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I just happen to find the Phantom Thieves interesting. They have my full support and I wish to know more about them. Stay safe, everyone.

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UI site changes: continued
It's... still not loading, but thanks.
Your Persona
I'm not sure. I'm more of a "behind the scenes" kind of rebellious spirit... I have a character whose Persona stems from years of repressed anger towards others, but mine would be different. I'd probably have a Persona who works in the shadows and deals in lies.
UI site changes: continued
I don't know if anyone else is having issues with the chat system on this site, but the messaging page isn't loading for me. It just stays at like... 1/3 of the way loaded for seemingly forever.
Stop calling me pancake boy
I'll stop calling you "pancake boy" but I can't say the same for everyone else... Nicknames can last a while, unfortunately.
Phantom Thief Applications
Codename: Dove Weapon of choice: silver sword Special Skills: I'm good at video games and learning languages, does that count? Character in FRIENDS that you relate to the most: I've never seen FRIENDS... So there's a trolley that's going to run someone over. You're right by a sequence of levers that has no connection to the trolley but instead remotely operates a jukebox nearby. What song do you play?: OSHIOKI Arcade Rabbit Obama's last name: Reason for wanting to join: There are some messed up people in this world who need to change for the better. Where would you take me on our first date: I don't know, an arcade or comic shop? Availability: It varies from moment to moment.
What do you do in Quarantine?
I play D&D with friends over Discord!
Favorite character?
<quote user="H_K">My favorite character is a rare one nobody likes him <b>FUNKY STUDENT</b></quote> Peck yeah! Also I love your profile picture, Hat Kid would make a great Phantom Thief!!
Favorite character?
I like Ann a lot actually! She's a strong character and her Awakening was super awesome!!
Spooky times
Because sometimes people forget.

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Spooky times
Halloween is almost here, so... What's everyone planning on doing for the spooky season? No moths, please! Also please be respectful and civil to others in your answers and replies.
Meter going down?
The meter on the front page keeps going down by a crazy amount... Two days ago the meter was almost at 100%, now it's only at like 68%... Is this a feature or a bug? (if you know you know)
What's YOUR Arcana?
I'm surprised I haven't seen this on here yet, so I'm asking it: What do you think your Arcana would be? Personally I think I'd be the Hermit or the Tower.
Favorite character?
So I figure I should do an icebreaker post to get to know other users better. What better question to ask than this: who's your favorite character in Persona 5? Mine is Futaba! Please be respectful about your answer and don't bash other people's answers. Be civil!
New User, Who Dis?
Hi! I'm new to the Phorum, and I don't really know anything about it so far. Any tips or info I should know about the site going forward? Also I'm open to making new friends!
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