would take or if he even had the right type of money but if he could something compelled him to want to try this Amrita Soda. He wasn't sure as to what the reason was but it almost felt as if something otherworldly made him want it.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would have left the room after listening for whatever the others had to comment about what they saw. He'd enter this waiting room, curious about its implication. For now it might've been smart to wait since this was a waiting room after all. He'd take a seat on the couch, though he did feel a bit wary over the direction theme of this place.</i> &quot;At least I can relax a bit before the others finish up their investigation. Still, wonder if we'll be able to meet this Nakajima or that Steven guy that was mentioned.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would instead begin to examine the door behind them. He wanted to find this Nakajima person, whoever they were, to try and get the device he found fixed but it would be rather annoying to get into a fight while holding this machine. He wouldn't move on yet, he simply wanted to see what was outside the room they were in.</i> &quot;Tell me if that screen says anything important. I'm just trying to figure out exactly where we are.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>I still would be knocked back, but my feet wouldn't leave the ground, not now. It had already started... The arm opposite of the arm covered in flames of night had begun changing to a dark gray color. The weight of it along with the durability had begun to increase at a rapid pace and it was already beginning to spread up the rest of my shoulder. Though, even I had a hard time managing the weight of it myself. I had to use my other arm to hold it up just to keep my balance.</i> &quot;I was hoping things didn't have to be this direct yet...&quot; <i>I was no longer sure how we should act yet. I wasn't sure what Kaz was thinking here. Byakuran simply wanted to make us his prisoners now and he already knew we couldn't die either most likely. It was unlikely that we'd win just because we tried to force it. No, victory was impossible. We may not be from this world but we're here now and that's all Byakuran needs to see through all of us. The stone continued to spread as I did nothing but stare onward.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus was glad to be back but also felt as though there might have been more to do had they not had to escape so quickly. He still held the machine in his hands, unsure of where to take it but the words COMP and Demon Summoning Program take his interest.</i> &quot;Physically I'm fine, I don't think I took too much damage which I'd consider a win considering our area had some power mad demon lord. I may need a bit to recover my magic but I feel it would be a missed opportunity to miss out on getting this machine of mine fixed. Nakajima...Not sure who or what they are but it sounds like a name. Considering the other words they might be someone who specializes in this type of technology. In other words I think I'll go along with you, Raidou.&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus noticed his allies beginning to leave. No point staying if they were safe now. He'd look one more time at the Jack Frost he had met in this strange place. He smiled in a friendly manner for once at the demon's comment.</i> &quot;We'll see if I'm still a chump if we meet again then. I expect you'll be a lot stronger by that point too. Then the chump will be Hazama instead. Until then...goodbye.&quot; <i>Quin would take the COMP and head towards the hole from before. No need to stop and look at the corpse of Rowan. He'd aim to jump right through the exit gateway.</i>
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>Quintus would return back to the damaged COMP, attempting to pick it up. It seemed this was there only chance to run away yet this thing, somewhere between human and demon and with power capable of making Hazama react in such a way. He almost felt like staying but that might be a bad idea. Regardless, he would speak out as he walked closer to the hole with the device in his hands.</i> &quot;Can you take things from here? I don't know who you are but you did help us so it's only right that I don't just leave without a word.&quot; <i>Hee-Ho was also still there. He hadn't even thought of what the demon might do now.</i> &quot;What do you intend to do as well if we were to leave now Hee-Ho?&quot;
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
