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While I may not be in the Phantom Thieves, I do have my own special ability! Being a keyblade wielder!

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Who did you romance
Makoto on first playthrough, second was Hifumi. I love them so much
Characters that you’d like to see in Smash
Sora (If it isn't obvious from my profile ha ha) Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice Geno
What's YOUR Arcana?
I'm not sure of myself. But Usually with all the personality test I do I get Fool. On the rare occasion I get Justice.
biggest bops in gaming
Ace Attorney music most of the time has amazing bops. More specifically the Pursuit themes and Objection themes!
weird dreams?
I had a dream a couple of nights ago that had me dealing with some psycho who kidnapped me and kept the things I love alive only because she wanted me to be happy. It...Was a wild one.
Anime suggestion pls
I've been watching Shield Hero recently which is really great. Erased is pretty good too imo. But if you're looking for a funny slice of life anime Daily Lives of Highschool boys was great.
I suppose there'll be more people here shortly
Yeah I found it through twitter honestly. Hope Etika gets some of the help he needs.
I Created a Discord Bot for Persona Social Stats
Interesting...When this is done will you be releaseing it for the public to use as well or will it only be in your own server kind of deal?

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