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"I am Philemon, a dweller in the rift between consciousness and unconsciousness of all souls... I am you. You are me... I shall always watch over you from within. Farewell..."

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I have come to claim my title as the true Persona.
Leblanc XIV: BeanBlood
*The man looks over to Aketchi.* Do not be fooled, trickster of fate. This is a Yu made from the twisted desires of the Yuniverse, he only seeks to deceive and corrupt the populace with his Yusonas.
Leblanc XIV: BeanBlood
*The man looks to G. Yu with an indifferent look.* No, but thanks to Yu I must try and focus myself on a different sense of self in order to resist the power Yu inflicted upon me. Other than that, it seems that cursed power you wield has spread to the unconscious.
Leblanc XIV: BeanBlood
*A man you've never met before seems to suddenly show up in one of the booths of the cafe. He looks strangely like Tatsuya but with a ponytail and wearing a strange outfit, he also holds a mask in one of his hands while he drinks tea with the other.* It seems you all have found yourselves in quite the predicament. Yu should know that the sea of human souls isn't quite as well as Yu would like to believe.
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon takes the card for a second before letting it go as he gasps in pain.* Wh-what kind of abomination is that? What do Yu think Yu're doing with a card like that? Wait, why am I saying Yu in substitute for Yu... This isn't good, I must check on the sea of human souls! *Philemon dissapears in a flash of light.*
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon stares at the card.* What kind of Persona is that? I have never seen a card with a golden glow.
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon turns in shock of the Yu.* Who might you be? You look to be the truthseeker... But something's off about you...
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon laughs slightly before replying to Shadow.* You may call me Philemon, the one who drifts between the conscious and unconscious. I come from the sea of human souls for I the one who watches it over.
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon looks over at Leharl.* Are you so certain that you wish to forsake love? The power of bonds can prevail through any crisis, such a thing would be a travesty to simply do away with, wouldn't it?
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
Ignorance often comes from the fear of knowing. People are scared of what they don't know and you give off quite a mysterious presence. Such a fate brings much charm to someone but also gives them a reason to be feared. As for my question, why do you think it is that your power of Persona is the way it is? *Philemon continues to look at Aincrad as he suddenly sits down in a chair similiar to the other. You were sure that wasn't there before.*

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Am I still relevant?
People still remember us, right Tatsuya? They still remember Maya, right?!?
Philemon's Corner: A talk with the Master of all Souls
*Philemon sits within an antique armchair within a room lit by candle light. There's a tea set on a table nearby and Philemon had a teacup on a small platform next to the chair. Any who seek answers from Philemon may enter this room and ask, but be warned that the answer you are given may not always be the answer you seek.*
The Resistance Day 1
*Philemon stands in the center of a quit room with a fireplace, a desk, and a large conference table. He goes to stand at the head of the table before sending out a summon to all who can hear it.* People of this world, heed my words. For I am Philemon and I contact you with a urgent message. The Nexus is in grave danger and a counter plan is needed if we want to avoid dire consequences. If you require more details please come to this location... *The message ends as any who are interested now know the location of the room.*
I choose you...
Dr. Philemon Special Guest Auditions
Greetings, I am Philemon and this is an audition to be evaluated by me on my show, Dr. Philemon. Please step up and state your issue and why you believe you should be the special guest on Dr. Philemon.
Dr. Philemon, Featuring special guest @The_Hunter (Filmed in front of a live studio audience)
*An applause is heard as the camera centers in on a stage with Philemon sitting on a couch* Hello, everyone. I am Philemon and today we have a very special episode of Dr. Philemon for you. We'll be discussing body modifications and the dangerous effects it can have on you.
Philemon's Pondering: The Tune of Everyone's Souls
*Philemon sits in the middle of the empty chamber, he thinks silently to himself*
Philemon's Pondering: The cor of Human Understanding
Greetings, I am Philemon. I have returned once again to assist people in finding their proper path forward, you may all come to me for aid in your life.
I have decided to invite all to the Sea of Human souls...
<a href='https://phansite.net/forum/redirect.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdiscord.gg%2FSb3zd2P' class='link' target='_blank'>https://discord.gg/Sb3zd2P</a>
Philemon Ponders once again...
Hello, I am Philemon. I have come to bring you chosen aid in whatever it is you might need of me.
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