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Just your everyday Persona Weeb! Arcana: Moon Persona: Tsukiyomi

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What're your OCs? Put them here!
<quote user="Reperzel">Welp, i'd guess i'll share my oc that i've been using since day one. Name: Zane Thomas Mayhew. A.K.A ''Shelf'' Age: 30. Height: 7'3 FT [he has gigantism] Arcana: The Tower Persona: ''Ōmukade'' or ''Giant Centipede'' Info: http://yokai.com/oomukade/ Code-name: ''Shelf'' Weapon of choice, [every persona character has there own unique weapon]: Dane axe. Ranged/gun weapon: Mortar Mask: A work in progress. But the mask is a stale grey-marble like color that resembles a jail ceil: Grey squares on the top/bottom part, and cylinder squares connecting the two. All-out-attack: Still a work in progress. Costume: Still a work in progress. Yeah, its a mess of all sorts of stuff, but im trying. Hopefully its good?</quote> That's surprisingly in-depth. I like it.
Post in this thread and i'll rate your odds against me in a fight
I accept your challenge with every fiber of my being! Mona, I will take you down!
What’s your opinion of Akechi
<quote user="lnari">I think that Akechi plays a critical role in presenting a moral dilemma for the player, and giving the player a reason to side with the Phantom Thieves. Don really get why people particularly love or hate him, but I think his presence adds a great dynamic to the game’s story.</quote> I couldn't agree more.
What’s your opinion of Akechi
<quote user="Pika-Kura">i hate him idk why people like him so much</quote> I think I do. https://youtu.be/rA8E6tS47qo
What’s your opinion of Akechi
Warning: (Almost) this entire comment is one giant spoiler. You have been warned. <spoiler>I feel like a lot of people hate on Goro Akechi just because of the fact that he killed Joker, caused the mental shutdowns, and was working for Shido all along. But remember that he was being used by Shido like a tool. He did all that because he believed that the Phantom Thieves were criminals. Which, if you think about it, is kinda true.</spoiler> Not just that but he acts just like an actual human being. Beneath the pancake loving exterior, he is a real person with real goals and motives. Whatever you call him: Akechi, Crow, Pancake Boi; he's not as bad as <spoiler>that cutscene in the interrogation room</spoiler> might make you think. He believes he's doing what's right for the good of society. This is why we should all cut Akechi some slack. Long story short, my opinion of Akechi is a &quot;meh&quot; all things considered. He's still got some &quot;issues&quot; to work out, but besides that, he's okay in my book. Man, that got serious. Here's a video to click on. Hope you like Minecraft. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW7Vs6e88QE<div class='edited'>(edited by Personaweeb12345)</div>
Which Arcana are you?
I'm definitely the Moon. I'd rather just blend in with the crowd than actually call attention to myself.

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