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"It controls its water balloons with song. The melody is learned from others of its kind and is passed down from one generation to the next." -Pokemon Sun "Its singing voice is its chief weapon in battle. This Pokemon's Trainer must prioritize the daily maintenance of its throat at all costs." -Pokemon Moon Item: Primarium Z Moves: -Sparkling Aria -Hydro Pump -Icy Wind -Moonblast Profile pic edit by Ghost_Akihiko

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Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
That sound... Ah, their time for idle chatter is coming to a close. She did not regret how it was spent. “Hm... you’ll have to suggest it when he’s older, yes?” A small smile, then she calls to Penny. “Penny, it’s getting a bit late! Over here!” She waves. It’s best to be together... together... Right, where is Tot? The girl had wandered off elsewhere. Prima hopes they can meet up if things go awry.
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
Is he running off to get flowers? Prima giggles. How adorable. She wishes these happy days could last for Kazuya, but... “If you were gone, I’d know he’d miss you, like any son would. But I suppose it’s what he does with his feelings that counts.” Grief does different things to different people, but she has the luxury of knowing some of Kazuya’s past. “Whatever happens, I know he’ll make you proud.”
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
She had only gotten her name through her species, but... perhaps she was destined to follow some kind of dream. Though her acquired nickname was Prima, it could be more than just a shortening of her regular name. It made her different than all the others in her pod. Prima leaves her thoughts at that and waves back at Penny. She can’t help but smile at their antics. It made her kind of nostalgic. And Kazuya... A name meaning harmony. This child’s life wouldn’t be exactly peaceful, but... “I’m sure he will. I can tell by looking at him that he’ll be able to handle whatever life’s going to throw at him. I bet great things will come from him.” She means that with complete sincerity. Kana’s daydream may not match the future tragedy, but its hope still remains.
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
“It’s easier to take advice from others than yourself, I suppose. Especially with thing like this.” Even when she’s down, there’s always the others to keep her on track. The Primarina of the past wouldn’t have even considered risking her life to this extent, or standing up for herself. Moving forward. That’s what she has to do now regardless. Ah, so the trio are here. Is this Penny’s first encounter with them aside from Kazuya? She just hopes for a good impression on both sides. And as for names... how does she put this? She knows trainers give meaningful names to their pokémon, but her only nickname is Prima, a shortening of Primarina. Prima... rina... “Hm... even if you never went into it as a career, music is still a nice hobby to have. It’s something that can be enjoyed by anyone. Now that I think about it, singing runs in my family, so maybe that’s the ‘prima’ part of my name. I’ve heard the term ‘primadonna’ before.”
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
“I don’t have children of my own,” <i>and no human ones at that</i>, “so my advice is limited, but I still believe you are doing what you can, and that’s good. I can tell he means a lot to you. I have a feeling he’ll warm up to others eventually, but I’d say you should do what you can for now. If anything, perhaps let him know you’re open to listen if he’s facing problems.” She knows little about human children, but knowledge from caring for her pod’s young ones and her own experience would suffice - she hopes, at least. Kazuya would do something great, and even now she knows his mother is kind. Hopefully this place’s Kazuya will live a relatively good life... That’s just a hope. All these hopes mean nothing in this place. ...She’s getting into a spiral. Time to set her mind back on track.
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
Prima blinks. Did she hear that correctly? Kazuya... Yes, this is starting to sound familiar. This must be Kazuya’s mother. Prima is no expert on human relationships, but they mate for life, so something may have caused her to lose a loved one. But why not have the ring? Prima decides not to pry. She can tell it’s a sensitive subject. She bows her head. “It is fine. I’m told I’m easy to talk to. And I have a feeling Kazuya is a bright boy. He’ll have no problem making friends with similar interests if he puts his mind to it.” She glances at Penny, who’s swinging up high. Does that little girl have troubles with fellow human children as well? She’s found one friend, but that could be an outlier...
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
Though the appearance and even name seem familiar, Prima can’t pin down exactly why. But if something’s telling her these two are important, then she should trust her feelings. She bows politely. “A pleasure to meet you, Kana. My name is Primarina, although everyone just calls me Prima. And the girl I’m looking after at the moment is Penny.” Speaking of Penny, the girl’s having fun. She’s finally got the hang of those swings thanks to her new companion. Prima wonders who the girl’s true parents are... why leave a human child alone to wander? And are they the reason for Penny’s odd behavior? So many questions, but not the time to ask them. “What’s your son’s name, by the way?”
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
For now, Penny is faring well aside from the difficulty with the swings. Prima had been worried at first, but the little girl seems to have made a new friend, so she’s fitting in already. Prima blinks a few times upon hearing the woman. Oh, right. Penny and herself stick out, so it would be natural to assume that, especially with their unusual hair. “Ah, no. She’s not related to me, but I’m looking after her at the moment for a friend. A bit odd, but she’s a nice girl at heart.”
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
&quot;Alright, let us go.&quot; Prima conceals the sword and follows Penny off to the playground. Hopefully the two wouldn't attract too much attention aside from the stares. She decides to stand off to the side rather than sit, although lingers near the parents. This situation is kind of... nostalgic. Like when she was watched by her parents as she played with other popplio by the shore. She keeps a close eye on Penny, but also observes the rest of the area quietly - partly to just sightsee, and partly to catch Tot if she returns.
Imaginary Vision - The Black Void Within
With Tot wandering around, Prima stays near Penny. Though a capable fighter, the child was still a child. She tilts her head as she ponders Penny’s question. “Hm... what do you humans call it... a schoolyard...? It’s a popular place for human children to play. Do you want to go there? I can hold your sword while you play. It’s not safe to play with sharp objects.” Prima can probably hide it under her skirt if needed. Besides, a child with a sword is usually a cause for concern. At most, children should have a pokémon or two at their sides, like a rattata or pichu.

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