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It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, accounts like you... SHOULD BE BURNING IN PHANSITE. Some backstory for roleplayers: James is a kid who has fused his determination soul with Sans's soul, enhancing his abilities. He can also teleport like Sans, allowing him to freak unsuspecting people out.

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Creature Creation
Just make something REALLY annoying.
Is this just a roleplay site?
<quote user="Pineapple">Give into the memes. Do it.</quote> No. And another no it's not a roleplay site but one of the more common ones you see.
I'm suing.
Why is everyone worrie- you know what never mind don't wanna know
New poll: Should Joker be put into Super Smash bros Ultimate?
The nintendo is used more by kids in like elementary and middle school so Persona in Smash bros wouldn't really make sense.
New poll: Should Joker be put into Super Smash bros Ultimate?
<quote user="Pancake_Knight">One word Sans in smash</quote>i Yas
RP is extremely popular
Kinda makes you feel like a different person in a way.
Roast me. No holding back.
<i>sets on fire</i>

Recent topics

So I started playing Persona 5 again today which I don't think I've played for a couple months. I started in Central Street... and had no idea what I was doing.
It's coming for us all...
How did the mods become mods????
It's time
4 the persona memes
How to win at Arena Ultimax
Step 1: just freaking win it u don't deserve a tip
So proud of myself
Beat the P4 golden Reaper on Very easy mode... yeah, i suck.
A tv venture
<i>In an alternate universe where James hasn't gained his Persona yet... The Midnight Channel turns on.</i> Hi everyone! This is Reporter James, on duty! <i>He is in a news station of some sort.</i> Tonight I'm gonna report on a special, SPECIAL case. The Inaba serial murders! Ooh, I'm putting myself in the face of danger just for you guys... But it will be worth it! So stay tuned!
It's only you and yourself.
<i>You are knocked out. Darkness. You wake up to dark ness. As you look around you see multiple other people around you in this dark, empty space. You are in the Midnight Channel... but in some different reality within it.</i>
Flowerfell: Your garden
<spoiler>Only people who signed up may say anything.</spoiler> <i>You wake up on a bed of flowers from a long fall from a mountain on a bed of flowers. Trying to climb up the mountain is useless as it is too tall. As you walk into another room, a living flower pops up What do you do? Kill it, show merdy.</i>
Flowerfell rp sign up
For those people who know or don't frickin care I decided to make a Flowerfell rp. If you wanna join please say so here.
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