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i guess i can take that as a yes. thanks chief. <i>momkey gracefully flips off of his unicycle, landing on whichever bed was closest to him.</i>
4 days later
<i>unicycles in</i> ay bruh, you mind if i take a nap here?
Yo what time is it
woah an entire week has passed already? anyways, franklin tattoo, in his weakened state, attacks the liberal crab, dealing a small amount of damage. franklin and dante also gets inflicted by joseph stalin’s five year plan, becoming famished in the process. i end my turn.<div class='edited'>(edited by Police_Momkey)</div>
Yo what time is it
the poisonous effect inflicts franklin tattoo with damage for a third time (i forgot to mention it in the last post), ending the duration of the effect. franklin tattoo looks to be giving out due to that strike he took head on, i should fix this quickly. franklin tattoo consumes the cracker barrel menu, yes you heard me right. rather than ordering a meal from off of it, he devoured the entire menu, replenishing a fair bit of his health. i place a monster energy zero ultra can face down. i end my turn.
Yo what time is it
sorry for the delay, i got caught up with something again... (damn you online schooling...) pizza dante and franklin tattoo play a game of madden 11, increasing their overall chad status (attack and defense). i place the bibble, not to be confused with the bible, written by none other than bill cosby himself faced down. i end my turn.
Yo what time is it
my apologies, let’s resume, shall we. franklin tattoo is damaged by the poison, only taking half the poison damage. that dino looks like he will take franklin to favortown and back if i even make the attempt to attack that crustacean. i have the perfect card for this situation. i summon support. https://i.imgur.com/P9l4EjF.jpg behold john lennon pancake john lennon pancake will fling himself at any combatant, forcing the monster he meets to begin eating him. the consumption of the pancake has no effect on whoever eats it, however it will leave the monster distracted for a single turn. john lennon pancake willingly flings himself towards fieri yosh, leaving the dinosaur distracted by his deliciousness. franklin tattoo attacks the liberal crab, dealing a reasonable amount of damage. i place a document of the last of us 2 leaks face down, i end my turn.
Yo what time is it
i see, sacrificing one of your monsters to take a more defensive approach this time. piercing through your defenses seems to be my only option at this moment. i send franklin tattoo to attack stretchy katty the kat, inflicting himself with the poison effect. ...and this shall reduce the amount of damage dealt to old benjamin. i summon support https://i.imgur.com/2kSPFbQ.jpg clad in his ssstylish pizza tracksuit, dante emits a smell of fresh, hot and ready pepperoni pizza, halving the damage of any ally caught in the scent. i place a physical copy of madden 11 for the Xbox 360 face down. i end my turn.
Yo what time is it
it appears my range is going to be limited until i can get rid of that other monkey. the man with alzheimer’s retreats, forgetting what he was even doing here. i suppose now would be the great time to equalize our numbers on the field. i summon https://i.imgur.com/zgfKj0A.jpg android 16 will latch onto any combatant in his general vicinity and self destruct, ultimately destroying himself and the enemy instantaneously. i place a burger king impossible whopper coupon face down, i end my turn.

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aye phansite could you do me a favor?
https://i5.walmartimages.ca/images/Large/580/6_r/875806_R.jpg can y’all watch my banana for me? i need to run to the banana store real quick for...important reasons.
Mmmm I'm on my unicycle
Anyone wanna see me arrest some bitches?
Momkey Police Department 2: Electric Boogaloo
*Momkey is eating a donut next to his friend, the other Momkey*
Momkey Police Station
(This is a meme/rp thread, so yeah.)
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