<i>The damage might have been reduced from his buffed defense but it still would feel painful. On top of that Quintus would feel the effect of the demon's other attack. He'd suddenly feel a wave of exhaustion realizing that he likely wouldn't be able to use magic anymore. That was fine though. He'd finally begin to notice his Magatama as the figures from the shadows called out to him and the Punk. It seemed that the Magatama was trying to tell him something...perhaps that these individuals were allies? It din't matter now, things were desperate enough. He very well knew everyone would likely perish if they couldn't beat Mammon here.</i> &quot;I barely have anything left to give. My own legs feel like they'll give out at this point. It's because of that though that I'll have to do as you say now.&quot; <i>Too much was left on the line. If it's just weakening its legs then he could aim fro the one he struck before. He'd rush back towards Mammon, blades ready as he shouted to the others.</i> &quot;Go for the legs! Give it everything you've got!&quot; <i>With that he'd try and strike at the same leg as before but this time trying to hit the other side, hoping that maybe that'd be enough.</i>
Chapter Two: A White Century
<i>I din't really have much to say. It seemed easier just to see where Kaz was going with this. I could feel a sense of impatience building within. I wasn't sure if I could wait but if Kaz had some sort of plan it would be best to let him lay it out. Hopefully, he wasn't just trying to intentionally piss Byakuran off out of anger. It was hard to tell with him what exactly he was thinking.</i>

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Persona Awakening Service: Misophobia
<spoiler>OOC: Setting this up now, be back in 30 minutes. </spoiler> <i>The TV that resides within an abandoned lot stays stuck to the ground. The screen is black and it appears as if the TV is inactive. Suddenly, a figure cloaked in black would approach the TV and stare intently at it. As they got closer the screen would flicker on with static. They would pause at this for a moment before without a second thought jumping into the TV. The TV is now on, a dark hue covers it's screen as the static rages on. It almost seems silent with how loud it is like a quiet rage slowly building up.</i>
To Return to One’s Roots
<i>Quintus would be sitting at a campfire in front of a familiar forest. The day was bright and still seemingly young as he fiddled with a strange object in his hands. The object in question was a curious looking doorknob that he looked at with curiosity and aprehension. He would sigh as he looks back into the forest as if greeting an old friend.</i> “Why is that masked guy always so focused on me...can’t he give other people things like this?”
A Jolly Nyxmas: The Return of Tartarus
<spoiler>OOC: I was asked to make this thread and GM it as Nyx_avatar is busy today. I'll really start it when enough people joined as this is more a side thread to establish a few things. That being said I'll try to have at least one fight in it and if needed or if there is additional time maybe a second fight as well. </spoiler> <i>Its a silent night. One full of stilleness. Not a creature is stirring yet something is turning. Out from the found the tower will rise. The halls of Tatarus will give you a fright. <span class="through">Ok, no more trying to rhyme, sorry. </span> The earth would shake as the tower once again rises from the ground. The many meshes of wall and building sticking together unnatural as a ominous aura pours out of it all. Above the tower a moon can be seen in full light almost as if it acts as the eyes of the tower staring down on anyone below. The young man known as Quintus would be observing nearby as if he knew the tower would arrive in location. He would step into the tower as it forms dragging him high up near the halfway point of the construct. There was no fear in his eye's. The only thing he seemed to have left was absolution as his skin almost shined from how pale it had gotten and his usual emotion was replaced with absolute apathy. The tower would finish rising as the entrance would once again open for all to enter. </i>
Flow Like A River
<i>The rivers waters rush down a ever flowing stream as the sound of a few people talking to one another can be heard. Next to the river it would seem a small fair has started. There aren't many people attending as it seems to be a smaller event. A young man would be walking around in a thick gray coat as the sun begins to set. His clothes underneath the overcoat would be completely monotone and it seems as though the affect is finally started to phase the coat as well. He would look down at the coat with a sign as he walks around the fair grounds. He almost seemed to be reflecting on something as he absent mindedly walks around. </i> &quot;Seems it's finally about that time...I can already feel it happening. I wonder if I was warned about this. Not like I could remember anyway though.&quot;
If you were a...
...tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Return to the TV World: The Eternal Sin
<i>A lone giant TV sits fixed on the ground just outside the city limits. Strange shadowy cables grow out of the TV as they dig into the ground like a plant of some kind. The TV displays nothing but static and seems to operate despite the lack of power being supplied to it. This TV has sat here for many days displaying nothing but static. It never turns off and hasn't shown anything but static since Yu Narukami used to bring people into the TV world to help them awaken to their inner power. Today though, something has changed. Coming into focus very slowly is a humanoid image.</i>
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